How to make carrot juice

How to make carrot juice
How to make carrot juice

Carrot Pole

Carrot Ploo is one of a variety of delicious Iranian delicacies, originally belonging to the city of Shiraz. This delicious meal is cooked with different ingredients and methods, you can cook carrots with chicken meat or chicken .

In this tutorial we have prepared the most complete method for making carrots . With the ingredients mentioned in this recipe, you can prepare for 4 carrots . Come along with the recipe for cooking and carrot filling .

Ingredients Carrot Pile
Rice 4 pcs
Chicken 500 g
Medium carrots 3 pcs
Small onion 1 number
Butter 50 g
Barberry 1/3 steps
Saffron brewed 1 tbsp
Sugar 4 tbsp
Cinnamon enough
Salt , black pepper and turmeric enough
Almond slices and pistachio slices enough

How to make carrot juice

First, cut the onion into small pieces, then place a suitable shade on heat and add chopped onion with a little oil to the pan. Add the onion a little to soften, then add some spice and re-fry.

At the same time, chop the chicken into small pieces and add the pan after washing and rinsing. Boil the chicken with good onions to change the chicken color, then add two glasses of water and let the chicken cook very softly.

In the next step, shake the carrots with a large shredded ribbon, then place another pan on a very gentle heat. Add the grated carrot with butter in a pan and rub it well to make the carrots soft and slightly fry.

After the raw carrots have been taken, add the sugar and tighten slightly to make the glass carrot condition. Add barberry, soaked in warm water from an hour ago, to a mixture of carrots and sugar, and then insert the ingredients for a minute.

Next, add the almonds and pistachios, and then rub the material for a minute to make it smooth, then remove the pan from the heat. Next, place a suitable pot on the heat and add some water and a little salt.

Then add the rice to the pot and let the rice be a little softened. After rice is soft, rinse it and leave it. Put a suitable pot on the heat and pour some of the oil into it after the oil has been heated.

Place the bottom of the pot on the bottom of the pot, then add some rice to the bottom of the pot and add some carrot mix and some carrots on a mixture of chicken. Likewise, pour all the ingredients into the pot to finish the material.

Next, add some water and oil, add the rice, then rice and let it rice well. At the end of the rice, mix the ingredients before pulling in the discus then drain and serve them.


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