Microsoft has introduced the Fluid Board

Microsoft has introduced the Fluid Board
Microsoft has introduced the Fluid Board

In Post Microsoft has introduced the Fluid Board Microsoft flooded the Fluid Board. This formworks can provide better communication between different applications, including Office software.

Microsoft’s Fluid Flipchart is likely to be the future of Office, and soon the wall between different applications will be overcome and will make the connection between applications routine. It’s likely that the title bar is also the future of the Office suite. If this sounds familiar to you, this is because in 2004, Microsoft had tested the version of the apps associated with Swaywith each other to combine Web publishing, word processor software, and SlideShow slider software.

Microsoft expects to release the first ever Microsoft 365 user experience later this year, which uses Fluid’s flattering capabilities. In addition, the SDK for developers will be available to developers by the end of this year.

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Microsoft describes the formworks as follows: The company and developers can use the Fluid formwork as a way to build sleek applications with plenty of flexibility. Microsoft apparently wants to eliminate the design of the document as a discrete object, providing users with a freedom of expression. In this canvas, several users can work on a document online and at the same time, while artificial intelligence and personal assistants are behind the scenes. Will help people. According to  Frank Schaw,  head of the Microsoft Communications Division, these personal assistants will carry out roles such as content adjustment, image suggestion, translation of data, and more.

In another part of his description, Shaw had said: 

In this canvas, we have a different perspective on artificial intelligence. Is the boom a document or a slide or spreadsheet? The answer to the questions raised is yes and you do not need to worry about it as a user. All these actions will be carried out in the background of the work.

Mike Morton, a program officer at the Office Group, explained in detail at the Bilds conference in detail about the Fluid. According to him, Fluid documents will be in the open. For example, you will be able to type in a document in a document and Office will automatically translate that text to other users who are simultaneously working on the same document.

fluid formwork

According to Shaw, one example of how the Fluid Fluid app can work is a section on creating a user guide that is always written in multiple languages. Shaw says:

The Fluid form allows you to translate instantly for teams that compile help sections. The logistics manager can create a document in which words are placed next to the calculations in the same document. Also, the possibility of updating those calculations will be provided by another person present in the logistics team.

In the image below, you can see how the board works. In one case, one employee is only editing a chart in a Word document, and in another picture, a team works graphically on the chart.

fluid formwork

It’s not clear what the Fluid barrel will look like at Sway. On the Sway website, it is possible to use different controls for the user’s documentation.Microsoft has introduced the Fluid Board

fluid formwork

For example, you can easily add a photo to the desired state of the document, and then, Sway decides where to put the image in the general sense of the document. If the user is not satisfied with the result of the job, it is possible to re-organize the image to achieve the desired result. If the Fluid self-adhesive is based on the Sway, the issue will be a little more complicated.majaziha

What is your opinion about Microsoft Fliud? 


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