Make white water simple at home + steps

Make white water simple at home + steps
Make white water simple at home + steps

In Post Make white water simple at home + steps White water is anaturaldetergent used for cooking and has been produced and consumed in Iran since the past. In the past, white water was used as a makeup because white water has a lot of properties for the skin, and the skin is smooth and unplugged.White water

سفید آب

Bleaching is the best natural peeling that can be a good alternative to peeling masks, and cleansing dead cells can make our skin feel comfortable. If you also like the benefits of this material, it is better to have it at your own home.

White water

How to make white water at home

White water types and how to get it at home

There are two types of “silver white” and “white cotton water”, each of which is different.

White cotton water on

Cotton whitewash is light-weight on white and has a zinc and oxidation element. This whitewash is a cosmetic product because no cosmetics can do anything with the skin that this type of whitewash does. When using white cottonseed on the skin, it cleanses the skin and cleanses it from the skin.

White cotton water can be used as a mask and rub it on the skin and after a few minutes it has been thrown to give a great effect on the skin. Our grandmothers used this white water for the long time since they used it and enjoyed its unique benefits. That’s why they tried to keep this material valuable, so that it could be passed on to other generations.

White water silver

In the past, many people used white water for bathing to keep their bodies clean because of the lack of modern detergents. Today, with the help of different body cleansers, no one else uses these cleansers to cleanse their body, but there are still people who are interested in using these types of whitewash.

Finding and buying silver whitewashing is not hard and difficult, but some people are interested in having a white-watered silver with their hands because of their obsession . In the absence of detergents today work Dshvarv troubling, so it is advisable to take out prepared, but if you want to prepare it at home takes time and patience to prepare it like the rest of this section Tips Home in damp miss.

Litter or whip

Exfoliate skin with white water

How to make whitewash of silver type

One of the white-water ingredients of the Mel Silver, which was sold in the form of white stone in the past in paintings. Today, Mel is also sold in paintings, but it is not as rocky and hard as before, but also powdered white.

Before contact with water, this powder is coarse white, but when it comes to contact with water, it is slightly softened with other ingredients and can be applied to the skin. The presence of white matter in white water is the result of white water whiteness, after whitening on the skin, it acts like a peeling and removes dead skin from the skin.

The other ingredients are whitewash of bone marrow and sheep fat, both of which are used for white water hardness. One of the ingredients of soap is also animal fat.

Fat makes the soap do not lose its shape. Sheep and bone marrow in white water also acts like a fat in soap and maintains the white-water structure. If the fat does not exist in white water, white water breaks down and it can not be rubbed onto the skin.

How to make cotton wool on

How to make water at home?

White Water Preparation at Home

To prepare whitewash at home, add a little water to the powdered powder to form a paste, although this dough should not be loose, because it can not be added if it is loose. Next, prepare dough, fat, sheep and bone marrow for heat to form liquid oil . Then add this oil to the dough and mix the ingredients well with the help of the hand and make the dough well.

Do not relax while kneading the dough because the dough is cooled and can not be done if it cools down. After combining the materials, put the dough in small pieces and put it in front of the sun to be rigid and ready to use. Now your white silver is ready.

How to make a white mask:

The whiskey mask can have great effects on the skin of the face , so we recommend that you use a mask as a mask once for the time being .

  • Pour a white water in some rose water and leave it from night to morning, stay in order to get wet.
  • Then squeeze the white water in a soup of rose water and mix it again with rose water.
  • Take the solution in the bath and after bathing.

Provide whiskey mask

How to make a white mask for face skin

Brightening mask with white water

Mix some whiskey with some milk and olive oil and apply on your face, and after about 15 minutes, rinse the solution off your skin to make your skin always bright and smooth. Milk and olive both repair skin tissues and, when mixed with whites, become a miraculous drug.

Relive from boiling with white water

To get rid of the pimples, women should have some bubbles with their eyes closed with their eyes closed.

The best way to prevent men from burning up after correcting the face is to mix some whites with mustard flush and rub off themselves. The mixing of these two substances causes the modified skin to not boil due to the modification, because the cold nature of this composition prevents the formation of welds.


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