How do you have a personality?

How do you have a personality?
How do you have a personality?

It’s not worthwhile for others to take on the characteristics of the personality of the foolish people, and how to deal with these people is the reciprocal behavior.

The character of the foolish people  and their promise

Bad promise is a social anomaly that comes back to the family and community. Foolish people are people who are not in the moral covenant and do not adhere to their words and promises, and they always upset others of their behavior without showing signs of regret in their faces.The personality of human beings

شخصیت انسانهای بدقول

But did you think the reason for this evil behavior is these people? Have family and community influenced this behavior? How can you deal with these people to find out their ugly work? Find answers to these questions in this part of the Damp .

Personality of bad guys

Foolish people gradually lose their credibility among people around them, and others do not count on their promises. If they do not upset the behavior of others, they will never correct their dignity and do not abuse those who live with them because they never adhere to their promises.

The personality of human beings

Know the personality of the foolish people

Why do you want bad people?

People for some reason do not make sense or decry.

The family is the main factor of bad temper

Many of the bad times come from a family, so that people in the family do not appreciate the promising value and get used to them.

Inanimate human values

The reasons for the inadequacy of values ​​are that the individual has not been trained in it, lived in an environment that was not valued, or that he did not receive the necessary reinforcement from the environment in order to adhere to the values, for example, when ethics No one reminded her worth of work and did not appreciate her for her proudness, while encouragement and admiration are influential in internalizing values.

Bad promise

Illogic or deceptive reasons

What is the cause of idiocy?

The outside of the outside is an illogical factor

Sometimes, people learn about the pious behaviors of others outside the home and they think that when others do not have a vow, why should I be proud?

Do not take any situations seriously

Some people do not take some situations and some people seriously and do not value it. Most people choose to make cheerful or promising, that is, if they are always late with a friend, they will be late if they have a job interview.

Bad time estimating

The root of some bad behaviors is a poor estimation of time, such as when a person leaves a time account because of a busy job or, for example, does not calculate street traffic and is late.

The causes of idiots

Bad Estimation of the Time of the Probable People

How do we learn to make our child proud?

If an idiot has a husband’s place of life, the problem is multiplied by the fact that marriage is based on adherence to the contract, especially if his wife is a promising person.

When this person has a child, the case becomes more acute because you promise and subjugate it, and children learn it. On the other hand, children are determined by law to do their work, but they do not do that.

An idle child is also modeling his behavior, and from the very beginning of his childhood he has problems with seemingly small issues, such as not keeping his friend’s story book well, and so on. When you can not keep your promise and oppression in your child, you can gradually make a big catastrophe.

Help the kids get promising

Make a promising word in the holy family

It’s better to learn the word in the holy home and put it into your verbal definition, for example, if your child did his work on time, tell him to say: “I am happy to welcome you”. Sometimes you can also surprise him.

When your child tells you to pray without asking or help you, and tell him the above sentence to surprise you: what promise? Then take advantage of the opportunity and say: “May God pray, help your parents and … and you’re doing it now.”

Promising children

A way to learn children promising

Give her a sense of disappointment

If your child requests you something at a specific time, you will meet that request, but play a role and do not tell him for a moment that you have done that until he’s upset, then about a bad feeling that makes you bad Explain, and tell me I just wanted to know what you want about it, this is your case and …

Remind him of hangover

Clean the room and …. Make appointments between yourself and yourself as a promise and make a cursory saying “I’m sick of a bad man” and set it on the child’s wall to keep him proud.

Be proud of yourself

Be proud of your children to be proud of your education because you will not get any results if you are bad.

Identity personality

Foolish people justify their mistakes and give one thousand reasons for a mistake to cover their graves. If thedamp read justify wrong behavior, because shaving is a psychological defense.

The reason for the justification of these people is that they do not conceal their behavior because they see the cause of this mistake in something other than themselves, and for their own reasons, such as getting stuck in traffic, busy work and hundreds of other reasons, this brings some sort of responsibility and The burden is under the burden of responsibility.

Unfortunately, among us, the Iranians have become widespread and their atrocities have disappeared, so that if one has faith in the vow and timely doing his work is not admired.

Invalid people usually discriminate people who do not know empathy. Enhancing empathy makes us never become idle and do not subordinate ourselves. Empathy causes us to feel bad from inside and understand the discomfort of the other person.

So, if we reinforce and train empathy within ourselves and take responsibility for all things, antimalous behaviors such as cheating will disappear.

As long as the families did not build the foundation of the child’s personality, and when people grew up and wisdom, they would not be able to raise themselves up to their liking, no copy would work.

How to strengthen empathy so that we can be proud?

Learning empathy from childhood and life environment

Empathy is not created at the time of childhood, and it is a skill that must be learned and acquired over time through learning. If a person lives in an environment that others do not understand and whoever thinks of herself or discourages him from discomfort, he is also just thinking of meeting his needs, but if someone in an environment where people around him feel Understand and live in dismay, this empathy teaches him empathy.

Learning empathy of the family

The family is first in the institutionalization of empathy and empathy learning begins with the family and grows in school and among peer groups. The Iranian parents are weak in this regard because they can not teach children emotional control.

One of the important components of personality and emotion is the excitement that people need to recognize and express. There is empathy with excitement, that is, if someone is upset, angry, embarrassed and ashamed, if you say these sentences: I know how you feel, I understand how hard it is for you, I realize how embarrassed you are and how He’s empathy, things get better and more relaxed. Empathy brings people closer to each other.

In the family environment, if parents empathize with others, the child also learns to empathize with his friend, his classmate and other community members. With the help of empathy, people can be convinced that if we do not believe that others feel bad about not being proud of us.

Internalization of values ​​to achieve empathy

Ethical and human values ​​are divided into two categories of personal values ​​and social values. Personal values ​​like personal grooming or dress-up and more. Social values ​​such as timeliness, loyalty, and loyalty to the covenant are meaningful in society and in interpersonal relationships.

The internalization of social values ​​is important and it is possible to do it in the family. The internalization of a value means that we accept that value within ourselves and that we value it in all circumstances. If value does not exist in the presence of an individual, he patterns the behavior of others. The family has a duty to teach the children verbal and verbal values ​​in a verbal way.

Meanwhile, the role of the school is indisputable. For example, if a student does not carry out a homework assignment and the teacher accepts it, the student learns empathy from him, otherwise he will not be able to experience empathy.

Not adhering to promises

Succeeding in the values ​​of humanity. Many of their parents do not adhere to ethical values, and when they are children, their parents have not learned these values. It’s natural that such parents can not be a good teacher for values. How can kids of such families turn to values?

Education is the only way to do this. Most people, if they are justified that they are a mistake, accept their mistake, provided they are trained to understand. So if these tutorials do not have a significant impact, we should accept that the training was inadequate.

Some people do not value certain situations and people and choose to be smart or promising, that is, if they are always delayed by a friend, they will be given a decent job if they have a job interview. If they have a sense of empathy in these people, they will find that if it does not matter to me, it is important for other people, and they find it bad for me.

Bad guys and bad guys

A bad promise begins with small issues, such as a bad guy and someone who does not adhere to financial statements and financial statements, is an unreasonable person and loses his credibility to others. Also, someone who lends money but does not return his owner or ruin that product is a nonsense person.

Is promising intrinsic?

The more promising it is that it is intrinsically learned because some people, despite the fact that they have a courageous family, are adhering to their promise because they see a very strong worldview such as believing in resurrection and being accountable to God for bad deeds So these people have control over their behavior. If someone is responsible for their behavior, they will gain moral values ​​and institutionalize themselves.

They do not do behaviors such as slander, insult, physical torture and snoring because God is the observer to use them.

Understanding Identity in Marriage

Wickedness and lack of covenant will undermine our credibility with others. As we know and judge others based on their behaviors, our behavior also affects them, and if they see us badly they can no longer trust us.

But in some cases, we do not base our understanding of others on their behavior, but merely focus their words. For example, in the discussion of the marriage of the girl and the boy, they do not care about each other’s actions, but they only focus on each other’s speech, while the distance between the speeches of individuals and their behavior There are those who make false promises before they get married .

Knowing people is difficult, because everyone has an external personality and an inner personality. Their exterior character is like the amount of education, the type of occupation, and the way they are dressed … They can easily be recognized, but the recognition of the inner personality that is called syrat needs time.

In a little marriage, one is paying attention to the person in question, while the success of a marriage depends on the goodness of the person. To understand people, their speech must be adapted to their behavior and know that what he says is similar to his behavior.

How to behave correctly with an idle person


If our husband is bad, there will be a lot of psychological pressure on us that we can solve this problem by talking or taking advice.

Know that you can not change your spouse

When confronted with an unreasonable person, we should not try to change him, but we must talk with him about the impact he has on our feelings and our lives, and on constructive criticism of the same critique that the personality of the people is not destroyed, but about the wrong behavior, We bring For example, say you are a good person, but sometimes you do not do it.

We revisit our relationship with him

When we deal with a bad person, we give him a few complaints and criticize him, and if he does not pay attention to him, we will reconsider his relationship with him. This may cause opacity, but confronts people with the consequences of their behavior.

Constructive criticism

Some people rather torture them instead of criticizing their friend for his bad promise and informing him. They constantly get sick and do not come to him. But if you know the constructive principles of criticism, instead of knowing it, your friend will be aware of his misconduct and also help him to leave it. Express your judgment with determination, but do not aggression.

mutual behaviour

Make the situation that you have brought to you with an illusion to understand your situation and come up with a little bit of a mistake.

What should we do to become daring people?

Some people say they are lying because they are rude. But they do not say goodbye to the bad guy that I’m not lending anything to you because I’m not trustworthy. To be resolute and dare, these people should familiarize them with their rights, for example, say you have the right to enjoy life, you have the right if you speak of something upset, you have the right to protest when the time is lost, you have the right to waste time Do not go and

Moaning recommends that as parents, we should learn from our children that they will not waste anyone’s rights and not allow anyone to mislead the rights of others. This is when parents in the house promise to apologize for the child to apologize for the child to find out that he was right to act in promise.

Parents should not tell their child that I have no obligation to buy you …. This kind of child is disillusioned and dare to lose protest. Difficulty and self-control of mental health , but some They raise people’s objections with curses and lawsuits so that the individual does not only not change their behavior but encourages them to continue to behave incorrectly.

You need to know that decisiveness is different with aging and shortening. If the behavior is decisively shaped in people, there are few problems in society. God advises humans to tolerance, but some people mistake tolerance with a shortcut and allow others to oppress them and uphold their rights.


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