6 Strong slimming habits before bedtime

6 Strong slimming habits before bedtime
6 Strong slimming habits before bedtime

In post 6 Strong slimming habits before bedtime You want to become slim and get to the ideal weight so you have to choose the most effective ways. Of course, in this way, always hard work will not work, and sometimes following a series of simple habits can increase the fat burning power of the body and accelerate the process of weight loss . One of the times we have been approved for weight loss and weight loss before and during sleep is that in this section of moisturefitness, we will introduce you to six effective and slimming before sleep.Strong Slimming

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1. A Strong Slimming Dairy:

Strong Slimming

Drinking milk before bedtime is a powerful slimming diet

A cup of milk or a cup of Greek yogurt will fight before your big belly dries . These types of foods help you build better muscle building and experience slimming in your sleep. The protein in the dairy is depleted, and as a result, throughout your muscle, your muscles are more active during the night to speed up the slimming process while digesting and metabolizing amino acids .

The 2nd degree room can be a strong and free slider:

Strong Slimming

The room temperature and the role of a strong simple slimming

Set the room temperature and your sleep environment for about 2 hours before bed so that the temperature of the environment is smooth and balanced. “Research on overweight and diabetic patients has proven that sleeping in a room with an appropriate temperature, and of course, lowers some white fats, ” said Rebecca Scott, MD, director of neurology at the University of New York. Inside the body, they become brown fat, and since brown fat is one of the triggers for weight loss, the process of slimming and fat burning begins in the body.

3. Sleepwalking is a powerful and effective slimming exercise.

Strong Slimming

Before bedtime, a weight loss study is a powerful and useful tool

Maybe for many of you to read a book or to do some work before bedtime is a time-honored one, while reality is something else. If you entertain yourself with calm and positive activities for 30 minutes before your sleep, the body is in a better position for slimming. According to a paper published in Women’s Health, researchers believe that people who get a mental relaxation before bedtime have better fitness because fat burning isfaster in their body.

4. When the bedroom light diminishes:

Strong Slimming

The bedroom light is a powerful slimming, especially in women

Use the right light in the sleeping area, even if you do not have the habit of staying naked during night time, use the outside light outside the room to help relax your body’s melatonin. According to studies conducted at Oxford University, women who sleep in a completely dark room, 21% less likely to lose weight than women who are sleeping in a bedroom with a small lamp in the bedroom. In fact, the fitness and weight of people Which are accustomed to turning on lights in the night.

5- Good yoga exercises before bedtime Super slimers are:

Strong Slimming

Strong weight slimming yoga before exercise

While doing exercise before bedtime is not recommended, but the movements of yoga due to differences in the stages of exercise and body mass index are one of the recommendations for the sleep deprivation program by specialists. Deep breathing and stroke while doing simple movements Yoga stimulates the abdominal and abdominal muscles, as well as deep breathing, which is one of the prerequisites for performing yoga exercises, causes relaxation of the parspathic nervous system and reduces tension and anxiety before sleep.

6. Remove alcoholic beverages, the most important limiting factor:

Strong Slimming

 Eliminating alcohol drink is a powerful habit and slimming

In addition to the physical and psychological harm of alcoholic beverages, sleep disturbances and obesity are important side effects of alcoholic beverages. Doctor Scott says: Sugar in alcoholic drinks does not allow your body to do the right metabolism and disrupts the pattern of sleep by stimulating the nervous system, which is why obesity in this group of people And their efforts to lose weight remain virtually useless. majaziha


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