Disposal of negative energy at home and workplace

Disposal of negative energy at home and workplace
Disposal of negative energy at home and workplace

In post Disposal of negative energy at home and workplace You do not need to work privately to remove and dispose of the negative energy present at home and in a place, and the contents of a glass of glass are responsible for it.

Eliminating negative energy with salt

Do you feel the energy flow at home? We feel sad in some places because of the negative energy of that place. Negative energy is an important issue affecting many homes and it is very difficult to eliminate negative energy . The wet if you notice severe negative energy in your home should seek a solution to eliminate your energy.Disposing of negative energy
دفع انرژی منفی

The way home  remedies negative energy from home and work environment

Dispose of negative energy with salt water and vinegar 

ingredients :
  • Salt 
  • Water 
  • Transparent glass
  • White vinegar
Combine salt and vinegar into the glass and place the glass in the place that you spend most of the time there and keep it for 24 consecutive hours. After a day, you will notice that the salt level is high. This work Repeat until the salt level is low. Make sure the cups are clean after each use. This method is very effective in absorbing the negative energy of the home.

Excretion of negative energies with this method 

Salt is one of the short-term negative energy-saving solutions that generates positive ions at home and creates a healthy environment that is suitable for individuals. People may use this method to prevent even many diseases caused by emotional disturbances.


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