Meet the Montenegro, a piece of Paradise

Meet the Montenegro, a piece of Paradise
Meet the Montenegro, a piece of Paradise

In Post Meet the Montenegro, a piece of ParadiseMeet the Montenegro, a piece of Paradise Montenegro is a popular destination for European continent, which is not well-known among Iranians. A country that is famous for a piece of paradise and has a high vegetation and animal variety. Montenegro has attracted many tourists every year, with spectacular beaches, unique natural scenery and high diversity of food. Continue to explore Montenegro’s other tourist attractions in Europe.

Montenegro means the Black Mountain, this Adriatic Gem is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. Montenegro, a country in southeastern Europe, is headquartered in Podgorica, on the Adriatic coast. Settinieh is also known as the historic capital of Montenegro. The currency of this country is the euro. 

The country’s total area is 13,810 square kilometers. Northern Montenegro is mountainous and neighboring Albania, Bosnia and Serbia in the east. Its height decreases to the west and south. There are mountain ranges in the south and center of the country. One of the highest peaks of Montenegro Babutov Cook, reaching 2522 meters.


Montenegro has temperate climate and Montenegrin coastal Mediterranean climate.


Montenegro, Montenegro, MontenegroMap of Montenegro

economy : Montenegro’s economy is mostly service-oriented, which has recently changed to a market economy. 

It declined in 2008 as part of the global downturn. Nevertheless, it remained one of the best destinations for foreign investment, the only country in the Balkans whose foreign direct investment grew. 

Montenegro has beautiful beaches and beautiful northern mountainous areas. In the 1980s, the country was one of the most well-known tourist destinations, but the Yugoslav wars in the surrounding countries in the 1990s crippled tourism and ruined Montenegro’s face for many years.


Montenegro, Montenegro, MontenegroMontenegro local cuisine

Cuisine : Montenegro’s cuisine has been influenced by many tribes and has a great diversity. As the northern cuisine is completely different from its central part. Montenegro’s cuisine is generally inspired by Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Iraq, Hungary and Central Europe. Meanwhile, Turkish cuisine has had the most impact on the country’s tastes. While home-grown, Italy has had the most impact in Montenegro.


Tourist Attractions Montenegro Tourist Attractions:

City of Sitna
Today, the beautiful palace with its own architectural style has become the museum, academies and administrative buildings. Another interesting sight of this city is the Vlah Church.

Mount Lawon
Montenegro has taken its name from this beautiful mountain.

Cutie Stefan
This wonderful island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which is full of pottery.

Biogradskaya Gora National Park
The flora and fauna of the 500-year-old trees, in particular, are the reason for tourists visiting the park every year.

Monastery Astrag
this strange monastery in the mountains, the main shrine of Christians.


Montenegro, Montenegro, MontenegroMontenegro Tourist Attractions

Shopping in Montenegro:
Buying in this country is exactly the opposite of the bustle of Western European countries. Fresh fruits and vegetables, local specialties and cheese for Montenegro, which have a great flavor, are available in stores. It also has a unique flavor of coffee. To buy clothes you can use cheap Turkish clothes or similar. You can buy a credit card, but for small amounts it is better to have some cash. 

All living expenses, including food, housing, services, home appliances, books, movie tickets and … are lower than other European countries.


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