Concept car Tesla pickup unveiled+ Images

Concept car Tesla pickup unveiled! + Images
Concept car Tesla pickup unveiled! + Images

In Post Concept car Tesla pickup unveiled! + Images Tesla Motors or the Tesla Machine Manufacturing Company was first established in 2003 and operated in various fields, including the production of parts for aerial transmissions, and later, with the general changes in the basis of the company, in the past few years was able to one The world’s most powerful companies will become the nation’s most powerful electric car!Tesla pickup

پیکاپ تسلا

The Tesla Motors products, which include the Tesla model, the X and X models, are fully electric cars that can be used to sit after you sit inside a car with a fully-equipped monitor on the dashboard, defining the destination And then turn on your self-portrait without destroying your person!

Tesla pickup pickup

However, Tesla Motors’ remarkable advancement can be noted, which, fortunately, has been able to maximize the level of technological advancement and uncover cars with fantastic features, while the world’s largest automotive companies are capable of There is no mass production of such cars at present!

Tesla Motors

Consequently, these large global automaker companies are trying to unveil the idea of ​​introducing concept cars or conceptual cars in the name of their company and date of delivery, with their power in designing and manufacturing electric cars, which these companies It seems that they are less powerful than Tesla Motors !!

Conceptual cars

Nevertheless, Tesla Motors unveiled a concept car and a new pickup car called ” Tesla Pick- up P-Type Pickup “, which was designed by a well-known Turkish designer “Emre Husmen”, which after construction and supply This car can be a huge fan among its rivals.

Concept car

As you can see in the screenshots, the Tesla Pick-Up Car has a well-designed design and aerodynamics that is perfectly suited to address any need in the city or mountainous terrain.


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