How to cook orange stew

How to cook orange stew
How to cook orange stew

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Orange Stew

Orange stew is one of the local and traditional Iranian stews, originally belonging to the northern cities of the country. This delicious stew has a tart taste and can be an interesting experience for those who like sour foods.

In this tutorial , we have prepared the most complete method for preparing orange stew . With the ingredients listed in this recipe, you can make 4 orange oatmeal. With recipes and recipe stew Portugalcontinues with contemporary Stay tuned.

Ingredients of orange stew
Chicken breast 800 g
Orange Skin Split 2 tbsp
Core oranges 4 numbers
Pistachio slice 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Saffron brewed 1 tbsp
Liquid oil enough

How to cook orange stew

To start cooking, first rinse the chicken breast and then remove the bones with a sharp knife. Then turn the chicken breast into smaller pieces (slightly larger than chicken parts ), then wash the chicken parts and leave them to remove excess water.

In the next step, rub the chicken pieces together with some liquid oil in a suitable pot to make it golden and fry. After changing the color of the chicken, add the orange sling to the pot and take a few minutes to chicken.

Next, add two glasses of hot water to the pot and allow the chicken to cook with gentle heat. At the same time, carefully remove the oranges and put them aside. At this point, be sure to remove all the white layers on the orange.

After the chicken is completely bake, add the oranges, along with sugar and saffron, to the pot. Let the stew come in a very gentle heat, then drain it in a stew and decorate it with a slice of pistachio. At the end, feed the stew with rice or potatoes.


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