Gravity Inevitable Panic

Gravity Inevitable Panic
Gravity Inevitable Panic

In Post Gravity Inevitable Panic We are all familiar with the word tourism, and nobody is surprised to hear this word. But when the word “black” is used after the word tourism, many eyes are rounded up and their eyebrows rises. Of course they have the right. Black tourism is one of the tourism subcategories referring to places that are tied to the concept of death and disaster. Now the eyes are rounded to the last. Who likes to visit places where a human or natural disaster happened? Answer: Many. Millions of people travel to places each year in the list of the most sought after places for Black Sea tourism. Of course, what’s the reason our people’s passion for visiting such places is still a huge disagreement. But researchers have recently said that the curiosity of people’s passion for seeing these places is not due to their tie-in to the concept of death, tragedy and disaster, but more because of its historical value. In the next 4 places in the world we introduce you whose name is more than any other name in the list of places to visit the Black Tourism. In the end, you should decide what the human curiosity is about to visit these disastrous places, and in some cases scary things.

Aookihahara Forest, Japan

This forest, known for its suicide forest name these days, is one of the most popular black tourist destinations. The 35-square-meter forest in the northwest of Fuji Mountain, whose soils are so dense that winds up and enters the sunlight into the forest. Can you imagine what’s going on in the jungle? There is no wind, no sound is heard, wildlife is rarely seen in this forest. If you think of the forest a lush green spot that is saturated with the sound of birds singing, the jungle of suicide will disrupt all your imagination. For the same reason, there is a depressing air that has become the second most popular place in the world to commit suicide.

About 100 suicides occur annually in this forest. Forest officials who have been defaced by these depressed people have warned all the foresters in Japanese and English, warning the visitors to consider their family and friends before committing suicide. Of course, this forest is not well known in Japan’s mythological culture, and its name is associated with the presence of the angry spirit of the dead. Because of the density of forest trees, officials marked the route for tourists and warned them that if they deviated from the main path, their probability of being lost was high. Particularly, there are no Internet and mobile phones in the area due to the magnets in the surrounding volcanic rocks.

Truly, the compass does not work well in this area, which alone can be a horrifying factor. One of the coolest points about this forest is that the suicide rates in March in Japan, which coincided with the end of the fiscal year, are rising in Japan, and many of the Japanese who no longer hope for another financial year will go to this forest and never return. Of course, many will return. They go and think about their work in the depths of the forest, they learn and return from their mistakes (which is also very worthy and appreciated). Officials until some time ago published detailed statistics of the committed suicides, but refused to publish the statistics from time to time to prevent the forest from being damaged and prevent damage to Japanese tourism. Of course, it’s a little late, but it’s good to stop profits every time.


Ground Zero  (ground zero) , New York

Earth zero originally refers to the nearest point on the surface of the earth to an explosion (usually a nuclear explosion or an explosion of other large bombs). After the events of September 11, 2001, this phrase is used to refer to the headquarters of the World Trade Center in New York that was destroyed during the disaster. Now these days, people in the world are spending their money to go to this place and see the empty towers. Many of them remember the days that the spot in New York City was not empty. Of course, there is no empty space nowadays, since a Memorial Museum of the victims of the September 11th accident took place here, and many go to the museum to commemorate the memory of three thousand victims.

Auschwitz camp

Jewish genocide, burning stoves, gas chambers, Allies, and so on. When one reads these words, he can hardly think of anything other than World War II. But when we say that the Auschwitz camp, besides World War II, is a reminder of the pain for many. Auschwitz was where thousands of Jews lost their lives. Now, after more than half a century of this happening, people go to this camp so that they may believe that such catastrophes have occurred about half a century ago, when they saw their crematorial furnaces and gas chambers. In this camp, a banquet has been established that commemorates the victims of that camp. When you enter this museum, in addition to the many pictures you see from the prisoners, you will see the items they are dedicated to. For example, in one of the rooms, you will see a large number of glasses wrapped around each other, or in the other room, the shoes of the prisoners or the hair cut out of their heads. If you do not understand why tourists come from other disastrous places in the world, then this is one thing: we all hope that we will learn from the past by seeing the effects and dimensions of this catastrophe.

Pripyat, Ukraine

If you want to make an apocalyptic film, you will not find a better locomotion than Pripyat in Ukraine. Of course, it’s unlikely authorities will allow you to do this because there are radioactive particles in the city. The urban parupitate was near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Kiev, Ukraine. After the Chernobyl accident in 1986, city residents temporarily left the city by observing strange symptoms (such as nausea and dizziness, etc.), but never returned to it. Even today, effects such as cancer and organ failure are seen in the area’s inhabitants. No one thought such a day would become a tourist attraction. It is possible to visit this city with complete arrangements. You have no right to get out of town. After leaving the city, they also check the amount of radioactive material in the tourists’ body and, if necessary, give them a chemical bath to return the physical conditions of the tourists to their normal state.

 How in Iran?

In Iran, with the exception of places tied to the onset of the imposed war, the rest of the places that are sometimes referred to as black tourism are all linked to myths and myths. Places like Cal Jenny in Tabas or the Valley of Stars in Qeshm have taken on their mysterious nature, due to the legends that the locals quoted about. But the desert, located southwest of Desert Desert, known as the Ridge of the Giant, is really scary and deadly. They say that the Bermuda Triangle of Persia is also known as the Pebble, since there is always a danger of falling into the swamp and sand dunes. But even this issue has not prevented curious tourists and tourists. Many risk their lives and go through the desert. Locals say the place is cursed and the habitat of the ghosts and devils is filthy, and whoever lies in the desert is no longer returned.

People seem to be naturally attracted to unknown affairs, whether tied up with horror legends or myths, or with catastrophic deaths. It has been the place where the black tourism has grown.


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