Bitcoin returns for $ 20000

Bitcoin returns for $ 20000
Bitcoin returns for $ 20000

In Post Bitcoin returns for $ 20000 Some experts believe Bitcoin will go back up this year to $ 20,000.

Bitcoin prices have experienced good climbs in the past few days, breaking $ 5,800 from a record high of 2019. Since the beginning of the year, the recent price growth has skyrocketed to about 54%, which is a good hit. At the same time, the recovery record Rmzarz also reach 82%, bitcoin on a path towards new record total price date simultaneously.

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Some experts believe that the trends created in 2019 indicate Bitcoin has stabilized its low-priced record and this year has a definite path to climb. They even have a new record of more than $ 20,000 for this digital currency , which was recorded in 2017.

Following this Zvmyt , three because of technical (analysis based on the price chart) examine the experts for their ideas Mbnybr pass price 20 thousand dollars.

The same pattern for 2015 for the average price factor

Peter Brent, author of Factor Trading, predicts that bitcoin prices will rise to $ 19,800 in the future. He states his forecast based on the average weekly average (MA). The graph of this factor is now below the bitcoin price line. There was a recent occurrence in November 2015, after which the price ran from $ 340 in 2015 to an astronomical figure of $ 19,800 in 2017.

Robert Slimmer, a technical analyst at Wall Street Fundstrat, says Bitcoin is on the verge of a bullish move. In a technical analysis, such a process is known as Bull. He says Bitcoin will first process a relative fall, and then rebound to $ 20,000. Thomas Lee, the founder of Fondstraat, has similar views with Slimmer.

MA Bitcoin

The average price factor is one of the most commonly used factors in the technical analysis, whose predictive results are generally reliable. One type of average factor is a weekly factor called the 50-WMA, which calculates the average price over the past 50 weeks and is shown as a line chart. Bitcoin has crossed this chart line, after analysts say, which analysts say is a positive sign. In the past, whenever the price of a digital currency exceeded the average of the 50-week graph, the upside could be predicted with great precision. The last time the price fell below the average chart was May 2018, after which we saw a sharp fall to $ 3,100.

Rise of relative strength index

The Relative Movement Index (RSI) is one of the other factors of technical analysis, which has a good relationship with the price. RSI recently hit 53.65 for Bitcoin, the highest since October 2015.

RSI Bitcoin

As said, the RSI index can be considered as a factor in increasing the purchase or sale of bitcoin. Increasing demand for purchases also has a sharper picture as prices rise and demand for sales. However, after crossing the RSI Bitcoin from a threshold of 53.65, we saw an increase in purchases. In January 2018, the index fell to less than 53.65, which boosted sales and, consequently, lowered the historic Bitcoin price.

Formation of the Golden Cross

The “Golden Cross” is a trend in the price chart of various assets, including digital currencies. Such a pattern is formed when the average value line of the short-run asset price passes through the long-term average price line and goes up.

The golden cross pattern was last developed in October 2015, when the bitcoin price was about $ 300. Since then, one of the long bullish trends in the digital currency has begun and led to a historical price of $ 20,000. Now, and in 2019, we again see the golden cross pattern in the Bitcoin price chart, which could indicate a recurring uptrend.

Bitcoin golden cross

The reasons are indications for technical analysts that the next bitcoin price is estimated at $ 20,000. Perhaps this process is going to be very fast or very slow. Moreover, do not forget that the technical analysis trends do not focus on news and events about assets, including digital currency. In other words, it is possible that any news, including legislation and security influence on exchanges or similar, will cause a sharp fall in prices or violations of all graphing analyzes.Bitcoin returns for $ 20000

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