New and unique cane for the blind + images

New and unique cane for the blind + images
New and unique cane for the blind + images

A person named Michael Dimo ​​has developed a new and modern sticks for his mother’s arthritis, which is also good for the blind New and unique cane for the blind + images v.

New cusp of the blind

Genetic problems are another problem that can disrupt human life from the very beginning. Some of these problems are inherited, while others may be related to the maintenance of the fetus in pregnancy is.New cusp of the blind

عصای جدید نابینایان

However, such problems are not pleasant to the senses. For example, blindness is another most painful genetic problem that a person may have had at the beginning of her birth or lose her vision over the course of her life.

Making a modern and plentiful cane

Even imagining life with black and white eyes can take us hours to think about what should we do now? How to get to know your surroundings? How can we not disturb others? And there are thousands of different questions that can engage us and understand these people.

One of the most popular means of the blind is the white cuffs that blind people use to walk in the streets, home and in the other, and they can be seen from their front and again and again with their eyes. See the route.

New and unique cane for the blind + images
New and unique cane for the blind + images

A new crutch bracket that can be permanently stowed

Therefore, the blind may sometimes miss this cake for some reason, and finding it hard and hard for them. However, the use of crutches is not unique to blind people, and people with disabilities and old people also use slippers to walk. But recently, an interesting stick has been introduced that can help a lot of people using the canes. More details will be posted on this section of the Drop Entertainment section .

“Codia” is a modern and modern cane that can be very suitable for those using the canvases. Cody has a great secret in it, and it is that at the end of this cane is a mechanical weighing bracket that, with the help of this base, the cane can stand constantly and whenever it intends to use it You just have to leave it at the corner of the house and then remove it from the same point.

Modern cane

The invention of a modern and smart cane for the blind

It was a very interesting cake that was recently published on the virtual pages and as we have mentioned, this crutch could also be suitable for the elderly, the blind or the disabled. In the manufacture of this cake, a lead element has been used that makes the cane more balanced.

It should be noted that the name of this designer is Michael Demo of Greece, who designed and constructedthis cane only to fix her mother’s problem of arthritis .


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