I’m having a stressful career ? What do I do?

I'm having a stressful career ? What do I do?
I'm having a stressful career ? What do I do?

In Post I’m having a stressful career ? What do I do? The era of marriage and marriage is marvelous, but for many young couples, these amazing days will turn into days of stress and anxiety as theyapproach the wedding.Engagement stress

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The passage of single life and the entry of an unknown marriage into the world and all the changes resulting from this are due to the young couple’s mindset, and many young couples get stressed.

However, the stress of the nomination is natural, but we must try to deal with them and remove them as far as possible, but how and how? In the following section , you will read the Damp Ways of Coping with theStress of the Engagement Age .

Engagement stress

What is the cause of the stress of the engagement?

The cause of the stress of the engagement period

In the nomination period, with the approach to the wedding history, stress affects the ceremonies and parties, and getting home and preparing the marriage ceremony of the bride and groom in various ways. Men are usually affected by this inner, silent, and inferior stress, and they become less embarrassed with others, but women are more likely to deal with this form of externality.

Do you know the origin of these contradictory emotions and these strange fears during the nomination? Does financial stress affect you or make a wedding that stares your family? Is the reason for this stress the ignorance of husband’s duties?

psychological factors

Psychological factors are the most important stressor during the nomination or marriage period.

Lack of mental and mental readiness

Not having mental and mental preparation for marriage is an important factor that causes stress and anxiety over the whole length of the engagement or marriage. For example, the majority of people who are not at the age of marriage and suddenly have their own background, may experience this feeling. Some people, even when they are married, have no plans to marry and do not think they will be anxious .

Depression during the marriage

The lack of mental preparedness causes the  stress of the nomination period

Find out the reasons for the stress of the nomination period

Previous bitter experience of girl and boy

Factors that can aggravate the duration of a young couple’s engagement are the failures that the girl or boy has emotionally. Some girls are frightened or worried and stressed because of the good memory of their previous suitors and the fact that many married people do not have good living conditions.

Having unrealistic expectations

One of the other factors that causes stress and anxiety in a memorable period of a nomination and contract is having unrealistic expectations from the other side, the family, the wedding ceremony, etc., the more distant you are from the reality, the stress You will intensify.

Is the stress of the wedding period more for the bride or groom?

Both women and women are getting stressed up before marriage, but they each take stress in a variety of ways, for example, men usually show internal stress, they talk silently, but women do not Exterior stresses are exerted.

The premarital stress of a bride and groom goes away, and, fortunately, this period is limited, but some people who are prestigious are in every situation of their life to be worried about.

When placed at the brink of marriage, they become a new factor in stress and become anxious and worrying. These people, after going to their homes and their lives, are also a source of anxiety and are putting themselves in a state of stress and anxiety.

Engagement Anxiety

Stress of the bride and groom during the pre-wedding procession

How to deal with the stress of the nomination?

What you need to do to cope with the stress of premarital and pre-marriage:

Cast rocks

Acceptance of stress

Stress is inevitable in some stages of life. Under such circumstances, it must inevitably be accepted and resolved.

Change attitudes

Changing the attitudes and attitudes of individuals is one of the best therapeutic approaches to eliminating the stress and anxiety of couples during the time of marriage.

Nurturing individual abilities

Individual empowerment also helps people who are stressed during an engagement to become more relaxed.


You need to be flexible in your engagement, and sometimes respect your partner’s wishes, because everything is not going to fit your desire.

Eliminate small stresses

Talk about issues that are causing your stress and get rid of them and never let things get stressed up.

Do planning

Unplanned behavior can sometimes cause stress. Plan ahead for your marriage celebration and have a timeline for each of your work. This will also reduce stress.

Decreasing the stress of the nomination period

Eliminating the stress of the engagement period by scheduling tasks

Methods of treating stress of engagement

Accept the mistakes

Accept your mistakes and apologize.

Relax stress with relaxing tasks

Do any method that calms your stress, such as listening, walking , etc., to eliminate the stress of the engagement and marriage period. Music is one of the best ways to reduce stress.

Doing exercise

Conducting regular and regular exercises, including walking and yoga, can help you control Stress and increase your mental health . You can walk in at certain times and talk to each other about yourself and your goals and plans.

Listen to each other’s words

Listen to each other’s words in order to make the nomination less stressful.

Talk to a trusted friend

To deal with stress, it’s a good idea to deal with an intimate and reliable friend. But your friend should be perfectly trusted and tell him reasons for his discomfort to be a little light.

Do not climb a mountain

Be sure to do a lot of things, later, if you think it’s crazy and funny, then do not try to roam each other with excessive stiffening and get yourself stressed.

Send some tasks and tasks to others

To do some tasks and tasks, ask your fiancé, your friends or relatives, and only perform tasks that you can do alone. Assisting the wedding organizers will also reduce your stress. Institutions are valued at celebrating weddings, and it’s much easier for them to do business.


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