On the tongue you have signs of cancer if

On the tongue you have signs of cancer if
On the tongue you have signs of cancer if

In Post On the tongue you have signs of cancer if The tongue is made up of a moving muscle group that is attached to the bottom of your mouth. The tongue is made up of a series of small bumps called Perez; most of our taste buds are on these peppers. Tongue for tasting, swallowing And chewing food is also used, it also helps us to make words while talking. Typically, a language that is pink and covered with a bright, glossy, fluid layer is well-known.Sign of cancer in language

نشانه سرطان روی زبان

As we all have experienced, language injury, such as when we bite the language, can be a bit painful, because the tongue is a part of the body that is used in everyday tasks, such as eating and talking, much of it. Few people know that language is a good measure of body health, so medical professionals look at your mouth and tongue during an exam.

Common language problems:

  • color change
  • Increase the size
  • Abnormal change at the language level
  • The growth of lingual lips
  • Pain and difficulty in moving the language

There are many reasons for linguistic problems that can be safe and serious, and more serious conditions can be related to risk factors, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. It can also occur due to hidden medical problems.

Tongue Cancer Form

Types of Cancer Symptoms on the Language

What are the risk factors for language problems?

According to the language problem, the risk factor can be smoking, drinking alcohol, poor oral hygiene, viral infections, poor immune system and even stress .

White language:

Language change can vary from benign to more serious issues that require medical care.

  • Thrush
  • Pussy mouth
  • Oral plan
  • Hairy pussy
  • White line

Thrush is caused by overgrowth of mushroom yeast in the mouth, illness, drug use , stress and antibiotictreatment can cause thrush by disturbing the balance of natural bacteria in the mouth.

People with diabetes are more likely to be affected by this problem. Anti-fungal pills and fluids are used to treat thrush.

Oral pussies are known from white spots that are not carved and can be caused by chronic stimulation in the mouth.

Although there is not always a known cause, smoking is the most common cause of oral sex. Sometimes the spots are in the corners of the tongue and can be caused by constant wear to the lower teeth.

Although it is benign in most cases, it can lead to more serious problems, such as oral cancer. The risk of cancer varies depending on age, area size, and number of injuries. Vector fragmentation may be required.

Oral lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory condition caused by an immune response. It is known from the white strip design that it should be monitored, because in the event of a change, it can become a cancer of the mouth (rarely). Slicing is also suggested.

Hairy pussy, white patches on the corner of the tongue, hairy and hard. This problem occurs due to an Epstein virus and usually occurs in people with a defective immunity. If there is no known known problem with the immune system, HIV testing should be performed .

The white line is a benign condition that forms as a white line on the sides of the tongue, due to the thinness of the skin texture due to the sensitivities that occur with the chewing. No specific treatment is required.

Familiar with cancer symptoms ?

Red language:

There are clear reasons for redness, the intensity of the language, like the things you eat. ( Strawberries and red foods) Some acidic foods can cause temporary redness and discomfort. Although the red language can be a sign of hidden diseases. Some of these problems can be due to vitamin deficiency , Kawasaki disease, or Scarlet fever.

Erythroplakia is a red area or a lesion that does not break through the tongue. (Other than color, such as Pc’s). A wound with a red and white appearance, this condition should be considered before the malignancy.

This disease is more likely to be malignant than pc, especially if the injury does not go well or gets bigger.

Black language:

The tongue is often a safe condition that occurs due to drug therapy, smoking, low oral hygiene, soft diet, or dry mouth .

The reasons for this problem are the change in oral bacteria, after using antibiotics or using products containing bismuth. Black language treatment, dieting better, cessation of smoking, better oral hygiene.

Increased size or swelling Language:

Influenza or enlargement of the tongue can be due to allergies, drug use , injuries or illnesses such as amyloidosis. Knowing these hidden illnesses is a common treatment for this problem.

Allergic reactions to drugs, food, or even a sting of a bee can cause swelling of the tongue. If the tongue suddenly swells, it should be treated promptly, as it can block the way of breathing.

Swelling of the tongue can also be caused by the side effects of some drugs, such as blood pressuremedications , or analgesics such as aspirin or advenysm. The injury caused by hot food and burning the language or even biting the tongue can cause swelling of the tongue.

Oral throat can also cause swelling of the tongue and inflammation, the remaining cases include cancerous tumors, amyloidosis, sarcoidosis, or kawasaki disease.

Cancer Treatment Language

What does cancer affect the language?

Signs of cancer that appear on the tongue

Tumor on the language:

Fibromatic lesions are usually seen on the tongue and are thin, dome-shaped, pink and soft. Resulting in a chronic injury occurring in a region of language that is mainly caused by the language chewing line. Benign, but usually a piece of vector is done to determine its type and the injury is removed from the tongue.

Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer that affects the tooth decay worms and accounts for 90% of oral cancers. Oral cancer accounts for 2% of total American cancer statistics. Usually involves the outer surface of the language. Risk factors for the disease are over 40 years of age, smoking and drinking alcohol.

In younger people, the risk factor is human papillomavirus. The squamous cell carcinoma shows a thick, hard layer on its red or white base.

After the disease progresses, it may also cause bouts or injuries, in some cases the tumor is located in the lower part of the tongue and, until advanced disease has not been diagnosed, it can not be diagnosed. Treatment of this disease is through a combination of tumor removal surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Abnormal cases about language level

The smooth surface of the tongue can be due to injury (food burns), mineral deficiency such as iron, folate or vitamin B12 .

Geographic language is one of the most common forms of language, this form of language, in 14% of the American population. This benign state is created on the soft surface of the back of the tongue. It may be one or more pieces and may change over time. Usually painless. But the surface may be sensitive to spicy and acidic foods. No specific treatment is required.

Throat tongue is the second type of tongue, due to the deepening of the natural tongue of the tongue, due to age. In the damp health section , some medical conditions are related to this problem. Certain treatments are not required unless food particles and bacteria remain in these tracks and stimulate the lungs of the tongue. Mild toothbrushes can fix the problem.

As previously mentioned, the hairy tongue is caused by the excessive growth of the lice of the tongue, and often makes the color change white or black. Hair language is the third type of language that is considered safe. Mild toothbrush alone is enough.

Intermittent diarrhea is an injury that occurs in the middle of the back of the tongue. It is usually seen as a flat, red, shiny area. The reason for this can be bacterial infection. Using oral antifungal drugs or fluconazole can help to treat it.

Pain Language:

Language pain can be due to anemia , oral pestilence, oral herpes , nerve pain, dentures that are not comfortable or post-dentistry allergies.

Pests are usually seen on the tongue and are very painful. Its center is white and yellow and around it is red.

These wounds are caused by injuries in the same area, stress, and genetics. They do not require special treatment, and they often get better in their own right for less than two weeks.

An oral herpes virus is caused by a herpes virus and appears as a wound that is full of fluid. Herpes Oral generally after two weeks, but can be used to shorten the course of treatment antiviral drugs.

The burning mouth syndrome is a complication that usually involves language. Complications include dry mouth , accompanied with metal flavor in the mouth.

With conditions such as menopause , anger , depression , stomach acid back, food shortages, and oral conditions like dry mouth and throat, it usually needs to cure problematic occasional cases.

Language Diseases

What signs indicate cancer?

Silent Signs of Cancer in Language

Change in the senses of the language:

Disturbed abnormalities, altered or abnormal senses, abnormal language tongue can be caused by damage to the spoken or emotional nerves of the tongue. The most common cause of speech damage to the nerves is to pull the wrists , because the nerves are very close to the teeth.

Nerve damage is usually visible after occurrence, and its symptoms are altered, reduced, or lost. The sensation of pain, tasting, touching, determining the temperature and determining the position and movement can be affected.

This is the same as when anesthesia is done for dental work. Usually they wait to repair the nerves again, which may take six months to one year. If there is no recovery, surgery can be done.

Tasting problems:

Taste insufficiency is a term that expresses taste disturbance. The main reasons are drug use, cancer treatment , dry mouth, gum problems, or colds . The treatment of cancer that chemotherapyand radiotherapy on the head and neck area can have a great deal to affect the taste sensation .

Reducing saliva causes dry mouth. Smoking can also be involved. Taste deficiency can be temporary and, given the extent of the damage, it takes a while to resolve the problem.

Problem moving the language:

This problem is usually caused by damage to the nerves. Reducing the range of language moves affects eating, swallowing, and speaking. Due to the extent of nerve damage, physical therapies can help shorten the treatment process.

Closure and tongue or stuttering of the tongue is very rare and occurs when the tissue that attaches the tongue to the mouth of the mouth is too short and prevents language movements.

Because the language is very important for sucking, a stuttering baby may not be able to easily eat breast milk and affect the talking of children and the elderly. Treatment of Stuttering surgery, tissue is collected free and comfortable movement language.

What are the language problems in infants and children?

In response to your question, you should explain to the nasty people that the most common problem among thrush babies is white patches on the tongue. Usually, antibiotics are given by the baby or the nursing mother. Ways to use Antifungal medicines for the baby and if they are breastfed for the mother, to prevent the infection from returning.

Other common language disorders in children:

  • Tongue tongue
  • Geographic language
  • Lesion injuries
  • Pest
  • Another rare case is ” strawberry tongue ” 

Language difficulties

Sign of cancer in language and language diseases in children

Language problems during pregnancy :

A small percentage of women experience linguistic pain during pregnancy . This can be due to hormonal changes . Pain can be a combination of a geographic language, which disappears as it emits. These problems often resolve after pregnancy.

Is there home remedy for language problems?

Ibuprofen can help with linguistic pain. Burning language gets better by sucking ice or washing the tongue with cold water. Although these treatments are temporary.

What is the treatment of linguistic problems?

The treatment of language problems depends on its underlying causes. Some do not require any treatment, and vice versa, others need medical treatment, surgery, and radiotherapy.

If language problems are affected by hidden factors, the treatment of that factor is the key to solving the problem.

Can language barriers be avoided?

Some linguistic problems can be avoided with good health, proper nutrition and nutrition. Some of them can not be avoided at all, but their symptoms are curable, and others are due to other illnesses. For example, AIDS usually shows up in your mouth with other symptoms.

Stopping smoking and drinking alcohol reduces the risk of illness and oral cancer. The HPV vaccine can protect you. Oral cancer testing should also be considered during dental examinations. The eardrum and throat should also be tested. This test includes the testing of soft soft tissues of the mouth, such as the tongue, mouth, mouth, the inner part of the genome and the inside of the throat.


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