How is it possible to calm your loved ones after death ?

How is it possible to calm your loved ones after death ?
How is it possible to calm your loved ones after death ?

In Post How is it possible to calm your loved ones after death ? One of the most stressful events in each person’s life is the loss of loved ones, which is very juggling and causing the survivors to be depressed and sad. All the death of a dear, sometimes even to the end of his life, accompanies the survivors, and in fact, it can be said with death Enjoy the love of vegetable.Death of loved ones

مرگ عزیزان

The reactions to grief depend on the mental health of the individuals, the way the perpetrators are treated and the degree of intimacy of the deceased and the catastrophic person. Whether we want to or not will die, death will come and take us or our close ones. But what should we do to reduce its grief? We have come up with some tips on how to calm down after the death of our loved ones .

Death of the surrounding people

How to deal with the death of loved ones?

The feelings that come to us after the death of our loved ones

Denial and disbelief of losing loved ones

The first stage of lamenting denial and disbelief is the loss of loved ones so that if this lesion is sudden, one thinks it is asleep and does not believe in the event and denies it. 

Anger for a close friend

At this point, the person thinks about why this happened to him, and so he suffered anger and mischief, and considers the incident to be injustice, and this is an angry and plaintiff.

Wait for the death of the father

What are the deaths of loved ones with us?

The reaction of people to the death of their loved ones 

Deal with God to restore dear dear

Because of his interest in the deceased, a person asks God to take all his belongings and bring him back to life. 

Feeling guilty and tormenting the conscience of the bereaved person

Judging and blaming the work done for the deceased caused the mourner to suffer a conscience and sin.

Depressed person mournful

At this point, the person is distracted and has a sense of grief and expects others to find out his grief and let him spend his mourning.


The effects of the death of loved ones

The feelings that come to us after the death of our loved ones

Feeling lonely

The vacuum caused by the loss of dear causes a feeling of loneliness. This feeling is more intense among those who have lost their spouse. 

Accept death

The acceptance of death by the survivors is timely and such an expectation from the surrounding is unrealistic. At this stage, he accepts that he has no choice but to continue his life without the dear missing without accepting the event of happiness to his life.

 End of grief grief

The closer the person’s relationship with the deceased is, the longer the recovery phase will be, and sometimes it may take several years or a year.

Hope and return to life

As time passes, reminding him of less memories.

remembering memories

How to cope with the death of loved ones

How to calm our loved ones after death ?

Time is solving problems

It is true that after the death of one of your loved ones, you will not miss the moment of his mind, and his memory will not go out of your heart, but you must know that the solvent time is your problem, and the suffering of this tragedy will not disappear over time, but will become weaker. So that you can get along with it and return to your normal life.


When we lose our loved ones, we will mourn and we will be sorry and we will pay attention to the acceptance of this loss. Crying and crying, making religious ceremonies easier to do with respecting dead bodies or gathering friends and family members to share their misery.


Ways to relieve your loved ones after death

How do we tolerate the death of our loved ones?

Accept death

Acceptance is that the peak of the grief and loneliness of the hot people will begin from this stage. This step will usually begin after the end of the mourning ceremony. Mortality is a part of life and reminds us how much life is.

Returning to normal life does not mean that the dear is forgotten. Template from people who have seen such calamities can also help the hot family.

Stay with your loved ones and do not stay alone

To provide mental health , you must deal with the death of your loved ones. When losing your loved ones, sadness and grief are natural, but when you are sad you try to express your feelings and inform your feelings, make others feel sad and give yourself grief and look for caring people who can feel Be aware of your missing dear.

In general, it helps you to overcome the sadness of exhilarating emotions. Talking to the survivors about the dear and missing out on points of his life can help them. This will reduce the heavy sorrow of the suffering people.


Best ways to deal with the death of loved ones

How to deal with the death of loved ones

Leave your emotions out

Excitement is an external disaster that afflicts a person. It may be expressed physically, emotionally, and physiologically, that the expression of these emotions is very important; for example, crying, physicalexpression and depression are a manifestation.

Death is a problem that can not be ignored or denied. Getting rid of suffering at once is unfortunate. If unscrupulous feelings result in physical or mental illness.

Most people exhibit physical signs of sadness such as stomach pains , anorexia , intestinal insufficiency, sleep disorders, and lack of energy. “Mourning”, among all the psychological pressures of life, affects the natural defense device of the body.

People experience a lot of emotional reactions such as anxiety attacks , fatigue and distress, and excessive thinking and suicidal thoughts when they lose their loved ones .

Expression of the Emotions

Accept the death of loved ones and the appearance of feelings

The way to deal with the death of loved ones

See the deceased body

Seeing the deceased body psychologically helps to accept the problem of death. Observation and farewell to the body of the lost person make the survivor more relaxed.

Presence on the grave

The presence of a mourner with his relatives helps the deceased person to mourn and mourn his loss to accept and reduce the pressure from the death of the loved ones.

Remembrance of the tragedies of the Imams 

Hearing the martyrs of the Imams (AS) and the calamities that are going on over them and crying over their sufferings, as well as comparing the sadness and grief of the loss of the deceased person with grief, the loss of the family of infallibility and purity (AS) makes the mournful person calm.

calm down

Ways of bearing the death of loved ones

Important tips about losing loved ones

From behind a huge lack of advancement

The sudden and accidental death of our loved ones, while having a lot of emotional attachment to the deceased person, is so much fun. A sudden or accidental occurrence and his relationship with the dead affects the reactions of the individual.

Baby’s death

Parents who lose their children feel great injustice against this great calamity and at the same time blow away all the talents and dreams of the individual. Parents may feel responsible for their child’s death, and this unreasonable attitude is unimportant and they also feel the loss of a very important part of their identity.

Child's death

Death of loved ones, including a child

What does death mean to humans?

Wife’s death

The death of the wife is traumatic and shocking, and in addition to having severe mental harm, if the spouse is the main source of family income, it will also lead to a financial crisis in the family. Wife’s death causes the surviving spouse to take care of their children alone and return to work.

Old people with their husbands’ deaths are vulnerable to losing a life full of shared experiences, feelings about their “loneliness” appear.

Lesion caused by suicide

One of the hardest deaths that one should endure is suicide. Such deaths make the survivor feel guilty, angry and embarrassed and finds himself responsible for death.


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