A sign saying that you should not marry now!

A sign saying that you should not marry now!
A sign saying that you should not marry now!

In post A sign saying that you should not marry now! Many young couples to lack of evidence and compelling for marriage and lack of knowledge at marriageand the family with injuries encounter many problems are far goes to divorce and separation ends To beWhen married

موقع ازدواج

So it’s better to measure each couple before marriage from the start to see if they are ready for marriage. If you are married , study this part of the wettest first to find out if you are capable of forming a family or are ready to marry.

What marriage is not correct?

You do not have the right knowledge of yourself

Many youths at the age of 20 do not have enough knowledge to make the right decision for their future, that you change over time or not, but if you do not have enough knowledge of this age you are advised. Do not marry until you know enough about yourself and your goals, and get time to get to know more about yourself, and then go to marriage.

Try to enjoy your youth and postpone marriage until you reach full mature mind.

Signs of marriage

What marriage would be better?

When your marriage is not right:

Still looking for an adventure

In the twenties, the lives of young people like to discover and experience all the wonders of the world, and this decade is the peak of adventure, so they can not make enough time to establish a permanent relationship and limit themselves to being in one place. If your priority is freedom, it is best not to marry soon.

Instability in decision making

If you do not overcome your emotions and you can not decide for yourself at the right time, and you have doubts and doubts, you are still not ready for marriage because you can not get your wits and feelings together.

If you are involved in physical and mental illness

If you have problems such as addiction, aggression, antisociality, etc., do not hurry to marry because, despite these problems, you are not ready to marry, as the other party has the right to choose your full cognitive vision.

If you do not think about the future

Family formation requires the excitement and excitement of the dander, you are not ready to marry by seeing young couples, beautiful babies, attractive married life, and not being excited.

When you do not think about marriage

If you do not see any positive points of marriage and you are skeptical about it or you think that loneliness is more attractive with one person or it’s scary to think about spending your rest with someone else, you are not ready to marry. .

It’s best to put yourself in different situations and think that living alone is better for you or living with someone you love.

Wrong marriage

What is the worst time to marry?

When should you not think about marriage?

When you can not trust someone

If you have a bitter experience in the past, you will hardly be able to trust others. You are not ready to marry if you are cautious about communicating with your community and you can hardly talk to anyone about yourself.

Excited, busy, engaged in appearances

If you have a superficial look at marriage and the future, when you hear the marriage, you will have a brilliant wedding ceremony, and you will be more involved in marginal choices than you know, or because you are married only when you are single You do not hurry to marry, you are not yet living for a common life.

If your mind is involved

If the person Yfth you, but when you talk to him, Do you think you can in the future are better options in mind; if this part of the wet referred to better your time do not waste, and your relationship will not proceed because you You are not ready to marry.

When you prefer solitude

All people sometimes need to be alone and alone, but if you are one of those people who constantly need to be alone and prefer to be alone, your marriage time and a serious relationship are not reached.

One of the signs that proves you are not yet ready for a happy and successful relationship is that you do not always like to be disturbed by yourself at work or at home.

When ready to propose to do

Going to go to bed is a must have readiness. You have to woo about yourself and the other person feel good and have a positive to impress your opponent.

When do we marry

When is marriage not right?

When marriage is wrong

When you want to escape from the uncomfortable situation of the house

Many young people want to get married quickly and get out of the pits to get rid of the home. If your home environment is so fast, do not marry at the very first time, without first knowing, and do not repeat the mistake of your parents. Instead, you can study and go to a university outside your own city to become an independent and healthy person. You can live a happy and healthy life.

When you do not experience an independent life

When you have never experienced an independent life and do not have any work or way of life, do not go for a party because you are not ready to get married, then finish your family first and find something that will provide you with the power to support yourself and your family, then save money. And be independent.

You do not know the compromise

If you do not learn about your right to forgive and to fight for anything in your life, it is better not to think about marriage because the basis of each common life is based on understanding and passing.

Lack of problem-solving skills

If you do not have emotional reactions to events that you do not like, and you do not have the ability to hear, you do not have the rationale to reach your desires when you hear a negative response. You are still not ready for marriage. The problem-solving skill helps you to make the right decisions in times of crisis and to properly address the conflicts in your relationship and correct your relationships.

Passivity, dependency

If you do not have the necessary motive for achieving the goal and you are passive to the events around you, or you can not defend yourself well, and you constantly hide yourself behind the mask of fear and caution or have a personality that you You should survey and consult other people; you still have not found the skills of managing a common life.

The right time to marry

When do I put off marriage?

When marriage becomes a big mistake

When you want to stir up another person’s jealousy

Some young people are marrying because they are making another person’s sense of jealousy while they have not yet reached maturity. Read more to reach emotional maturity or go to an advisor.

To increase confidence in the mind

Do not marry until you find the confidence you need and do not feel comfortable with yourself. Try to replace your low self confidence with positive and valuable thoughts. 


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