Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are
Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

In Post Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are Scientificwisdom is very wide and wide for the diagnosis and treatment of physical and mental problems because all aspects of our lives are influenced by the nature of our bodies and every kind of food we eat on all our organs from the brain to the heart and stomach and The liver and kidneys are transient.Temperate types

انواع مزاج

In some types of temperaments , eating an inappropriate food has many consequences for the body. As we will say in this section of Healthy Diet , eating bad weather can cause changes in sleep, nervous system, memory impairment, digestive disorder, discharge disorder, skin complications, and signs of involvement of the liver, heart and reproductive organs. .Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

The type of drinks, clothes, breath, daily rest and how to dispose of and nervous and psychological states are directly related to natural or temperamental conditions, so in order to have a healthy and natural life, and peace of mind, we all know our temperament or nature. we need.

Temperate types

What are the types of bowels and where are they diagnosed?

Different types of temperament

The main temperaments are classified into nine classes, which are:

1. In a number of pillars of fire, more than the other pylons, they are said to have bile ducts with warm and dry weather.

2. In a number of pillars of air, more than the other pillars, these people are called demos that are warmer and more temperate.

3. In a number of pillars of water, these people are said to be sluggish, having a cooler temper.Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

4. In a number of pillars of the soil, these people are said to have a cold and dry temperament.

5. In some of these pillars, they are in a state of equilibrium that these people are temperate temperament.

6. In a number of elements of fire and air are more than other bodies, these people are more moderate and warm in terms of temperate dryness.

7. In some parts of air and water more than other elements, these people are temperate and temperate in terms of warmth and cold.

8. In some parts of the soil and water, these people are more moderate and temperate in terms of temperament and temperament.

9. In some parts of the soil and fire, these people are warm and cold in temperate and dry conditions.Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

9 temper

Full list of all kinds of temperaments

Kinds of night-time hours

Morning: warmer and more temperamental – spring

Noon: warm and dry – summer

Evening: cool and dry – autumn

Night: cooler and more – winter


Types of temperament for the morning, noon, evening and night

Types of chapters and their temperament

Season of season:

Spring, hot temperament chord

Autumn cold and hot

Summer, warm and dry

Winter, cooler Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

The season

Four chapters and their temperaments

Ways to detect all kinds of diseases

There are several ways to diagnose the condition by knowing that you can detect your temper.


If you feel warm and warm with the touch of a forearm, he has a warm temperament and if you feel cold during the touch of your body, he has a cool temper.

If you feel warm with the touch of your body and feel the soft body texture that easily throws your fingertips into your body, this person will have moisture in addition to warmth. So he has warm and humid temperament.Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

Burning temper

Identify the types of diseases by the touch of the body

Ways to detect all kinds of diseases

If you feel warm by touching your body, but feel the slight dryness and stiffness below your fingertips, he is warm in addition to temperament.

If you feel cold by touching your body, but this coldness also comes with soft skin and meaty body tissue, it has a cool, wet temperament and cooler temperament.

If you touch the body and feel the cold, and at the same time you face the stiffness with the touch of the body tissue and feel that your body tissue is dry, you can have it with cool and dry temperaments.Nature and characteristics of various types of temperament are

Laughing Demo

How do we know the types of warmth?

Diagnosis of skin defects

The color of the skin is one of the symptoms that traditional therapists specialize in to determine the type of lung. The color of the skin can be a good indication of the nature and temperament.

White Skin Body:

Symptoms of anemia and coldness.

White skin

Identify all kinds of hairdressers by skin color

Methods to detect all types of diseases

Yellow slightly reddish yellow:

Symptoms of abnormal blood in the body.

Body skin redness:

It is a sign of warmth and hyperemia.

Red skin

Skin color and all kinds of temperaments

Solutions for detecting all types of diseases

Dark skin:

A sign of non-permeable blood and susceptible to overcoming soda.

Yellow skin or jaundice:

Symptoms of extreme warmth and drowsiness, and these people are prone to bile dysfunction in the body.

Yellow skin

Symptoms of skin diseases

Identify types of temperaments from the appearance of individuals

Yeast Yeast:

Signs of dryness and cold (soda)

Gypsum Paint:

Cold and wet sign (melted)

Gypsum paint

Types of diseases through the skin

Various temperamental features with hair curling

Body armor

The reason for the warmth and temperament of the body is the cold reason. If the growth of hair is accompanied by rapid growth , the warmth of the hair and if the speed of hair growth is low, it is a cold symptom. If hair growth is very fast, it is due to warmth and dandruff.

body hair

Diagnosis of hair types

Identify the types of warmth this way

Hairy hair

The reason for warmth and drowsiness, and the thin hair can be a sign of coolness and warmth, but it is better to check with the prescriber, maybe a slight back and throat hair is the result of a disease.

Another symptom of cold and drowsy temperament in men and women is the smooth and bare hair. Curly hair, the reason for warmth and dryness, and smooth and bare hair, is a sign of cold and warmth.


Understanding hair types by type of hair

Best practices for detecting all types of diseases

hair color

Another symptom is the discoloration of the hair color of men and women. People who have black hair color are warmer and more temperate in the group of warm and dry people and those who have white hair color and are seen earlier than the rest of the white wings.

The shape and form of the lips and organs:

The warm-tempered people have a large, wide body and large body organs. These people have strong vessels and pulses. If a person has a bigger muscle and tenderness, he has a warm temper.

Warm temperaments and signs

  • Strong pulse
  • Big and big muscles
  • The muscle is very detailed
  • Big flat chest
  • Big organs
  • Visible and prominent vessels

Great big booty

Types of warm temperaments

Cold and dry temperament and all kinds of its symptoms

Cold temperament signs

Unlike warm-tempered people, those with a cool and dry temperament have small and upper extremities. Other cold symptoms include weak pulse and subtle muscle.

Individuals with skinny faces and skin-to-bone cling are dry, and individuals with visible joints and prominent laryngeal and nasal cartilage have a dry age in the group.

Cold temper

What are the symptoms of cold symptoms?

Kinds of temperament and  sleep with awakening

If your sleep time is longer than the 8-hour limit, you will have a cooler, cool or wet temper, but if your sleep is less than 8 hours, you will have warm and dry warmth. Sleep is high, the cause of cold and thirst and low sleep and awakening is due to dryness and warmth of temper. Sleep and temper awakening is the reason for temperance.

Understanding the types of temperaments through natural verbs from the body

If all the verbs of the body, such as growth rate, tooth decay, puberty, verbs in the liver, heart and brain and … are faster than normal, have a warm temperament and, if you are slower than normal, have cold temperament.

What is temperament?

Detecting all types of growth from body growth

Defecation and  bowel movements

If the color of the stool or urine is darker and worse than usual, it is due to the warmth of the bowel and the overcoming of the bile, but the colorlessness or low levels of excrement including urine, stool, sweat, hair, nails, blood, etc., signify cold weather. To determine the type of temperament, traditional medicine therapists use stool color and quality.

The following are indications of warmth, and the photos of these states indicate cold temperament:

  • Harshly
  • Restlessness
  • Prestige and graphic
  • Stability in memory
  • Forgetfulness, restlessness, imbalance
  • Good luck
  • Hope
  • Chivalrous and Predatory
  • The ability to understand the content
  • Excitement and joy
  • Be smart 


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