An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones
An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

In Post An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones Sooner or later you’ll buy a new smartphone and see your old phone inaccessible, but there are not many ideas for using older phones.

Smart use of old mobile phones

Do not drop old phones until you check out the ideas in the damp technology sector , it can give old phones a new life. Old phone usage

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Ideal ideas for the best use of old mobile phones

Combat Su Couples Behaviors:

Drug use centers will distribute old mobile phones between women and children who are in bad luck so they can use cell phones to ask for help if they have a bad situation.

This is because all cell phones are required to allow you to call 911, even without an active service plan on the phone. Call the local police station to see how and where to help.

Use your old phone as a remote control:

Many people think that they can only use the smartphone because of their infrared technology as an electronic control device, such as TV, etc. But it might be interesting to know that any old and old Android phone and tablet You can turn it into a TV control or receiver without an infrared feature.

It’s better to know that there are no limitations in the control of the infrared, such as direct vision and the very limited operating distance, and you can switch the TV off and on from the other rooms without the need for direct view.

If you have a smart TV at home, with the connectivity and brand-specific software you can connect to the network and to control and manage your TV programs, use your tablet or old phone.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

You can connect with an Android device through an internal network (the same as the wireless modem available at home) without the need for infrared hardware, and only through network communication and an advanced TV control.

On some models, you can watch TV shows on your tablet or mobile phone! You can even have an optional network on the LCD and on a cellular phone another network if the frequencies of the networks are the same.

Find a car:

Hide your old smartphone on a cheap app behind the vehicle (make sure you charge it). Not only is the use of the old cell phone as a great backup, but you can also find your vehicle if it is stolen. Do not lose cell phone accessories that make your life more serious.

A digital photo frame using the old phone :

The cost of printing photos, frames and glasses is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, devices called the digital photo frame appeared on the market at a price of 100 thousand tomans, so if you have an old tablet at home, buy it A simple frame for it rounds up into a beautiful, elegant digital photo frame and then connect it to the wall.

If the technology suggests a damp technology , it’s a simple and practical application to slideshow images with the beautiful effects of the Digital Photo Frame Slideshow application.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Listening music:

Set your old phone as an empiric player. So if you’re a swimming pool or a beach, if you are wet or sandy, there’s no worry. Or use it as a radio; you can play music on your mobile radio from across the country.

Old phone usage

Common uses of old phones

Using the Old Phone as a GPS Tracking System for routing:

You can install your old phone on the dashboard and turn on GPS using advanced routing, such as Google Map. Or install an offline navigation application like Sygic and get an advanced GPS without having to pay for your car.

You can also use your old phone as a music player by connecting an AUX cable from your Android device to radio car recording or using Bluetooth without the need for a cable.

A simple home security camera:

Use that camera phone and a Wi-Fi connection to turn a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop into a security system. Install an application. Launch a separate Skype account on an old laptop, then set up the application to automatically receive video calls.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

This will allow you to call home at any time whenever you like, and visit anytime you want, without any complicated software to pay and not pay. “

What can I use with an old phone?

Alarm Clock:

By setting up old phones, you can easily sleep and wake up on time. Download new songs or ringtones. If you need an advanced digital clock, you do not need to pay extra, but you can use the Timely Digital Clock app Very nice and advanced graphics and very nice sound.

Put your old phone inside a cube box or a stand to stand on the table beside the bed. If you have an unusable Android tablet, you can use a nice digital wall clock.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Digital calendar:

To have a nice, graphical and touch-screen desktop calendar, install the gadget on the old handset and place the phone on a mobile holder or a cube-shaped frame for it.

Use as Wireless Modem:

All Android phones have a Hotspot feature, which means you can share the SIM card available on the phone wirelessly with others by enabling this feature.

With an old Android phone or tablet, you have a wireless modem that can be used in unused ADSL modems in case of power outage and can be used in all places.

Use as Power Bank:

With your old Android-powered OTG feature, you can only use a small OTG converter as a power bank and to charge other electronic devices and devices. To do this, you need to connect the small OTG to your USB tablet or your old Android phone to get a USB output and charge other phones like a power bank.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Baby Viewer in Contact:

Cell phones or tablets can have a large baby display, especially when you’re on a trip and want to check it out. Try a program like Dormi. When connected to Wi-Fi, this mobile app warns if the baby starts to tune in. You can even relieve him of talking to a child remotely.

Turn the phone into a spy camera

Use the old phone as a way of communication

Converting the old tablet to the LEDs with the old handset:

Today, the use of LED fluorescent lamps is commonplace in commercial premises. You can turn your Android tablet into an interesting LED display with the LED Scrollers app for displaying advertisements.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Use for children as an audio and video player:

You can use your old tablet to watch videos and play games for children in the rear seats of the car.

Use for children to play:

Parents’ perpetual concerns these days are mobile gaming, which has the dangers of cell phone damage caused by children. There are also important and personal information that parents have on mobile phones, and the relatively high price of some of the new phones does not allow parents to give their children their phones.

But you can put old phones or tablets without a SIM card and put on Airplane Mode by installing dozens of games to entertain kids, so you can not worry about the potential damage of old phones.

Many newly born babies restlessly and calmly hear hearing sounds and voices, such as the sound of a hairdryer, a washing machine or a vacuum cleaner, or the sound of water, because these voices are very similar to the sounds the baby is listening to before the birth in the mother’s womb and It’s like keeping babies calm.

You can have these sounds on an old phone and play them to keep your baby calm. Put your phone in the Airplane mode mode to prevent the dangers of cell phone waves for babies and children and bring them to your SIM card.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

With the installation of an app like Baby Sleep Instant, you do not need to search or record the sounds above, because in this simple app sounds like: real sound from the inside of the womb, a vacuum cleaner, a hairdryer , a washing machine, a train, a sea and a cascade, and … Or a lullaby music sound and several sounding sounds for babies.

Old handset with great ideas

Use as a Vacuum Tactile Device (Wireless):

To turn your Android device into a simple and practical wifi wifi walkie talkie device, use this feature to connect wirelessly to people without a home Internet connection.

Read more:

Download a simple reading app on your old phone and transfer it to children. They enjoy the look of mom or dad while learning. Think another app download slows down the phone?

Used as the second computer monitor!

One of the best things you can do with an old and unused tablet is to turn it into a secondary monitor for your Windows computer operating system. You can easily convert your old tablet to a secondary monitor for your Windows PC or laptop without buying another monitor.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Use the Splashtop Wired XDisplay app to do this. Splashtop Wired With the XDisplay app, you can view and experience your desktop wallpaper on your Android phone or tablet, and use your phone and tablet as a second monitor. This software comes with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 is compatible.

This tool displays your desktop screen in two halves, half on the monitor and half on the Android device. This tool works in both general and horizontal mode and has the ability to choose the position of the screen.

To use on your tablet or phone, first install the Android version and then install the Windows operating system version of this program on the computer. Then, on your phone or tablet, activate USB debugging and connect the phone to your computer with a cable. Then press the popup keys (P + win) in Windows to display the images on the second monitor.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Convert the handset to old TV control

Unique ideas for using the old phone

Interesting uses of the old phone

Use as a high-quality wireless microphone for your computer:

If you are looking for a high-quality microphone to build a radio podcast and use programs like Skype and Oovoo … and to create high-quality voice chat, you can turn your old Android device into a wireless microphone using the WO Mic app. And use it to connect to other devices.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

With this cool app, you can connect through a Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB connection between your computer and your Android device, or use the WO Mic microphone software in voice chat, voice recording, and more.

Use as a wireless webcam for computers:

For webchats in applications like Skype you can use your old Android device using the DroidCam Wireless Webcam app like a webcam. This webcam has the advantage over other webcams that you can use it wirelessly. Get away from your computer and show your friends and acquaintances around the distant places around you.

Create a fundraising campaign:

Looking for a way to raise money for the organization? Older sales can be easy to fundraising. Try sites like to create a collection page and encourage your community to trade in old cell phones, tablets and computers.

They receive cash, and the organization receives 15% of the commission in every sale. Be sure to save your mobile bills with the best way to reduce your mobile usage.

Become a Digital TV Receiver:

For the conversion of old Android devices into a digital TV, make a digital USB converter and create digital radio and digital broadcasts on your old Android device.

You can also install your Android device on the Android-powered Telewebion app to watch live TV channels and watch TV live or in the archives via the Internet.

Use as a wireless hard drive on the network!

Every Android device has a few gigabytes of internal memory, which can be upgraded to tens of gigabytes by connecting them to their memory. To use your old Android device as an advanced hard drive, you can use WiFi USB Disk Smart Disk software to connect your tablet or old phone wirelessly to your computer or laptop.

All data is transmitted wirelessly using the software, and because all the information is transmitted through wireless wires at very high speeds and is sufficiently secure, there is no need to connect the phone with a USB cable to the computer.

The most important features of this app, which you can install on your Android phone or tablet, is the ability to define the passwords of Einsen using a particular and advanced algorithm, a very simple and beautiful user interface, no need for tools such as a memory card, memory USB, USB cable for transferring information, transferring files completely wirelessly at very high speed, and support for Windows and Mac OS systems.An interesting and clever use of old mobile phonesv

Using the camera to corrupted phones

Smart use of old phone

Use the old phone and turn it into a functional device

Use as a wireless mouse and keyboard for your computer:

To control and manage your home or work computer, you can use your old phone with an interesting and practical WiFi Mouse remote control PC application. The WiFi Mouse application requires an internet WiFi connection to connect the device to a computer, and has two installation programs for the phone and another for Windows, which, with a simple connection of your phone or tablet, converts to a wireless virtual mouse and keyboard. GetsAn interesting and clever use of old mobile phones

Give your phone to the needy:

There are many organizations that can benefit from device sales or retrieval. Help soldiers with child soldiers instead of holding the phones in the drawer for a long time. These organizations can erase all your personal information to prevent any damage

Sell ​​your phones:

If the device has a good shape (and even if it does not), it may have worth selling. Try to sell your old cell phone directly to the buyer to get the most cash. Sites like and even retailers like Costo have bought rebates. If you have the package, the cables and the main wire, it will be included.


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