Espresso means fast

Espresso means fast
Espresso means fast

In Post Espresso means fast Sept. 29 is the seventh day of the World Coffee Day. There was a time when Tehran had a population of 150,000, but it had 450 cafes, and most of all, coffee shops were commonplace. Now there are cafes, but they are more fat than hookah than coffee, and coffee should be taken in cafes. The

For decades, coffee has been a popular souvenir and has a special place in the luggage of tourists. There are cities in the world where their coffee is most famous and tourists are the steep feet of their cafes. One of these cities is Istanbul, which has a gourmet coffee and is not only there, but also here in Iranian cafes, coffee is one of the favorite drinks of the customers. The next city of Paris is the French coffee and the famous Ollie, where they sip their milk and cream, and bring them a bitter bitterness. Paris is the city of cafes and it takes hours to spend without telling anyone that it’s time to work out and you have to pay the desk and go out of the cafe. Next to Seattle, USA, Starbucks came out in this city and has a lot of cafes because of its good coffee. Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the next place to dine for the Coban Café and the Italian city of Rome five, which has Capuchino, Machiavto and Espresso as its origin, and considers fine art brewing as art. But we have native all kinds of coffee in our cafés, the brown that you eat in France, maybe not the same French coffee you drink here. The

In the past two decades, cafes have become very popular in Iran, and cafeteria is always on the list of young people’s jobs, and now baristats have been added that their job is to work with an espresso machine and make a variety of coffee, and one in two years, which is the best bet. Tehran is held and has a brand. There is no consensus on which cafe gets good coffee, as there are many things, but professional coffee makers find that they are buying good wheat grilled or not, almost united. The

Where to buy good coffee right now in Tehran? One of the coffee shops in Edna’s coffee on the Moftah street is not seven pounds. The small, crowded showcase of this store is full of small packs of coffee, cocoa and tea, and a variety of coffee drinks are also available at this store. The coffee should be bought at a low price, so that it does not drop and is fresh to brew. Another old coffee shop on Revolution Street is facing the villa and before Ferdowsi Square. It’s called coffee. When you open the door, the hot coffee smell spreads across the pavement. In the big machine shop, they have been smelling coffee, and when the coffee is boiling, the entire Ferdowsi Square is admired. Coffee Farzin Shariati Street near the cinema culture, golden brown on the street Mirza Shirazi and coffee Vartan in Kharimkhane other popular Qhvhfrvshyhay Tehran.

Many people are fond of eating different types of coffee, but they can not distinguish between them. In the cafe menu, there are different names for different coffee making methods.

For example, Coffee Latte is an Italian coffee made from a mixture of espresso coffee and milk. Latte Cafe in the word means coffee (cafe) and milk (latte). To prepare the latte coffee, combine the espresso coffee with a hot or boiled milk and cover it with milk. The coffee table is not served in a cup or cup. This coffee is served in tall glass cups, because there are several different colors from the bottom to the top, and the separation of these classes shows the skill of the coffee maker.

The difference is the coffee latte with cappuccino in its coffee / milk ratio. In cappuccino, these ratios are equal, but in the latte cafe, the ratio of coffee to milk is one to three. Do not be surprised if you were not in the café’s menu and found the Ole Cafe, Ole is the French name of the late.

Espresso is an Italian word meaning fast. Because the espresso coffee in the shortest time will make you sweeter. The reason for this is the concentration of espresso. Espresso is served in very small cups and often after meals. In Iran, only professional coffee with a bitter taste of espresso goes away. In different cafes, espresso is served with various combinations. For example, the café Machiateau, which combines espresso with milk and a spoon of sugar, or can Pala, which combines espresso with sour cream.

In cappuccino, coffee and milk are mixed together and there are flavored cappuccinoes on the market. Amricano coffee Mix one cup of espresso coffee with 250 grams of boiling water. This coffee is an American initiative. We also launch our own initiatives in our cafes on this innovative coffee, which means that cappuccino will only eat coffee in Tehran, not in Italy, nor elsewhere in the world.


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