How to cook almonds sturgeon

How to cook almonds sturgeon
How to cook almonds sturgeon

In Post How to cook almonds sturgeon Almond tusks

Almonds sturgeon is one of the most delicious Iranian stews that you can get it in the spring. This delicious stew has a pickle taste and can be cooked with chicken or red meat like all kinds of Iranian stews.

In this tutorial , we have prepared the most complete method for preparing almond husk sturgeon . With the ingredients mentioned in this cooking order, you can prepare for 4 almonds. Chghalh stew recipe with almond recipe and proceed with contemporary Stay tuned.

Ingredients Almond Trowel
Steamed Meat 300 g
Chghalh almonds 300 g
Medium onion 2 pcs
Parsley 200 g
Peppermint 50 g
Candies enough
Liquid oil enough
Salt , pepper and turmeric enough

How to cook almonds sturgeon

First, bake the buckets for two hours in a bowl full of cold water to soften, then shreds the onion thoroughly, and rub with a little oil in a suitable pot to make the onions lightly soft and light.

After the onions are soft, add some turmeric and re-strain until the onions and turmeric are homogeneous. In the next step, crush the meat in the form of a casserole (such as vegetable gourds stew ) and add to the pot and make a little extra onions.

The meat should be softened to slightly red and change its color. After changing the color of the meat, rinse the almonds and add to the pot. Slightly pepper the almonds, then add a few glasses of water to the pot.

Gently heat the pot until the meat and almonds are fully cooked. While cooking, peppermint and parsley, peppermint and peppermint, pepper and stir with a little oil in a pan to get a little fry.

When the meat of the stew was cooked, add the mixture of parsley and fennel mint to the pot and let the sturge take place and start to thaw. At the end add the boletus, salt and black pepper to the stew, and serve it with rice.


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