How was the fasting diet in the past?

How was the fasting diet in the past?
How was the fasting diet in the past?

Reaching fit fitness is not unique to today, and the past had experienced rapid weight loss regimens. You will learn more about some of these weight loss regimens, which sometimes have irreparable effects How was the fasting diet in the past?.

Fast and highly functionalslimming

Diet ” Slim Fast” and effectively always like a meal plan that from a dietitian get why later in this section of fitness in wet diets are incredibly effective course you know that kind are .Fast slimming

لاغری سریع

One of the most famous news sites in the world has examined the most amazing diets for weight loss . The search has shown that humans have done a lot to lose weight and slip .

Vinegar diet in the past

One of the most commonly used diets in the 1820s was vinegar. The vinegar contains vinegar and uncooked water and eggs in the teas.

Today, vinegar is used, but it has a different composition and composition, and it does not use raw eggs with tea, because it is harmful to the body. According to the famous English poet, Lord Byrne, on the site, Bershad has died because of his vinegar diet. Has lost.

Vinegar diet

Use vinegar in the past

How to chew food in past diets

Among the disgusting diets in 1903 was a diet that would have to eat 32 times the food, and then leave the rest of what you have in your mouth, but the diet was performed at an official or even friendly party, and Unofficial unpleasant pink.

According to the researchers, 1 soft food should be sucked ten times a day, and thoroughly cooked thrice, even if we had such a diet, we should talk about emptying the dipped dish into the dish. An awesome diet was introduced 17 years later to a slimming diet .

At that time , there was a direct relation between the appetite and the substance called nicotine, which is contained within the cigarette, which is described here. When you tend to eat, you smoke a cigarette but today, the use of such a diet is completely in doubt. has it.

How was the fasting diet in the past?
How was the fasting diet in the past?

How to chew food in past diets

The actions of people in the past to lose weight

Over the years, people were doing crazy and weird things to lose weight.

One of the seemingly logical and scientific diets in the 1950s was to eat a bunch of one green and one fruit and a piece of meat and then inject your HCG hormone into your body, but it’s hard to use because it should not be for We use an external medicine that is also being used today for weight loss pills.

Typical weight loss diets in the 1990s A low-fat and high-calorie baby diet recommended diets in addition to weight loss, also reminds of childhood and nostalgic memories.

How was the fasting diet in the past?
How was the fasting diet in the past?

How was dietary in the past?

One of the other weird diets that entered slimming in 2000 was daily use of more than 5 cotton balls of lemon juice. Such a diet causes stomach filling and weight loss, but this diet, like other diets, has its own side effects and causes intestinal obstruction.

Diet In 2010, the United States used a cake called tonic that is most of the advertising aspect for the company’s manufacturer.

Today, people who are in need of weight loss are advised to eat only one type of food for slimming .Ultimately, this similarity of food causes weight loss.

Irreparable effects of some quick weight loss diets in the past

But do not forget that these crazy diets are more harmful than they are useful and do not fully supply the foods that the body needs.

You need to know that nothing is more important to humans than health, so take diets that do not harm your health.


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