How to make orange syrup

How to make orange syrup
How to make orange syrup

In Post How to make orange syrup Orange syrup is one of the most popular and popular types of syrups in the world, which, in addition to having a great taste, contains vitamin C-rich foods. Orange syrup is usually served at breakfast or snacks.

How to make orange syrup

With the amount of ingredients in this order, you can make orange syrup for 12 people. If you want to buy less or more orange syrup, just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients. With orange syrup training with English crystal tuned.

Ingredients for 12 people

Ingredients of orange syrup

  • 3 pcs water
  • 3 pcs sugar
  • Oranges 2kg
  • Orange juice 2 pcs
  • Orange essential oil to your liking


How to make orange syrup

To prepare a natural orange syrup, first pour 3 pints in a pot and place it in a heat and add sugar to it and add it to the solution quickly. It takes about 30 minutes to syrup To swim. We will pray the streams

And we take the skin and put it in the tray. After 30 minutes, if you are on the syrup, take the foam with a skillet, add the orange juice to the syrup, and heat it to boil.

Then we place the peeled oranges in a clean and thin cloth and knot and put in a pot of syrup to overdo the orange juice to sip the syrup and wait for the syrup to boil and then reduce the heat.

And let’s allow another 30 minutes to suck well. Then we remove the fabric that oranges inside it out of the pot and put it in a rinse and place the drain in a tray, so that if the orange juice came out, it would pour out in the tray.

We wait for the cloth and oranges to cool inside it, and then press the cloth firmly to remove the blue in the oranges and add the syrup and remove the syrup from the heat.

And leave the syrup cool at room temperature. You can add the color of the orange essential oil for 5 minutes to make the syrup more beautiful, so that the syrup is evenly colored.

At the last stage, pour the orange syrup into the pitcher and place it in the fridge and add some orange syrup to the glass at any time, add some cold water and drink it.

Peppermint syrup is one of the most useful and popular Iranian syrups which, in addition to being very useful for thirst, has many benefits as well as its properties. This drink is available in the summer and Ramadan.

With the amount of ingredients in this order, you can get 4 egg syrups. If you want to produce less or more quantities of syrup, just multiply or divide the amount of ingredients. Syrup Chia education with English crystal tuned.

To make the syrup of the seeds, first we sow the egg in a bowl and take it to the water and allow for 10 minutes to clean the egg and make it dry. Then, we bring the bean seeds slowly out of the water.

Until its fine grains enter the syrup. We do this several times to make whole eggplants clean. Next, add the herbs in a pitcher and add 4 glasses of cool water. We ‘ll cut the sour lemon from the middle half

And in a bowl of water it firmly take the nucleus of lemon are separated and syrup, fresh lemon juice and add sugar to the amount that you would like to Afzayym and if desired , saffron infusion and We also add to the syrup

We mix well the ingredients of the syrup to completely dissolve the sugar, then pour the syrup into a glass, and put a few small ice cubes into the syrup and soak this sweet and sour taste and good taste.


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