Easily travel to space with this spacecraft! + Photo

Easily travel to space with this spacecraft! + Photo
Easily travel to space with this spacecraft! + Photo

In Post Easily travel to space with this spacecraft! + Photo NASA has announced that it will launch in 2019 a spacecraft that can make humans very safe and easy to land from space.

The spacecraft for the transfer of humans to space in 2019

One of the long-term desires of humans is traveling to distant places and has always been plagued by many efforts and sufferings. For example, in decades ago, people were able to travel from one place to another. Cars Which invented the first long displacement of humans, and were also invented by trains and aircraft, which helped human beings travel and search for a long time.Easily travel to space with this spacecraft! + PhotoNASA spacecraft

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But for many years, humans are trying out a trip to the outside world to get the taste of living in these places. However, the world’s largest aerospace company, NASA, issued a statement that includes news from this type of travel enthusiasts Dad.jzyyat more in this article from the technology sector dampen the urge said.

Travel to space in the future

 A spacecraft that can carry humans to space

The world’s largest aerospace organization, called NASA, claimed that it was building a spacecraft that could be taken outside the globe at an international station. The SpaceX spacecraft, which was completely designed and built by NASA, .

The SpaceX spacecraft is scheduled to begin operating in April 2019, but it is expected that in November 2018, without space, a space will be sent for some tests, then to Earth to return to its final build. be done.

NASA intends to provide lovers of offshore trips by providing these facilities with a significant service. NASA said this week about this spacecraft: “Traveling with this spacecraft is completely safe and at the same time It’s also affordable, which can transport many passengers outside the atmosphere at the international airport. ” 


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