How can I exercise after my delivery?

How can I exercise after my delivery?
How can I exercise after my delivery?

In Post How can I exercise after my delivery? Caesarean section is a great act, so do not hurry up very soon. The first six weeks after this procedure is a healing time. However, you can practice your pelvic floor immediately after delivery and when you feel well. Post-cesarean exercises greatly help hermother’s mood andfitness . Exercise after delivery of cesarean section

ورزش بعد زایمان سزارین

Pregnancy puts pressure on the pelvic floor, so it’s important to strengthen it. Whenever you take your baby, tighten your pelvic floor muscles and try to correct your condition.

Naturally, after such a large operation, you feel vulnerable to your abdomen, but bending can lead to back pain and can droop your stomach. Exercise as much as you can practically in a good shape. . It also strengthens your abdominal muscles and protects your waist. Do not lift anything for at least the first two months.

Exercise after delivery of cesarean section

Starting sports exercises after delivery of cesarean section

Highlights of the exercises after cesarean delivery

When you feel comfortable, you can work on your abdomen; it is safe for you to exercise smoothly during the first six weeks. Tilting the pelvis, the bridge, and slipping your legs are all right.

Mild exercises do not put much pressure on the sutures or harm your wounds, even if you feel a little bit uneasy. However, if you have pain, stop exercising and ask your doctor to check your wound. 

Do exercises that cause the ceiling of the abdomen, such as lying down, flattening and flattening your legs. They put a lot of pressure on the muscles that were caught during pregnancy . Stretching may have created a crack in your abdominal muscles in the name of your diasthetic rectum, which, if pressed, will be lost.

warm-up exercises

The best exercises after delivery of cesarean section

It may take months, so continue, even if you do not notice the difference at first. 

The tissue around your wound will benefit from relaxed flexibility. Smooth soft stand and continue to practice abdominal scars will help you to heal. Once found, can wound tissue massage now. This helps with sensitivity and makes it easier to navigate. 

If you want to damp in this part of the first six weeks after childbirth, you can gradually increase your activity at the speed that suits you. You can start with a 5 minute walk and gradually increase this time.

Walking postpartum

Gradual exercise after delivery of cesarean section

Sports that work on the heart and lungs help you to return to fitness and strength. These exercises are released after check-up after delivery, if your doctor says “is good.” 

Walking , swimming, orcycling can help you reduce your child’s weight. You can only exercise 10 minutes, but you will gradually become stronger. 

The effect of pregnancy hormones can affect your joints up to 6 months postpartum, then wait before doing any high-impact activity like running, aerobics, and the like. Pregnancy lasts nine months, then allow yourself a minimum of a period to return to normal. 

After four to six months, you should be able to begin exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles. This can include exercises like Scott, taking Superman’s Gesture, and 4 kneeling on the fours and feet and raising your abdominal muscles against gravity.

Exercise time

Suitable exercises to start exercise after delivery of cesarean section

Start slowly and gradually increase the amount of exercise and exercise time.

Always listen to your body. 

You can join a postpartum sports group.

Exercise in the group

How to start exercise after the delivery of cesarean section?

In this case, it is too early for the public sports classes to go ahead: 

  • Having trouble walking.
  • Pelvic floor exercises or abdominal muscles are difficult because you have pain for 12 weeks after delivery.

If you have a problem with your cesarean section, talk to your doctor and wait for you to feel better than rehearsing.

Pain later cesarean section

Postpartum cesarean exercises

Prompt sports that you can do right after your cesarean delivery:

Start the exercises from the delivery date (as soon as you return from the recovery room). Bring them in bed. 

Deep breathing:

Do it 5 times a wake-up time.

Slow and deep breathe and open the upper, middle and lower parts of your chest. Count up to 10 with your exhilaration.

Exercise after childbirth

Types of exercise after delivery of cesarean at home

Simple exercises after delivery of cesarean section at home

to die:

Do it twice or three times every hour.

This exercise is especially important if you have a public anxiety. The lungs produce mucus in response to numbness, which, if not removed, can block small air sacs and respiratory tubes of the lungs. Take the feet instead of coughing. 

The feet are a quick breath. It’s like saying “a” – a short, quick, forceful, breathtaking muscle. Outer respiration should be fast, otherwise, enough to throw out the mucus is not enough.

Do not spill mucus; do not swallow them. If you do not raise any mucus with a death and you still hear a breath in your chest, try the deep breathing technique again to relax it. 

With the death, the abdominal wall is drawn; therefore, it is easier to fade than “deep breathing,” but you may want to protect your abdominal wall with your hands or pillows. Make sure you do not pull the stitches out.

to die

Helping the body after delivery of cesarean section with exercise

Exercise strengthens pelvic muscles after delivery of cesarean section 

Foot exercises:

At any time you wake up, do it 5 times. Without removing the foot from the bed, with your knees, 5 to the circle to the right and 5 to the left. Do this slowly and greatly. 

Pelvic floor pressure:

Repeat 20 times each day, in 3-4 sets, and count up to 60. When the sutures are removed, start off. 

Lay down or sit with your legs apart. (Later move your feet further away to increase the challenge)

Tighten the pelvic floor to raise your internal organs or stop urinating in the middle of the current.

Work as slowly as 3 (gradually up to 10) as far as possible. Be sure to breathe and stay calm. 

Note: Because these muscles are easily tired, you can do this 3-4 times at a time.

Focus on stretching, lifting, relaxing, and lowering your legs.

Pelvic floor pressure

Strengthening the body with postpartum exercise after cesarean section

Exercise Postpartum Cesarean:

  • Do it every time you wake up three times an hour.
  • Lay your lumbar, flatten one foot and another leg.
  • Slowly bend the smooth leg and tighten all the muscles in that leg and gently pull your toes to your head.
  • Repeat this with your opposite.
  • With both legs flat and your ankles all over, shrug all your leg muscles: push your knees down, tighten your thigh muscles, push your muscles. Slow down to 5 and wait. (Do not imprison yourself!)
  • Then repeat this.

Note: If necessary, rely on a pillow.

Postpartum movements

How to start exercise after the delivery of cesarean section?

What kind of sports are you going to do after delivery?

Tendance of the Pelvic:

  • Do it 3-5 times every 3-5 hours.
  • Lay your back and bend your knees and approach your heel to your feet.
  • Breathe and push your waist into the bed. Get calm down to 5 (up to 10) and wait. Focus on putting your lower back into the bed using your abdominal muscles – not with your feet. For extra benefit, push the muscles of the buttocks and pelvic floor.
  • Be quiet, and then repeat again. 

Note: Steady and controlled movements are the key to success in this exercise. Initially, abdominal pain allows you to do just one third or half of this move. Well, listen to your body.

Improving the pelvic floor is important. Do the best you can do with this move. Keep your torsion longer, just as your body heals more and more every day. Remember to breathe.

Postpartum exercise

Exercise for postpartum cesarean section

Useful exercises for postpartum cesarean section 

Bend and smooth legs:

Do this exercise three days after surgery. 3-5 times and twice a day.

There are 4 models and add these models with your improvement. First start with A. 

Model A:

  • Lie on your back with two legs bent, place your feet flat and put on the bed.
  • Slowly flatten your right foot and then bend it to the starting position.
  • Repeat this with your opposite. 

Model B:

  • Lay your back and bend one foot and smooth the other foot.
  • Bend the leg of the bend and then bend towards the knee.
  • Repeat this with a flat foot and return to the smooth leg position. 

Model C:

  • Lay your waist and flatten one leg and the other foot.
  • (Both legs move slowly, at one time.) 

Model D:

  • Lay your back and bend both your legs.
  • Bend both legs together. 

Looping after cesarean section

What kind of exercise is suitable for postpartum cesarean delivery?

Pick up the head of the next exercise after cesarean section

  • Take this exercise seven days after surgery. 3-5 times a day and twice a day. If you were comfortable, do more.
  • Lay your lumbar without a pillow, bend your knees.
  • Press your back. Slowly enter the air into your lungs. 
  • Gently exhale and lift your head. Wait for up to 3 seconds.
  • Bring your head down and rest. 

Note: Make it easy to pick up your shoulders as you like. Focus on lifting them toward the ceiling, but only one inch or two inches above the bed.

Do not throw your head up. Hold your eyes to the ceiling; do not let your chin go to your chest.


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