Eat eggs with honey for these reasons

Eat eggs with honey for these reasons
Eat eggs with honey for these reasons

In post Eat eggs with honey for these reasons Most of us use eggs for breakfast in different shapes, but did you think that eating egg honey is better or eating tangled eggs? The egg is said to be very popular with the Romans, which is usually served as a breakfast. However, the importance of eggs has changed since then because it is cholesterol-rich or considered to be heavy food, or because microorganisms, such as Salmonella, which causes diabetes , have been abandoned. Has been.Soft-boiled eggs

تخم مرغ عسلی

All this is true, but the fact is that without eating eggs, humans lose a lot of things. The most important ingredient is lecithin yolk that is effective against sclerosis because it lowers cholesterol levels. However, excessive consumption of eggs is damaging, as cholesterol is rapidly accumulated and leads to contamination of the plaque.

According to internationally accepted guidelines, a healthy person can eat 4-5 eggs a week, including eggs in cooked or salad products. People who have cardiovascular disorders or those who are prone to heart disease should eat less, but what kind of egg do they eat in terms of cooking? Do not you Boiled ? Raw or honey You will read the answer in this section of the Damp Health .

Soft-boiled eggs

What form of egg do we have?

For these reasons, eat honey

Boiled eggs are easily digested, while the yolk loses some of its properties and takes about three hours to digest. In this way, boiled egg is much more useful than honey. The chicken lamb is healthier, the more healthy the honey, like when it is hardened, but not too much, and its yolk is loose.

This may happen by boiling, so the best and fastest digesting and blood-forming type of egg cooking is honey or half a breach; to make honey or half-breasted eggs, first boil water and then the egg for 3 to Boil for 5 minutes.

Honey Chicken Seed Properties

The earliest digestible and bloodthirsty honey egg model

Do not eat hard eggs better

Eggs that are much boiled are digested late and are not advised in any way that they have a poor stomach. According to traditional medicine experts, those who have a high blood sugar are not allowed to eat hardened eggs because this method of cooking Eggs make it produce a thick blood.

Never eat raw eggs!

Raw eggs are at risk for health. First, it’s time to digest egg whites. Secondly, it is not clear which chicken feeds and microorganisms can easily penetrate the shell to the egg whites and may cause illness. Raw yolk is not so dangerous.Eat eggs with honey for these reasons

Disadvantages of raw chicken seed

The risk of raw chicken potion for body health

Eggs are a valuable source of amino acids, and two eggs are equal to two glasses of milk or an average amount of meat. In terms of nutritional value and protein content, eggs are even higher than fresh meat or fresh milk. With high levels of vitamins, the amino acids and minerals required for metabolism are known as good nutrition. Since yolks are rich in phosphorus, eggs are useful for those doing mental work, so it’s best to cook yolks in the form of honey to benefit from these

The fresh egg is healthier, it’s easy to say how old the egg is. Fresh eggs are bright against light, there is no dark spot. There’s a simple way to put eggs in a dish filled with fresh egg juice at the bottom; eggs for 3 to 5 days gradually rises.

The unpleasant smell of eggs is not of poor quality, such an egg can not cause food poisoning , but the unpleasant odor remains even after it is cooked in a meal. Eat eggs with honey for these reasons


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