How does a baby grow from birth to one year old?

How does a baby grow from birth to one year old?
How does a baby grow from birth to one year old?

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The growth of the child is a phenomenon that is very fast at the beginning of the birth so that the weight of the baby tripleth in the first year but is slowly growing as the baby grows. The babies are in different shapes and sizes, and that your baby’s weight is different The moon can be different depending on factors such as genetics, breastfeeding or breastfeeding .Grow the child up to one year old

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For example, lactating exclusively with sweats usually takes more weight in the first two months than dry-milk infants, but these babies grow more slowly in the rest of the first year than babies. While there is a wide range of normals, there are some tips in this humid part that you can use to measure it.

The stages of child development from birth to one year old

How much should my baby add weight every month?

Birth to 1 month: The average birth weight of a new born baby is 29 grams and lasts for one month. Remember that most babies lose weight during the first few days of life, but usually this They will gain weight in the next few days, so that within a week to ten days they will return to their initial birth weight.

1 to 4 months: Infants are usually 450 grams per kilogram in weight and 30 to 60 centimeters in height each month. During this time, your baby may look alive; However, with increasing levels of activity, the baby will soon be replaced by muscle development.

Up to 6 months: Most babies double their birth weight.

Up to 12 months: Most babies will usually triple their birth weight and grow to 36 centimeters from their primary gonadosis.

Up to 24 months: Most babies will quadruple their birth weight and grow to 36 centimeters from birth.

In each referral to a doctor, your children are well visited by pediatricians and follow the baby’s weight, height, and environment on a growth chart.

This standardized data sheet has been developed using national surveys, and doctors use it to determine the progression of the baby compared to other children of age and gender.

Many parents worry about measuring the child at the top or bottom of the chart. While these concerns are normal, remember that your child’s percentage is not as large as the fact that he is constantly growing. If your pediatrician is concerned about your size or pattern, you will be worried.

Month to month with baby

How doesa baby grow up to one year old ?

Child development from birth to age one

What is the normalweight gain for infantsfed breast milk ?

These are the average expectations for the weight gain of the mother of the main nursing mother:

In the first few days after childbirth, babies usually lose weight and after 10 days they return to their birth weight. If not, Marchand, the baby and how to feed him should be evaluated by a doctor.

In the first three months, the child should have an average of 140 to 210 grams (5 to 7 and a half ounces). These averages can be misleading. A baby follows a third percentage point significantly lower than this. This is one reason why the growth curve is a better way to judge the baby’s growth. “

Between 3 and 6 months of age, the average child’s growth rate is reduced from 105 to 147 grams.

Between 6 and 12 months, the average growth rate is 70 to 91 grams.

On average, children will double their weight by four or five months, tripling their weight by one year.

When should you worry about your baby’s weight?

While children who are at the fastest pace of attention have new concerns about children who are quickly gaining, especially since the introduction of the World Health Organization (WHO) chart, they should look at height and weight. , But only a fifth percent may be overweight for height. A baby in the 50s is probably good for both weight and height.

The baby probably seems to drink 1.7 liters (60 oz) of milk a day and grows very fast. Parents may use child abuse tips.

Monthly baby growth
Monthly baby growth

How to grow a child under the age of one

Knowledge of child development up to one year old

How can breastfeeding affect the weight of the baby?

While for a baby, weight loss is normal during the first few days of life, but after that period, weight loss or weight gain in the baby is a problem. For infants fed breast milk, it may be This means that the baby does not get enough milk.

When weighing, babies fed with breast milk are less likely to lose weight than dairy weights. Breastfeeding may help prevent overweight and obesity.

However, if the issues of pregnancy and infant care in wet ‘ve said babies breastfed, can too much weight to gain if the mother a lot of milk, the children spend too much time feeding the Slow, or solid foods start sooner.

Child’s height in the first year:

In general, during the first six months, a baby grows about 3 centimeters per month. From 6 months to one year, this amount is reduced to about 1 and a half centimeters per month.

The average child’s height is approximately 67.6 cm in the course of 6 months and a female is about 25 65.7 cm. The male is 75.7 cm in diameter in a year, an average of 74 cm.

The determinants of height are:

Genetic: The height of the mother, father and other family members has the most impact on the height of the baby.

Sex: Boys are taller than girls.

Nutrition: Good nutrition for the mother during pregnancy and the baby after birth can ensure that the baby’s body receives proper vitamins, minerals and proteins for healthy bones and optimal growth.

Sleep Pattern: Studies show that babies grow after napping and sleeping.

Physical Activity: Body movement and physical activity help build strong muscles and bones.

General health: Chronic childhood disease can affect its growth.

1-year-old baby's round head size

How should a child grow up to one year of age?

Normal growth for a newborn baby up to one year of age

Baby Growth Mutation:

Babies do not grow at a constant rate. They grow slowly while growing faster and faster. A big wave of growth, which occurs in a short time, is known as a growth leap.

Mutations can occur at any time and do not necessarily follow a pattern. Some of your child’s ages may experience sudden growth in three weeks, six weeks, three months and six months.

During and after the growth mutation, your baby needs more milk. You may need to feed the baby as much as one to two hours. This is often fed with breast milk.

Because breast milk is produced based on supply and demand, your baby often grows in the course of mutant growth and increases your body’s milk production. Fortunately, this repeated feeding lasts only about one day or two days. After that, your baby should return to the usual feeding regimen.

Considerations for a child’s growth chart up to one year old:

Growth charts and growth pendants are tools that help track the growth of children over time.

The 50th percentile means mean, not “normal”.

While some children are placed on the middle line, many children are placed beneath or above it, so if you read Dentin, if your child is not in the 50th percentile, it does not necessarily mean that he does not grow at a healthy rate. . Healthy babies can be at 50th percentile.

Weight gain newborn baby

Grow your baby up to one year old and its important points

Most head growth, in the first year of life

In normal mode, the height of any infant should be between 48 and 53 centimeters, with an average height of 50 centimeters for babies. The height of the baby grows after 50 years of age, and this growth continues to maturity, and adds 5-6 cm annually to the baby’s height.

The last important parameter in growth is the size of the circumference of the head, which at birth should be between 33 and 37 cm, and if it is so smaller or larger, the child should be monitored because it may indicate a tumor or a disease in his head Be

At one year of age, the baby’s head reaches 47 centimeters, but after one year of growth, the growth is slowed down so that at age 6, the size of the head circumference reaches 55 centimeters, that is, only 8 centimeters will grow.


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