Dietary substances that make you fatier

Dietary substances that make you fatier
Dietary substances that make you fatier

Unlike popular imagery, some dietary foods do not lose weight and are very fat, you’ll get to know these dietary materials in Dietary substances that make you fatier.

Unfortunately, you can increase your weight by choosing the wrong foods . They may sound healthy, but it’s not always the case, and some of those who are in this section of damp nutrition may be fat.Obesity diets

غذاهای رژیمی چاق کننده

These foods can cause weight gain are

Dietary substances that make you fatier
Dietary substances that make you fatier

Types of Dietary Diets

1. Fruit juices and smoothies are one of the obesity diet drinks

When we get our daily calories, many of us forget about those that are in the form of a fluid. However, the drinks that you consume throughout the day will help in weight gain .

While the juices and smoothies are consuming your fruits daily, you can add hundreds of additional calories to your daily intake with fruit juices. Smoothies and juices contain more sugar, but fiber Fewer fruits than fruits, fresh fruits are a better choice for your snack.

2. Cereals of obesity food

Dietary substances that make you fatier
Dietary substances that make you fatier

Which dietary foods will make you fat?

Many of us believe cereals are healthy foods for breakfast. However, most breakfast cereals are made with sugar and corn syrup, and they do not have high levels of fat. Indeed, despite their healthy image, cereals can have fat, They have a lot of sugar and calories like chocolate, and they can lower your blood sugar , which makes you eat more.

3. Dried fruit is one of the most obese edible

Dietary substances that make you fatier
Dietary substances that make you fatier

 List of dietary substances that cause obesity

As the juices and smoothies are used, dry fruits also have many beneficial properties and can be consumed daily. However, due to the high concentrations of high-sugar sugars, calories and sugar are very much compared with the same amount of fresh fruit, and have less fiber and nutrients. To make these dried fruits, a lot of sugar is added to dry fruits. They improve their flavor, which increases their calories.

4. Dietary drinks  increase weight

Dietary substances that make you fatier
Dietary substances that make you fatier

A diet of beverages that causes obesity

Many sugar-free versions of our favorite drinks will be chosen to stay slim and slim, however, dietary drinks are gaining weight. Researchers at the Texas Health Center in Santa Antonio showed people who daily Diet Drinks: 70% of their waistline is higher than those who do not drink, while in a previous study they showed an increased risk of obesity of 41% for each person they consume. One reason for this That artificial sweeteners increase appetite and may also restrain brain cells that feel like you are thirty Of the day.

5. Salad from dietary foods that cause obesity

Dietary but fatty foods

Salad is a dietetic but fatty food

Salads are a good option for health. However, it’s often not the case. While salads contain vegetables and other healthy ingredients, they are often subjected to a layer of fatty sauce that can have high fat and calories. Many salads contain good fats They can help reduce weight (for example, avocados and olive oil ), but this is not always the case. Use a light sauce like Balsamic vinegar.

6. Soup is one of the dietary substances that make you obese

Fattening Foods List

Is the soup obese?

While soup can be a good cure for weight loss , not all soups are in this category. In fact, many soups can have significant amounts of fat and calories, especially those containing dairy products, such as cream or cheese . Many soups contain a lot of salt that can cause bloating. For Help save energy and reduce calories. Try to make uncooked vegetables soup.

7. Deep is a fatty food

Obesity diet

Foods that you do not get fat without knowing

Humus is often known as a proper diet. However, while the snack is healthy and undoubtedly nourishing, it contains calories and fat. Another dispenser for the diets you need to take care of is gaucamolium, while it contains good nutrients and fats, but it is often creamy. If you do not make mistakes, you can go home tomato salsa Which contains nutrients and is almost nonfat.

8. Vegetable chips from the dietary stuff that makes you fat

 Dietary but obesity

Vegetable chips are a bit obese but dietary

Many vegetable snacks instead of chips potatoes . However, while some vegetable chips contain fiber and vitamins A little more than chips of potatoes , but it is not always different from that generally very It is low because most of the vitamins of fresh herbs disappear. Vegetable snacks like chips of potatoes, fat and salt and high in calories.

9. Does popcorn cause obesity?

Fat food

Popcorn is a popular but obnoxious snack

Popcorn is a popular snack, and has high fiber content. However, when added to butter, this delicious snack can quickly lose its healthy livelihood.

Due to the coating of butter or sugar, it will contain high fat and high caloric content and is often consumed in large quantities. In addition, this food-friendly TV, which is often eaten in front of the screen, can easily be obtained without realizing the amount Take a lot of it.

10. Granules of dietary but obese foods

Obesity food

These foods cause your obesity

It is marketed as a healthy food and is in food stores and it looks very healthy, but is it really? Unfortunately, it’s not good. While Granola has undoubtedly nutrients and It’s full of fiber, it also contains a lot of sugar and oil, and it contains a lot of fat and calories. To help lower your waist, try to eat a bit of granola, or better, get your fat-free formula that benefits It provides good calories.


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