Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty


In Post Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty It has a lot of benefits and benefits, but it is very useful to relieve stress, skin and hair health and prevent hair loss.

What is masal-sha’ir and what are the health benefits of the body?

In this section safe for humandamp properties of countless beer here.Mysterious properties

خواص ماءالشعیر

Nutritional value:

Every 500 grams of beetles have about 175 calories, including 156 calories, 89% of which are derived from carbohydrates, 2%, or about 4 calories, from protein, 3%, or about 5 calories, from fat, 6 Percent, or about 10 calories of alcohol.


Alcohol-free beer contains 10% of vitamin B and can provide approximately 17% of the body’s need for folate. Drinking a dell helps keep 10% of the choline needed by the body. Choline protects the brain and nerve cells. The 16 ounces of this drink provides 30% of the niacin needed by the body and can supply more than 15% of the body’s required riboflavin.Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty

How to prepare traditional music: 

Boil 50 grams of peeled jam with four glasses of water on gentle heat for 40 to 50 minutes, until the beans are fluffed. The mixture is hot so hot and allowed to cool until it cools. Of these four glasses, there are more than three glasses of gladiolus that can be stored in the refrigerator for two days. Māw al-Sha’ir should not be thick and jelly, and if the atmosphere is good, the red color of the red hair will be mild and faint.


How to make a traditional beverage 

Properties of al-Sha’ir: 

Decrease thirst

It is made from drinks made from spit and it removes the brightness. Spreading materials help your thirst better and faster than drinking water. Drinking Ma’a al-Sha’ir can affect the body’s temperature in hot days for warm-tempered people. It is also effective in providing water and body electrolytes because it contains beans of barley, honey and other authorized food additives. Drinking māś al-Sha’īr is beneficial for people with dry skin due to the biliary excretion of the body, which improves their skin condition.Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty

Newbie for  relieving stress and nerve disorders: 

It is rich in B vitamins, these vitamins are water soluble and play an important role in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, leading to relief of stress and many neurological disorders. Due to its cold and humidity, Ja’-al-Sha’ir improves neurological problems in cases where the cause of disturbance of thoughts and nervous tension is high body temperature. Usa al-Sha’ir can cause relaxation for people who suffer from tension and bending due to body heat build-up.

Skin and hair properties: 

Skinproperties for skin

Protecting the vitamins in the juice from the skin and beneficial for its health. Drinking milk helps to clear the skin and make the skin more transparent and more flexible. Facial cleansing with face cream can partially fill the face. To do this, impregnate a cotton wool with a mascara and rub twice a day or three times. After drying, rinse your face with lukewarm water. Also, because of Selenium, Ma’al al-Sha’ir can help improve the elasticity of the skin and prevent it from loosening.Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty

Health of skin and hair

Benefits for hair and skin 

Properties of beer for hair: 

It is rich in vitamins in group B and amino acids, which are useful for skin and hair and have many health benefits for women. In the term traditional medicine, ‘al-Sha’ir is’ Jali’; it has a diminutive and clearing property. To shave the hair with a soft, smooth, soft and smooth skin , open a glass jar and leave it in the open air to remove the gas, then shampoo your hair and thoroughly rinse with water, dry hair and then hair. Wash your body with masa al-Sha’ir and massage and close your head with cloth or towel. Once a week, you can use this method to shine your hair and become blemishes.Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty

Beer to  ward off kidney stones : 

It helps to remove kidney stones, so it’s advisable for people who have kidney stones to drink plenty of water. Ummah is a diuretic and can cause kidney rinses. Stone stones are removed from the kidney during this throat and the urine. If U. al-Sha’ir does not use it excessively, it prevents the formation of these stones. In the previous section of Healthy Diet, and in the discussion of the complications and symptoms of Musa al-Sha’ir, we noted that excessive drinking of muscle alopecia is not good for the bladder and is harmful. In accordance with the traditional medicine’s instructions, to correct this problem, Al-Sha’ir should be treated with his preferences like all kinds of oils Like chamomile oil , sweet almond oil and olive oil , do not damage the bladder. It is a good drink that provides water and electrolytes to the body.

Antibiotic properties : 

The honey contained in al- Sha’ir, which creates its bitter taste, also has an antibiotic that helps to stabilize the muscle.

To  remove inflammation of the intestine and treat constipation : 

The juice malt extract contains dissolved dietary fiber, which eliminates inflammation of the intestine, constipation and stomach uplift , but it is not suitable to drink too much muscle because of the defect in those who suffer from constipation , because it is difficult to remove from the stomach by removing it from the stomach. To be

To  reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke types: 

Heart disease

Reducing the risk of heart disease by using breast cancer

Blood clot to  prevent blood clotting : 

Spreading ingredients prevent blood clots in the body.

To  prevent Osteoporosis : 

Malt extract increases bone strength and prevents osteoporosis . Eating this beverage due to minerals in it helps maintain bone strength, protect hair health and prevent the fragility of the nails.Ma’al al-Sha’ir has the same qualities for health as beauty

The properties of al-Sha’ir for children: 

By drinking muscle, body growth, especially brain cells, accelerates in children.

Weight Loss Drinking: 

In response to your questions, users should be lazy to help maintain gut health and weight loss . This is because of weight loss , which makes you feel satiated for a longer time, because it slows your digestive process. Usually in slimming diets , eating barley is recommended because of its slimming properties. This drink is high in calories and low in fat, which helps eliminate hunger and prevent overeating. It is recommended that you do not forget to drink it. To lose weight is better alcohol-free beer to drink fasting.

To  enhance the immune system: 

Drinking sugar helps to boost the immune system and reduce the risk of colds and influenza.

Expensive property

Strengthening the immune system with blood glucose

Newbie to  fight cancer cells: 

However, due to the presence of folic acid from the large intestine, it prevents the growth of tumors and prevents the proliferation of colon cancer cells due to the antioxidant properties of the barium. Antioxidants that are present in the mucus fight with the damage of free radicals that can be harmful to the skin, and selenium helps reduce the risk of cancers of the skin, colon, prostate, stomach and breast.

What’s New  for Diabetes : 

Individuals with type 2 diabetes should have regular eating in their diet, as this drink contains essential vitamins and minerals such as β-glucose-based solution that slows down glucose uptake and reduces glucose and insulin levels in People with insulin resistance decrease.

Cleansing the Urethral System with U.S. 

Breast helps to treat urinary tract infection because the atmosphere has many health benefits and is considered to be the best option for helping cleanse the urinary tract. If you are suffering from severe and severe infections, be sure to take a rosy beer.

Usa al-Sha’ir’s use in women: 

It is advisable for women to use low-energy mosquitoes, because they interfere with the absorption of calcium in the body.

Mu’aw al-Sha’ir fever: 

Ma’a al-Sha’ir has a cooler temper and gives the body moisturizing and soothing the heat of an inner one. It is also a diuretic that causes a person who has a fever to urinate several times, and thereby reduce fever. Humidity and frequent urination can be useful for those who have fever. 

Is pregnancy useful?

All properties and benefits

Beer  helpful for chickenpox : 

U. al-Sha’ir’s repeated drinking is beneficial for the improvement of chickenpox and measles, as the cleansing and suppressing properties of al-Sha’ir remove fever from the patient and speed up the disease. In these diseases, rinse your skin with mosquitoes to get rid of them sooner.

Blood Pressure For  Cough : 

Drinking two to three glasses a day will be ordered for people who have frequent and long coughs. It can be used in conjunction with jujube and three pods to have curable curative properties .

Is the deller better or soda ?

Delester no flavor and sweetness of the beverage is better because it contains vitamin C and B vitamins, but beverages harms much more like impair the absorption of all, obese participants, high phosphorus, calcium excretion, but instead of alcohol-free beer and beverages from fruit juices Natural and natural beverages like Smoothies or Lemon Syrup.


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