China’s enormous and modern architecture! + Images

    China's enormous and modern architecture! + Images
    China's enormous and modern architecture! + Images

    In Post China’s enormous and modern architecture! + Images In general, each country is known for its tourist attractions, civilizations, ancient traditions, and so most people in that community can earn money by using these, and their main needs, including food , Clothes and housing, and so it can be said that job creation and the reduction of depression and the unemployment rate are pleasant news!

    However, some countries have ancient structures with their own architecture, while others in the modern world are building specific structures with a modern and modern architecture that can lead to job creation and become as One of the attractions of the tourist, which will have some good news.

    For example, recently a massive and modern project from a cultural and tourism corridor of China was unveiled in various media and social pages that was able to meet with various hits and reactions. More details will be posted on this section of the Drop Entertainment section .

    A massive modern architectural project by the well-known designer Zaha Hadid, located near Chisha Chisha Lake, has recently been unveiled as one of the Chinese cultural art centers, which has a very modern and specific design for each of the We are interesting, and making such a huge project is a very hard work and time consuming process.

    This cultural complex has an area of ​​115 thousand square meters, which is undoubtedly very large and is a complex to meet all the needs. For example, the Chinese Museum of Contemporary Art and theater, theater, cinema, restaurant, etc., which represents the ancient civilization of China and the Chinese people.

    Nevertheless, according to the pictures you see, the view of this cultural-artistic complex has been completed, which uses glass as the design of this structure, or in other words, is a very unique and unicast complex, and has by now something like it We have not seen It should also be noted that the theater hall of this collection has a capacity of 1800 people! majaziha


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