Interesting facts about gold

    Interesting facts about gold
    Interesting facts about gold

    In Post Interesting facts about gold Gold is one of the most popular metals in the world for thousands of years. This is a sign, a value and a matter of beauty and can be eaten in many industrial applications! In this part of the entertainment and the most intricate wet weather, there are some interesting things about gold.Knowledge of gold

    دانستنی های طلا

    Gold as a principle:

    • Gold never oxidizes.
    • In other words, it never rings and remains glossy forever.
    • Gold is soft compared to other metals.
    • 1 gram of gold can be turned into a brilliant 1 square meter with a hammer.
    • Most gold coins have a weight of 1 trillion ounces, which is 31.103 grams.
    • Gold is the heaviest and densest metal in the periodic chart. Interesting facts about gold
    Knowledge of gold
    Knowledge of gold

    Gold is the heaviest and densest metal in the periodic chart

    • A fraction of a cubic foot of gold weighs about 1,187 pounds (more than half a ton). Gold is much less than diamonds.
    • Technically, a pound weighs more than a pound of gold. Gold is measured with Troy Oz, while it is typically measured in the Eyendropsi system.
    • A Troy Ounce is 1.09714 Oyrdopius Oz.
    • Gold is like a worthy store. The newly produced heavy coin (a coin of the most valuable net gold) was a coin weighing a kilogram, which was 32.15 Troy ounces or 2.2 pounds.
    • Most gold coins are weighted with 1 Troy ounce or less.
    • The last country that made the gold standard (protecting its currency with gold) was Switzerland.Interesting facts about gold
    Unbelievable Gold Tricks
    Unbelievable Gold Tricks

    Gold is like a worthy store

    • It provided up to 40% of its money supply with gold until 1999.
    • Gold was used as a valuable asset, and as long as there were no monetary systems in the world, it was used as money.
    • The most expensive gold coin ever sold was a twin eagle made in 1933, sold in 2002 for $ 7.59 million.
    • In 2011, 4% of the world’s population had 12.6% of the world’s gold.
    • The country with the most gold in the world, the United States has 8,133.5 tons.
    Features of gold metal
    Features of gold metal

    The United States has the  most gold in the world

    Gold Mine and Gold Discovery

    • To date, about 88,000 tons of gold have been extracted from the land.
    • In 2013, China produced the most gold in the world, with about 463 tons.
    • Ranked second and third in Australia and the United States.
    • In 1869 gold was discovered in Australia and 2,520 troy ounces (173 pounds).
    • The deepest gold mine in South Africa is Mappnon.
    • Its depth is 2.5 miles – with the length of 10 buildings of the imperial state.
    • Gold was one of the first discovered metals by man, with copper, about 5000 years before Christ.
    Information about gold
    Information about gold

    China was the largest producer of gold in 2013

    • Gold has many uses.
    • Gold can be used in tailoring and goldsmith.
    • Gold is an effective reflector of electromagnetic radiation such as infrared, visible light and radio waves.
    • For protective coatings on satellites as well as for thermal protection in astronauts and helmets.
    • As a conductor of electricity, gold is used in electronic cables such as audio, video, and USB cables.
    • Gold chloride solution with gold oxide is used to make red glasses.
    • Golden toners are used in photography to change their color or stability.
    • About 161,000 tons of gold have been mined by humans.Interesting facts about gold
    • The world’s first gold selling machine appeared in May 2010.
    • Located in a luxury luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, its ATM is covered with 24 carats of gold.
    Interesting facts about gold
    Interesting facts about gold

    The first gold ATM in Abu Dhabi 

    • There are a total of 10 billion tons of gold in the oceans.
    • It contains 25 tons of gold per mile in the sea.
    • Gold is found on all seven continents in the basement.
    • It is believed that about 80% of the gold in the earth is still under ground.Interesting facts about gold
    • The currencies of most Western economies were based on the gold standard by 1961.
    • Today, the Nox Castle is about 147.3 million ounces.
    • The size of the gold bullion is 7 in 3 and 5/8 in 1 and 3/4 “.
    • Alchemists believe they can change conventional materials such as lead into gold.
    • Elvis Presley owns three cars produced by the Suzoto Motor Company, in which each chrome part was covered with gold.Interesting facts about gold
    • An ex-international director of SEO Dennis Kozlowski bought a golden shower worth $ 6,000.
    • The pure pure gold is so soft that it can be shaped by hand.
    Pure gold
    Pure gold

    The softness of pure gold

    • The golden chemical symbol, au, is derived from the Latin word “aurum” which means “brilliant dawn”.
    • There are 92 natural elements in the earth’s crust. Gold is ranked 58th.
    • The gold melting point is 2,063 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Gold is a good electrical conductor.
    • The piece of raw gold in the earth can be three to four times more valuable than ordinary gold, because it is much rarer.
    • Pure gold does not irritate the skin.Interesting facts about gold
    • Some patients with rheumatoid arthritis do injections of liquid gold to relieve their pain.
    • The golden medal of the Olympic Games was pure gold by 1912.
    • An ounce of gold can be converted to a 60-mile wire.
    Olympic gold medal
    Olympic gold medal

    Net gold in  the Olympic gold medal until 1912

    • Two thirds of the world’s gold comes from South Africa.
    • South Asian jewelry is generally cleaner than western jewelry and is 22 pcs.
    • South Dakota and Nevada produce more gold than other Vijer countries.
    • Scientists believe that gold can be found on Mars, Mercury and Venus.
    • Crowe King Lydia created the first gold coins in 540 years before Christ.
    • When Franklin D. Roosevelt raised the gold price from 20.67 to 35 in 1934, the dollar quickly lost 40% of its value.Interesting facts about gold
    • Herri viii, Diocletian and Nero, are known for the undesirable gold, they mixed other metals with gold coins and their value devaluation.
    Gold uses
    Gold uses

    Discover gold on Mars, Mercury and Venus

    Gold as decoration

    • China, one of the world’s gold consumers, accounts for roughly 30% of global jewelry demand, most of which are gold jewelry.
    • India is the second largest consumer of gold in the world.
    • The bulk of the gold buyers are used to buy 10,000 traditional Indian wedding that is held annually.
    • Oral gold is sometimes added to expensive desserts in high-quality cities.
    • The most expensive dessert ever was frozen Hawthorn ice cream sold in 2007 in New York.Interesting facts about gold
    • It cost $ 25,000 and was decorated with 5 grams of edible gold.
    • Glossy manuscripts, manuscripts with highly decorated texts, are decorated with gold.
    • Contrary to what’s been said in the city’s legends, the actor “Band Gurl”, who played James Bond in 1964, did not suffer from choking after being buried in gold.
    • As long as you can still breathe through your mouth or nose, you do not suffocate when you put in gold.
    Gold decor
    Gold decor

    Use the gold in the most expensive desserts

    What is the latest golden truth?

    In 1997, the IRS gave investors the ability to hold certain types of bullion, silver, platinum or palladium into a personal retirement account (IRA).

    Gold, as evidenced by this fact, is a long-term store of value that is not sensitive to paper assets that are not sensitive to inflation, devaluation, market failure, or government and corporate decisions.Interesting facts about gold. majaziha



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