A worrying sign after a baby’s head injury

A worrying sign after a baby's head injury
A worrying sign after a baby's head injury

In Post A worrying sign after a baby’s head injury All children are constantly energetic and energetic, and in the case of parents neglect, their risk of falling and harming them is very high. They are not familiar with the concept of danger, dealing with objects and falling, and so doing without any fears do dangerous work that causes them to hit the head of a child, and the late and irreparable consequences of the brain for him Creates.Baby head hit

ضربه سر کودک

The skull is a solid bone that prevents many injuries. In severe strokes that are impacted by the head, nerves and brain vessels are damaged and there is a possibility of a skull fracture.

The fracture of the skull bone should be boiled over time, but children affected by this should be examined for intracerebral hemorrhage. So, when the child is injured, the child should be monitored 24 hours in the hospital or at home by the parents, and parents should pay attention to some important symptoms in the child who are affected by this drought condition.

Eating to the head

When will the baby be bumped?

Important symptoms when eating a baby’s head:

Baby vomiting is one of the most dangerous symptoms

One of the symptoms that should be taken into account when a child gets into a child is a repeat vomiting of the baby, indicating increased intracranial pressure.

Take the childseizures seriously

Some children get seizures after they hit the head. Rising pupil of the baby’s eyes, shaking hands and feet, locking the mouth and … are seizure symptoms. Seizures sometimes occur in the first 24-48 hours, and sometimes during the first week and after the first 48 hours. It is possible that the child will seize 2 years after the impact . Some children who have a seizure have already been hit by their head.

Baby head hit

Signs of danger after hitting the baby’s head

Eating a hit on the children’s head and danger signs after it

Anesthetizing the baby

If the baby cries after getting hit and then goes away for some time or is unconscious without crying, it is dangerous and you should bring the baby to the doctor. If the baby becomes anesthetized immediately after falling and becomes aware two minutes later, the child is less likely to be at risk than the child after several minutes, but if the child is hit by the baby and the baby is crying, There is not much concern.

Bruise behind the ear and under the eyes cause fracture in the base of the skull

The symptoms that should be taken into consideration by the parents after being injured in childhood is that the bruise behind the ear and under the eyes of the child is due to fractures in the base of the skull and bleeding.

Exit of fluid from the baby’s ears and nose

The incident that may occur as a result of a child’s impact on the baby’s body, the expulsion of a watery fluid called the cerebrospinal fluid, from the baby’s ears or nose caused by a stomach to the skull, which may cause infection and cerebral meningitis .

Snap to head

Symptoms that indicate the risk of injury to the baby

Dangers of eating hit children’s head

Drowsy baby is dangerous?

Children who are hit by their head may become drowsy in the first 24 hours, which is a drowsiness as a risk factor. Mothers should be careful about their sleep pattern after knocking their children’s sleeping pattern, and if the baby’s sleep pattern changes after the blow and the child becomes more drowsy , take the baby to the doctor.

Of course, children are sleeping throughout the day, or the event may occur during the final hours of the day and during nighttime, which should be taken into consideration by the mothers, and if the blow occurred during the night, they should keep the child awake for at least 1-2 hours. Make sure the baby is not sleepless.

Child drowsiness

Eating to the children’s head and its dangers

Divergence in the child

One of the other symptoms that indicates a serious injury to the baby is a distraction after the injury.

Initial measures after  a baby head crash

After introducing the important symptoms after hitting the baby’s head in the damp, now it’s time to take action after that.

1. In this case, in order to ensure the health of the child, it is best to bring the baby to the neurosurgeon, as well as emergency medical staff can check his child’s health and measure his balance and drowsiness. If the parasite is discharged, the parents must carefully monitor the child’s movements and behave, and if they see any symptoms, they should immediately go to the doctor.

Child Examination

What do we do after you hit a baby’s head?

Things to do after we hit the baby’s head

2. In the event of a mild bleeding, there is no symptom in the CT scan , but another symptom is shown in the CT scan after 24 hours. The risk is lower after 24 hours, but maybe the child has a headache for several months .

3. In the event of a fracture on the skull, leaving cavernous cysts such as cysts in this area is caused by intracranial pressure, which parents should consult with their doctor about this. 

4. Children less than 2 years of age who have fontabel or malaaji who have not been completely bone.Physicians can get good information after a head injury to the physician.

5. If the bleeding is acute and severe in the brain, the surgeon must open the blood and drain the skull, but if bleeding is mild, the doctor should admit the child to the hospital for 1 to 2 days and monitor the blood to be absorbed over time. , But follow up to 2 years is required.

Brain hemorrhage

Blow to the head of the baby and do not have to do it

How to prevent children’s brain trauma ?

Beware of falling from the height of your child

Toddlers can not maintain their balance well and have a lot of mobility so they should not be in height. Mothers should pay attention to their child at this time, because a neglected moment causes the child to fall, for example, when the mother is talking to the phone, the child should not be placed on the kitchen’s openings.

Little children are constantly running and climbing the heights of the home furnishings, such as the edge of the sofa, the TV, the desk, and so on. Therefore, if the child falls to a height above 30 centimeters for any reason, especially when the house is underfoot, it will hit the head and cause brain complications.

Falling children

Ways to avoid getting hit by a baby’s head

How do you stop kickbacks at toddlers?

Make your own carpet or carpet

Many children are traumatized in the home and if the carpet and carpet is home, the severity of the impact decreases because the carpet or carpet acts as a protector.

Do not put your child in a ruru

Do not leave your baby in the rover, and if you do this, first try to keep the riders safe and have a good balance so that the child does not overturn, and that the baby in the ruruque should play in front of the eyes of the parents in order to prevent the child from falling out of the rurve. To be

Lower the home with sharp corners

Home appliances that have sharp corners reduce the tables and furniture in any way, as the main cause of blows and injuries is children or the sharp corners of your furniture.

Infant 1 month old baby

Impact on the baby’s head and ways to prevent it

Eating a baby’s head and taking necessary measures to prevent it

Put anti-shock pads under your carpets

Put anti-shock pads under your rug or leave small rugs that spills the baby.

Use the shield

Use a shield in your windows to prevent children from falling.

Learn tips for your children

Have a look at your toddler and follow him everywhere. When the child goes to school, you should talk to him about the risk factors, such as falling from the height, who do not joke on the steps with classmates, or when he is at work and running in the courtyard of the school.

Vomiting caused by head injury

What do we do not hit our baby?

Emergency after the baby is hit

Contact the emergency department after you hit the baby’s head, or fall If you see these symptoms:

Loss of consciousness

Call the emergency department immediately if your child does not breathe and has lost consciousness.

Bleeding if not strapped



 If your baby breathes but does not respond and you can not wake her up.

Wake up baby

Eating a baby head injury and medical measures

Bone fracture

A fracture of the bone can be manifest, such as injury to the wrists, arm, or legs, or fracture of the skull, and the formation of a swollen area on the scalp, or blood in the white of the child’s eyes, or by the withdrawal of pink fluid or bleeding from the nose or ear. It will be given.


Persistent vomiting or excessive sleepiness, headache or dizziness , weakness and dizziness, or speech, vision or motor problems are a stroke.

Possible brain damage

If you look at the size of the pupil of the eye and the eyes have unusual movements.

Pupil size

Signs of danger in eating a baby’s head

Baby crying and long cry

Crying and screaming too much of the baby can be a sign of internal injury such as abdominal bleeding.

Treatment of inflammation from inflammation

Put a piece of ice in a thin towel and put it on the swab for 2 to 5 minutes, and do it for 1 hour. In this time, entertain your baby, not upset and confused. You can use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce your child’s pain, but never give your child aspirin .


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