How to cook chicken steaks and chicken baskets

How to cook chicken steaks and chicken baskets
How to cook chicken steaks and chicken baskets

In Post How to cook chicken steaks and chicken baskets Chicken kebab is one of a variety of methods for barbecue barbecue that is used due to home restrictions for using charcoal briquettes. This way, you can cook chicken completely in the chest for your party.

In this tutorial, we have prepared the most complete method for preparing chicken pans. With the ingredients listed in this cooking order, you can prepare for 4 chicken steaks . With recipes and recipe pan roast chicken continues with contemporary Stay tuned.

Ingredients Chicken Grilled Pans
Medium chicken 1 number
Big onion 1 number
Butter 50 g
tomato 4 numbers
Bell pepper 1 number
Saffron brewed 1 tbsp
Liquid oil enough
Salt , garlic powder and black pepper enough

Chicken Grilled Chicken

Rinse the chicken first and then crush the size of the grilled chicken and set aside after rinsing to remove excess water. In this way you can chicken chicken like chicken grilled charcoal with lemon juice, yogurt and … Taste. Of course, if you want to cook chicken instantly, you do not need to taste chicken.

Use a pan to fry the chickens (it is better to use a kettle or teflon) and put some liquid in the pan. In the next step, pour the chicken pieces into the pan, and allow them to cook with extreme heat.

After picking up chicks, sprinkle some salt, black pepper and black powder on the chickens, then place the pan. After the bottom of the chicks are red, rotate them until the other side is red. Add the butter and saffron mixture after the chicks are almost ready.

Inspect the chicks in butter and saffron for a few minutes to make them more delicious and soup. In the next step, crush the tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers, and then peel along the pan to make them soft. Serve chicken with bread or rice after vegetables have been softened.


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