Cranberry Beach

Cranberry Beach
Cranberry Beach

In Post Cranberry Beach In this section you will be introduced to the unusual. Things that should not be but. The phenomena that are not defined in the Nature textbook, but somewhere, that end of the book, have a small footnote to themselves.

Red beach, pingen, china

When it says that the coast, after the sea, the first thing that comes to our mind is sand. But since the distant Asia is always the bed of wonders, in this particular case is also full of exceptions. In China, near a city called Pingjin, around the Liao River, there is a coast that not only has no sand, but its color is also red. Maybe it’s possible to imagine a beach that does not have sand, but the red beach …

It is clear, of course, that there is reason for anything, and the reason for the lack of sand and redshore is the growing seaweed called the Suaeda in the region. This algae grows only in saline and alkaline soils, and about 110 different species have been seen in the world. In the middle of the spring, in April and May, these algae grow in this area. If you go to China in the summer looking for a redshore, you will be left empty-handed and you will only see the green coastline because this summer algae remains green and it’s only from the beginning of the autumn that these algae change. And they start to blush. If you go to this beach at that time, you will see a vast and red land in front of you. Professional tourists say it’s better to travel and visit this spectacular place in October and December. So check your calendars.

The red shore is located in the largest pond and wetland of the world and has one of the richest ecosystems. The site is home to more than 260 bird species and 399 wildlife species. Among these species, some species of extinct animals have also taken refuge in this place, from which they can be seen in the direction of the crown and Kakayu of Noccay. This is why the beach is also known as the Drena House. Now, maybe asking from everywhere in the world, why have the species extinct sheltered on this shore? Just because it’s red Because it does not have sand? Does it make a difference for birds? Your answer is negative. The reason why the birds have taken refuge on the Redshore is that the Red Sea coast is highly protected and safe, and they have a nesting location. In addition, there are many fish in the river that feed the birds and they no longer need the bread of their night. What better reason than this? If you were dreaming of a picnic on the red shore, unfortunately, we have to face you with this bitter fact: only a small part of the beach is open for public viewing and you do not have the right to access other parts. In this small part they just let you watch because it’s actually going to be on the 6500-foot skyscraper that is drawn on a part of the beach and tourists can walk on it and see with their own eyes that the pictures and pictures that were before their journey from the coast The red ones have not been crafted with Photoshop and are quite real. When you stand on the waterfront, you will see a vast, flat land facing you, covered with dense vegetation. It’s red so it works. That’s why the beach is known as the Red Carpet by the Chinese.

Another question that may take your mind to yourself is that now why is everything so magnificent and so-called “perfect”? Why did not any green plants or jaundice grow in the middle of this single red color? The answer is, unfortunately, no plant is able to grow in such a habitat, or if it wants to overthrow the order. The amount of salt and alkaline soil in the area is so high that it is not suitable for the growth of any other plant, and the whole region is dominated by red algae. Of course, it does not mean that you do not see any other plant in this area in any other color. However, this beach is among the world’s largest wetlands and wetlands, but the size and density of red algae are so high that they usually overcome other colors.

It’s always surprising people to see unusual colors where they do not expect. Almost every natural phenomenon in everywhere in the world with an unusual color turns into a popular tourist attraction. The redshore, the pink lakes, the violet trees, the mountains that look like colorful rainbows, and … all are wonders that are not safe from curious tourists if they are behind the mountains of the hawk. In the next sections, wait for the strange colors palette in unusual places.


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