How To Make Dove Pasha’s turkish Stew

How To Make Dove Pasha's turkish Stew
How To Make Dove Pasha's turkish Stew

In post How To Make Dove Pasha’s turkish Stew Dawood Pasha Stew is one of the most delicious and popular soups in Turkey, which is also popular in our country. The reason for the popularity of this stew among the Iranian people is because of the fact that this delicious stew resembles Fesanjan stew .

In this tutorial , we have prepared the most complete method for preparing Dawood Pasha . With the ingredients mentioned in this recipe, you can prepare for Dawood Pasha Stew for 4 people. Come along with the recipe for cooking and davood Pasha’s stew .

Ingredients Daud Pasha’s Stew
Mince Meat 600 g
Dry mint powder 1 tablespoon
Medium onion 2 pcs
Liquid oil enough
Pomegranate paste 2 tbsp
Salt , black pepper and turmeric enough

How To Make Dove Pasha’s Stew

First shave one of the onions and grate it and then pour it into a spacious bowl. Continue to add minced meat and some salt and black pepper to the grated onions and mix the ingredients thoroughly to make it smooth.

After you have grown well, make the meatballs of the meatballs as small as the walnut . After the dumplings are prepared, put a freezer bag on the dumplings and put them in the refrigerator for an hour.

In the next step, break the remaining onions into small pieces and rub in a suitable pot with a little liquid oil to make the onions smooth and smooth. Add the turmeric after the onion sturgeon and add the onion to make it smooth.

In the next step add the dry mint to the pot and tass with a little onion until the mint completely softens. In the next step, add dumplings and strain until they are well fry. Rotate the balls to make them all red.

After the flask is completely red, mix the pomegranate sauce with a large glass of boiling water until it is thoroughly diluted, then add to the stew pan and mix with dumplings. Lower the heat below the pot until the dough is completely cooked.

At the end, taste the stew and add some salt and black pepper if needed. If you do not want the taste of the stew much less sour, you can add a spoonful of sugar to the stew. At the end, feed the stew with rice.


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