If your child has a touch read

If your child has a touch read
If your child has a touch read

In post If your child has a touch read Aggression in children is a matter of having a baby and beating others, there is another debate about the educational problems of children, which unfortunately, in today’s tense society, this behavior is abundantly seen among children. These days, kids have aggression and beating each other in their behavior, and this is not just for adults.Touch the baby

دست بزن کودک

Being aggressive and beating other children by your child has many causes, such as the exuberance of emotion, fear and attention, and so you must first check the reasons for this behavior in children and then look for a good way to reduce this behavior in the baby. If your child is among the children who is harassing other children, please do not punish him or her, and try the practical solutions to this humid part .

Touch the baby

What do you do with your baby ?

What to do with the kids who touch?

Some guys instead collide and interact with other children, they collide and make a beating, and their parents do not know how to behave with their child in this situation and punish him. He is unaware that this will foster his aggressive behaviors. Follow the appropriate ways to treat a child who is beating his friends.


Enhance your safety before your child interacts with other children and make him fearless and always available to him. If you find that your child is going to be beaten, interact and be between him and the child who wants to be beaten.

be calm

When your child is crying, do not stop him because he cries out his child’s feelings and feels better. If your child kills a child, do not get angry because your anger does not solve anything. So slowly, breathe deeply and say to yourself: “He’s beaten because he is afraid, and I will reduce this fear with calm and intimacy.”


Deal with a kid who touches

Treating children who touch

Learn to compensate the child

Before you go to your child, go to a child who is beaten and calm him, this will make you more comfortable in dealing with your child. Then, when you are calm, tell your child with intimacy, your encounter is not right and then he Have a beaten baby. When it comes to a beaten child, we’re sorry that Ali or … you beat and remembered to talk to you. Would you be better off with this apology?

Do not blame

If you blame your child, he thinks he’s a bad guy and you do not like him and he can not be a good baby. So, feel afraid and aggressive, so you have to empathize with the child so that he can learn how to deal with others.

Get him away from the show

Stay calm and get your baby away from the scene of the conflict, and you will be faced with this emotional way to face your child.


 Good Behavior Between Children

Correct dealing with a child who has a touch

Helping to recognize emotions

Your child knows that beating is a bad thing, but he can not stop, so you should help him to know his feelings and create a sense of security in him. For example, you’re so annoyed and I know very well that I was not there to help you, but I’m already in front of you.

A way to express feelings

Before your child interacts with other children, reduce his fear and increase his sense of security. If your baby is crying do not stop him. Crying means emitting feelings and this makes him feel less and less better.

Talk to him enough, show him your love and affection more than speak. Do not analyze his feelings and only provide a position where he can safely express his feelings.

Improve the baby with laughter

If your baby does not cry, do not let it go back to the kids, because it’s possible to fight again and fight, so laugh at this, because laughter improves the child and reduces the likelihood of a beating.

Handle the baby

Treat your baby by laughing

How to treat a child who has a baby

Learn to manage emotions

When you and your child are calm, ask your child to find ways to control your emotions. For example, tell your child today what happened to your own hand? Then listen to her words without any judgments, and if he answered you saying that he was upset by his friend, talk more about his anger and tell your child next time, if someone upset you, instead of beating, what else? Can you do

If he does not find a way, you give him suggestions like leaving the situation in which he is angry or talking to another friend about anger, then practice these techniques with playing with his dolls.

Do not answer your request

When the child wants to achieve his will and does not stop from his position, you should not answer his request, and if he insists, kindly and resolutely tell him, so that when you do this, I will ask you to do it. I do not give . Then pay attention to his behavior, and when he behaves well, go to him and pay attention to him.If your child has a touch read

Caring for children

Handle the baby with this method

Best treatments for children

Manage your feelings

Control your feelings so you can help your child better.If your child has a touch read

Be a good model

Children are more likely to be beaten by other children if they see that their parents use physical punishment.

Root out

The reasons that lead to this behavior, such as the physical condition of the child, sleep hours or eating, attention to others, and seeks to resolve them.majaziha


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