Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture
Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

In Post Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture Tbilisi has spectacular architectural works. From modern bridges and buildings to traditional baths, there are Tbilys that you can enjoy.v

Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

Tbilisi Architectural Works

Luxury and luxurious Marriott Hotel is located on Rustaveli Street. This mansion was previously a residence of Mikael Aramyants . Its construction began in 1911 under the supervision of a Russian architect. It was completed in 1915. This is a Baroque Renaissance style and has five floors. It still retains its original appearance in the interior and exterior.

Tbilisi Opera House


The Tbilisi Opera House has a history of over 165 years. The theatrical base, called Caravanserai, with a capacity of 800 spectators, was set in 1847. It took four years to build and was monitored by an Italian architect. In 1851, the first opera theater was held with a magnificent opening. The interior was very beautiful and elegant. When Frenchman Alexander Dumas traveled to Tbilisi in 1858, he gave a full chapter of his book to describe this mansion.

In 1874, the Opera House was destroyed by fire, and the new opera house was built in 1896. The new opera house is a combination of East and West architecture. Of course, in recent years it has been restored several times.

Tbilisi Parliament Building

Tbilisi Architectural Works

The construction of the Tbilisi Parliament today is the result of the reconstruction and restoration of a 19th-century mansion, the Tbilisi City Police Department.

The main building was built in the 1830s, but it has been renovated and refurbished many times.

In the last 200 years, people in Tbilisi have seen different views of the mansion.

In 1878, a contest was held to change the building and turn it into a municipality, the winner of the project, Paul Stern.

The interior architecture is based on the Neo-Moorish style, which became a popular style in the city of Tbilisi after its construction.

Hotel Bitumur Tbilisi

The building of Beitmor Hotel, located on Rustaveli Street, is an example of the classic socialist style of architecture. The construction of the complex continued from 1934 to 1938. In the interior and exterior design of this mansion, most of all, metal and wood, as well as various natural gems and marble rocks are used. The building on the National Heritage List in 1986, Georgia ranked.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, IMELI turned into various state institutions, including the Georgian Parliament, Georgia’s Justice and the Central Election Commission. The first Georgian Constitution was written and ratified after the collapse of the Soviet Union on 25 August 1995. Now the old building has become a five star Beatmor hotel.

Tbilisi Peace Bridge

Tbilisi Architectural Works

Tbilisi Peace Bridge is one of the first modern monuments built in Tbilisi. The bridge is made of steel and glass and connects Rick Park to Erekle II Street . Thousands of LED lights, this 150-meter bridge lights up during the night. These lamps are illuminated 90 minutes before sunset.

The bridge itself was designed and built by the Italian architect Michele De Lucchi , but designed by French designer Philippe Martinaud . The structure was built in Italy and later transferred to Tbilisi.

Tbilisi National Academy of Arts

This old mansion was restored and restored in 1902. This organization is one of the oldest educational collections in the field not only in Georgia but also in the whole region. This monument is one of the most valuable cultural works in Tbilisi. The combination of Eastern and Western architecture is visible in the design of the Tbilisi National Academy of Art. The most attractive part of this building is the Mirror Hall designed and built by Qajar architectural Iranian scholars.

Rustawali Theater

Tbilisi Architectural Works
Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

The original structure of the Rustaveli Theater was created in 1887. Russian and Polish architects were the main builders of this collection. The facade of this beautiful mansion has very large windows. There are many elements in the design and design of Rococo in the design of the collection. On the ground floor, the mansion operated arestaurant called Kimerioni , which was the place to meet the most famous artists and time’s princes. The walls of this mansion have been painted by a famous Georgian painter. Unfortunately, these painted walls were all white in the Soviet era.Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

Building of the Georgian Bank

Tbilisi Architectural Works

The 18th-floor building of the Georgian bank, designed by Georgian architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania, is designed. This building has a different view and has 5 main horizontal playbacks that seem to fit together. The main idea of ​​the construction of this building is to make the most of the least space.Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

Traditional Orbeliani bath

Tbilisi Architectural Works

The traditional Orbeliani bath, known as the historic complex, is also known as the colorful bathroom. The interior view of this beautiful bathroom is decorated with colorful tiles. The collection dates back to the seventeenth century, and signs of Iranian architecture can be seen at its corners.

Art Palace

Tbilisi Architectural Works

The Art Palace now hosts Georgia’s Nationval Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema. This mansion was built by the renowned architect Gothic and Islamic composer Paul Stern . Beautifully decorated terraces, spectacular terraces and decorated inscriptions are just a spectacle of the beauty of this palace.Discover the most amazing works of Tbilisi architecture

In addition to the impressive architectural monuments we introduce, you can see the full list of Tbilisi’s sights in Kjarau and get complete information about its attractions. View the location of any attraction on the map, their facilities and free landmarks in Tbilisi in Kjarav and plan your trip.


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