Make a natural cleaner with what you do at home + recipe

Make a natural cleaner with what you do at home + recipe
Make a natural cleaner with what you do at home + recipe

In Post Make a natural cleaner with what you do at home + recipe Of Natural means that you can make at home

The sensitivity of the chemical detergent as well as the dangers of this toxic substance to the body is a good reason for using organic matter; a detergent solution with orange skin is an example of this material. Chemical detergents are not suitable for proper use because of the health hazards they suffer, and it is better to replace natural ingredients and make effective solvents at home and, in fact, provide a strong and inexpensive detergent to eliminate all types of stains.Natural detergent

شوینده طبیعی

Other issues that make us use organic and organic detergents are concerns about global warming and the effects of toxic chemicals on children and families. In this part of the moisture you will get acquainted with a variety of natural detergents.

Natural detergent

How to make home and natural detergents

The 10 types of natural detergents you can make at home

Removing spots of hard water with salt

To remove hard water spots, mix ¼ cup salt with 2 tbsp vinegar and easily remove these stains.

Natural, strong and inexpensive detergent with orange peel

12 Apymanh orange with a mixture of baking soda and 3 cups of water Tmyzba brush to remove surface dirt and chemicals and then rinse. Dip an orange skin and pour it in a clean glass, then pour some white vinegar on it and close the glass lid firmly and place it in a dark place for one month. Shake the solution well and then flatten it out. Dilute the solution with ½ cup water and stir well again. Now put it into spray and use it.

Orange peel

Make a natural detergent with orange peel

Lemon as a natural abrasive and  natural detergent

If you want a natural detergent to remove dirty baths, kitchens, cabinets and appliances, and generally cleaner for any surface that contains acid and alkaline masses, pour half of the lemon into the borax and use it. Because borax is a good ingredient in the removal of starch and fat due to alkalinity, and lemon is very effective in removing water and soap spots due to its acidity.

Cleaning the oily surfaces with baking soda

The baking soda serves the cleaning of protein, oil, and animal dish, and the natural remedy is bad smell, so if you want to remove fats from different levels , mix the baking soda with peanut butter and peanut butter. Dip it and then apply to the surface to be cleaned.

Baking of household cleaners

Eliminating bad smells and oily spots of baking soda

Removing a spoon of tea and coffee with white vinegar

Vinegar is great for removing tea and coffee spoons and bells, soluble, molds, and softens soap. Mix white and water vinegar to dilute it and use it to remove dirt, soap, water spots and hard candle wax drops. If you hate vinegar, add a drop of essential oil to it. To be smelling.

Rosemary Multifunctional Cleanser & Fragrance

Combine some water with lemon peel and rosemary blossom and pour in a bottle of spray and shake and wait for a week. Then use this solution to refresh your freshly washed clothes and stain the carpets.


Use Rosemary to make natural household cleaners

Make a cleaner glass cleaner

Mix 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of alcohol and 1/2 cup of ammonia, and pour the solution into the spray and clean the glasses of your house to remove the lines and stains.

Natural cleanser and detergent for removing sink spots

Stir the baking slick with an oil cleaner and hold it in a container, then add the liquid to the sink, and then add the liquid and water soap and clean it with a sink pen, and then rinse it until it stains completely. Wiped out.

Types of natural detergents

Cleaning the sink spots with a natural detergent

Clean the shower with this natural cleanser and  detergent

Heat a quarter of a cup of boiling water and a cup of water in a bowl and heat them for 30 to 60 seconds. Then pour the solution onto the shower and leave to stand for 5 minutes, then clean it with a cloth.

Natural detergent with tea oil

Mix two teaspoons of water and two teaspoons of tea oil in a 24 oz spray bottle and shake well. Spray the desired surface and place it for 24 hours, then pour the syrup and stir lightly to find a glue like this. In the end, clean the surface with a toothbrush .


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