How to Eat the Genius Text

How to Eat the Genius Text
How to Eat the Genius Text

In Post How to Eat the Genius Text Stew of the text of the genius

The sturgeon of the genius or the methon is one of the most famous and delicious North Steaks that is considered as the Gilan Major stew. This stew in Guilan is made with duck meat. Of course, we have used chicken meat in this order .

In this tutorial we have prepared the most elaborate method for the preparation of the text of the genus . With the ingredients listed in this cooking recipe, you can prepare for the 4th person a steak. Comealong with the recipe for cooking and how to prepare the text of the genus .

Ingredients of Stew Text
Chest or chicken thigh 800 g
Walnut Brain 200 g
Quasi 10 pcs
Pomegranate paste 2 tbsp
Paste tomatoes 1 tbsp
Big onion 1 number
Raisins 150 g
Angelica and Liquid Oil enough
Salt , pepper and turmeric enough

How to Eat the Genius Text

First, thin the small onion and add a little bit of liquid oil to a suitable pot to make the onions light and light, then add a little turmeric and continue to tighten until the onions and turmeric are smooth.

In the next step, add the chicken parts to the pot and make sure that all the chickenpoints are fried uniformly. After the chicken is well fried, leave the walnut and add to the pot. Add a little pomegranate, add the pomegranate paste.

Pour the pomegranate a little until it fry, then add a glass of cold water to the pot and let the chicken cook with gentle heat and in the middle of cooking if the water is low, add another cold glass of water to cause shock to the walnut .

After chicken chicken is completely bake, remove them from the pot and then add the tomato paste in a small pan and add with raisins and cassis to stew pan. Add the chicken to the egg whites after adding water to the stew and drop the oil.

For about 10 minutes, let the stew stand on the heat until it fits perfectly, then place it in a bowl of sturgeon and decorate it with pomegranate seeds or almonds. In the north, they feed the stew with rice bran.


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