How do we decide to marry with the family?

How do we decide to marry with the family?
How do we decide to marry with the family?

Some young people have little difficulty in proposing marriage with a family, and the response depends on the culture of families How do we decide to marry with the family? .

How to say we want to marry ?

In the present society marriage and other traditional forms of the past, no boy and girl before parents in relation to each other, in order to identify more marriage familiar with and like the old days the boys when saying that one They do not like to change their parents or their parents, and it’s easier for girls to tell their mothers that they are suing.Promoting marriage with family

مطرح كردن ازدواج با خانواده

However, changing lifestyles, despite these issues, families are not yet fully prepared to adhere to traditional marriage patterns, and their child chooses and introduces their future wife, and still delves into the issue. It is important with the families, and sometimes even hard.

Which family is yours?

Families have two kinds of reactions to the suggestion of a child to marry a person of their choice, either to accept the affair, and to deal with the issue comfortably, to properly manage the relations between the girl and the boy, or to deal with the subject in an incorrect manner and to form Making relationships secret.

We have already said in Nemanak that if the culture of the families is such that the relationship between the girl and the boy outside the scope of the wedding ceremony , etc. is possible, there are many problems for the family and the girl and the boy.

How to raise the issue of marriage with the family

Tricks to raise marriage with the family

Do not be selfish

Think of your opponent, and do not think about yourself, because he may have circumstances that can not be overkill, and squandering his time and hand and hand.

Some boys , for example, are pushing for matchmaking because their soldiers are finished, buying a car or a home, promotion in the office, etc. If the girl may be under pressure from her family because of multiple desks. These problems can make one of the parties tired and be in trouble for him so that the problem is completely erased.

Be sure to say

If you have more time to know your opponent than you are, and you can quit every day, you will lose. Because the prolongation of the relationship will make you more dependent and more full of your feelings, it will keep you from knowing more and getting a rational decision.

If you inform your families about your relationship, you will recognize a new and more serious form that opens your eyes to the other hand, but when you know the family without knowing your family, the process of knowing and even finding a settler .

Therefore, sharing with the family can help solve problems more easily. When two people are unaware of families, family is an important element.

You can get more knowledge and even change your mind and match your family members and their interaction together and closely monitor your home and life.

Promoting marriage with family

The best way to raise marriage with your family

Promoting marriage with family with great solutions

Prepare yourself

It’s not like you when you decide to get married, give your family name and profile to your family and get rid of yourself. You have to prepare yourself before you say, to face the elderly. Official marriage, as it solves some problems, can give you problems and problems with a newer form.

So get help from experienced people on this path. You can get the best help from your big brother or sister who has traveled this route because they have a cognition that can help you.

If you are the first person in your family who is breaking the tradition, go to a few friends and classmates who have already traveled this path. You can help them and localize it according to your family’s circumstances.

Who to tell?

Firstly, find out who they are with your family and ask them what the family pulse is. And you do not need to go to the main house first, but you can go to a mediator where the mothers can be the best mediator between you. And father.

If you have a cognitive knowledge of your mother and you know that it is not a good option, go to the sister of the older brothers to mediate and bring your words to the family. This method is safer and protects you from potential problems.

Expression of marriage intention

Preparing the family to bring marriage

Policies to raise marriage with the family

How do you say

Depending on your family and the attitudes of the family, how to deal with this issue, so you must keep your cool and ready to hear any response from their side.

Use the correct literature with your family to raise this issue, and at the very beginning do not take the guards like movies and say, “You are my share, my right, my love,” or “either you or no one.” You should speak with your family so that they know that you respect your opinion and taste and place them somewhere.

This makes them more comfortable with the subject. You do not have to deal with them thinking that their opinion is not important, and “after a lifetime, the child grew up!”

If you hear the opposite

If your family disagrees with your choice because of lack of knowledge, do not be discouraged and know that they are not strictly enforced due to inadequate knowledge, so do not be angry.

You can make the features and angles that your family has hidden to make clear, highlight and contrast with a few more familiarizations and creating the right atmosphere, but more time and patience is needed if more problems are faced.

If you have difficulty seeing the family in terms of culture, opinion, and … with the family of the other party, look at the story of the family. There may be hidden issues that might make you troublesome in the future. Then all the issues that your older adults express Make a more logical look and take a closer look.

If you are still determined after these reviews, think and elucidate the family about the positive features of your opponent, maybe these qualities matter to your parents.

One of the good ways to get your family’s attention is to become more familiar and to create intimacy. So, with a few family meetings and with the help of the other side, you can change the opinions in your favor.

Rome can not say I want a woman

A suitable way to raise the issue of marriage with the family

Promoting marriage with the family and its subsequent reactions

How does parent behavior work?

Parents should trust their children and not oppose their views at first, and see the person they are looking for and then talk about him. Some families closely predict a person before seeing a person, but after seeing him, their views change.

Families need to be in touch with each other in order to better understand the person, and if they see any misunderstandings, they will not express it directly and make a proposal. The proposal damp the family to go consultant as an intermediary when there is less tension.

Do not marry without family consent

In Iranian families, marriage can not be performed without the consent of the family, and at least there must be a relative satisfaction. Unfortunately, a girl or boy who goes to a family without the consent of the parent’s wife is unfortunately dismissed by the family.

The brides are under the sharp gaze of her husband’s mother and sister and may look humiliated to the groom, so if you want to marry parents without parental leave, you will be faced with problems.

If the family’s opposition was different because of the difference in religious beliefs, financial disparity, age range, or unjustified personality, while you believe you can change your love and patience, it’s better to listen to your parents’ advice and Do not pour water and choose more precisely.


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