How to prepare a stew

How to prepare a stew
How to prepare a stew

In Post How to prepare a stew  Stew and vowel Stew and owocus is one of the main and traditional stews of the city of Kermanshah, which is like sour stew as a food known Kurdish parliament. Stew and oatmeal, in addition to its good taste, is also beneficial in the presence of mountain ranges for health.

In this tutorial we have prepared the most sophisticated method for preparing sows and ewes . With the ingredients mentioned in this cooking order, you can prepare for 4 stew and oatmeal. Vnvshk stew recipe with a recipe and continues with contemporary Stay tuned.

Stuffed Stew
Venkashka 200 g
Steamed Meat 400 g
Big onion 1 number
Great Tomatoes 2 pcs
tomato paste A tbsp
Saffron brewed A tbsp
Liquid oil enough
Salt , black pepper and turmeric enough

How to prepare a stew

First, shake the onion and place it in a saucepan with some oil to make it golden and soft onions, then add some turmeric to onions and continue to soften until the onions and turmeric are completely homogeneous.

In the next step, crush the meat and add to the pot. After the flesh is fry, add the tomato paste and rub it a little until the paste fry, then add a few glasses of water to the pot and let it cook.

Pour the vinegar for two hours beforehand, then grease it with a little oil to make it a bit fry. After the meat is cooked, add the vodka to the pot. To make it easier to peel tomatoes, throw them in boiling water.

After peeling tomatoes, crush them, and add the stew to the pot after cooking the vodka and meat. At the end, taste the stew and add some salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Serve with rice after the stew has gone.


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