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in post of Dead Midnight Cowboy Actor Sylvia Miles, an American actor who had won Oscar nominations twice, died.

Death of the midnight cowboy actor at age 94

Seal: Silvia Miles, midnight cowboy , died at the age of 94.Midnight cowboy

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Sylvia Miles, an American actor who had won Oscar nominations twice, died at 94. The actor was nominated for a complementary role in “Midnight Cowboy” and “Goodbye My Beloved” nominations.

Although there is but a lot of excitement about the age of the actress, it is said that his real age was 94 years.

Mousto, a journalist who confirmed the death of the actor, said about him: “He was one of the first celebrities I interviewed in the 1970s. He had a charismatic character and was very proud to receive two Oscars nominations.

Miles’s first serious role in 1969 was John Shalsinger’s “Midnight Cowboy”, starring John WoW and Dustin Hoffman in front of the camera. Although he played only six minutes against the camera, his role was so impressive that he won the Oscar nomination. Of course, the award of that year was eventually awarded to Goldie Hown for ” Cactus Flower “.

His second nomination was to play in “My Goodbye My Favorite” in 1975, when he appeared briefly in the film but earned Oscar nomination. Eventually Lee Grant won the “Shampoo” for that year.

Miles, who had begun his career as a theater and movie theater in the 1940s and 1950s, was also the actor of other Wall Street films in Oliver Stone in 1987, followed by Wall Street: Money never sleeps In 2010, Sanct Blvd and Denise Hopper’s latest film are among them.

His other remarkable role was in the 1982 adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel “Satan Under the Sun”, and played the role of mother of Merrill Streep in the comedy “The Devil’s Woman” in 1989.


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