How to cook broccoli stew and the principles

How to cook broccoli stew and the principles
How to cook broccoli stew and the principles

In Post How to cook broccoli stew and the principles of baking sweet delicious broccoli is one of the new or Iranian new stews, which is believed to be of great benefit to broiler chicks in our Iranian food list. This delicious and very useful stew has many similarities to cauliflower .

In this tutorial , we have prepared the most complete method for the preparation of broccoli stew . With the ingredients listed in this recipe, you can make broccoli stew for 4 people. How to prepare broccoli stew with recipes and more with contemporary Stay tuned.

Broccoli Cabbage Stuffed Ingredients
Steamed Meat 400 g
Cotyledons 150 g
Broccoli 250 g
Paste tomatoes 2 tbsp
Liquid oil enough
Lemon juice enough
Spice, Garlic Powder and Cinnamon enough
Salt , black pepper and turmeric enough

How to cook broccoli stew

Shake the onion first, then, with some oil in a suitable pot, strain to light onions, then add turmeric to the onion and continue to strain until the onions and turmeric are completely homogeneous.

In the next step, chop the meat into a bowl (like a vegetable crust ) and add to the pot. Raise the meat to make it fry, then add the cottage cheese and slightly fry with the meat. It is better to make cottage cheese a few hours ago.

Next, add the tomato paste and make sure you take the tomato paste to taste. Continue the powder with garlic and cinnamon to the stew and add a few glasses of water to the pot after a little stirring.

Leave the pot cap and let the peas and meat cook with a gentle heat. Next, divide the broccoli into smaller pieces, then place a pot with some water and salt on the heat to bring the water to boil, then pour the cabbage into the pot.

After 5 minutes, remove the cabbage from the water, then rinse and leave to remove excess water. After the extra water has been removed from the cabbage, rub them with a little oil to maintain their condition and do not crush the stalks.

Add broccoli to a stew pot after meat and cabbage. At this point add some salt, black pepper and lemon juice to the stew and let the stew cook for 30 minutes, then serve with rice or bread.


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