Please do not enter the bride and groom privacy !

Please do not enter the bride and groom privacy !
Please do not enter the bride and groom privacy !

In wedding ceremonies, relatives enter the privacy of the bride and groom, often due to their traditions and misconceptions Please do not enter the bride and groom privacy ! .

Interference with bride and groom privacy

There are always people who want to know everything about the wedding and all the work of the bride and groom and their privacy, but why? You may also be faced with weddings that unwittingly and unwittingly allow themselves to enter and interfere with the privacy of the bride and groom.Bride privacy

حریم خصوصی عروس

The behavior of this group is not due to their ill-intentionedness, but for their own reasons, or because of their lack of awareness of this issue, they display this behavior. In this part of the Moisturizer, we introduce you to the reasons why some enter the privacy of the bride and groom.

The cause of interference in the privacy of the bride and groom

Why do some people enter the bride and groom privacy?

Individuals who allow themselves to interfere with bride and groom privacy do not usually do this because of malpractice, but they themselves have reasons to enter the bride and groom’s privacy, which is often referred to in some of the most commonly mentioned cases:

Feel comfortable at the wedding party

People who come to the privacy of the bride and groom often use the two-word sentence in another Swede. The reason why some people at a wedding ceremony allow themselves to enter the privacy of a bride and groom is that the wedding party is an intimate and informal party in which the guests feel comfortable and trust each other so that privacy Bride and groom do not respect.

What are the reasons for interference with bride and groom privacy?

Intervention in the privacy of young couples due to showing off attention

Some people also allow themselves to enter the privacy of the bride and groom, who see this behavior as a sign of attention and attention to the young couple, and if they do not show this behavior, they feel that they are as large as They have not given enough attention to them.


Some people are also allowed to interfere with the traditions that our parents and parents inherit from their father and mother.

Wedding ceremonies

Interference in the privacy of the bride and groom with customs and customs

Several cases of interference in the privacy of the bride and groom

The interference with the bride and groom’s privacy is usually due to the reasons mentioned above, and we’ll give you a few more examples of this:

The night and the curiosity of the relatives about it

The supervision of others on the bride and groom’s wedding night is one of the misconceptions about weddings. In the old days, some of the tribe of the bride and groom waited until the morning in their room to officially announce the news of their husband and wife to announce them.

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking is still in our society, but with some change, that is, it is possible that the other, aunt, uncle and uncle’s wife, and … ungrateful and … embarrassing to ask a woman for something, but in a phone call in the morning with her mother and sister Getting to know about the gadget and the gadget.

As you read in this part of the Moist , these are the same people who are accustomed to entering into the privacy of the bride and groom, and they say about it “Well, my aunt, or any other relationship, and I do not want to I think you’re a neglected person. “

Couple privacy

Enter the bride and groom privacy at night

The interference of others in the privacy of the bride and groom

Take pictures and videos of the wedding ceremony

A new dilemma in wedding circles is that a small or large number of people take their phone and they are filming without an opinion from the bride and groom. These people are the ones who, if criticized, are quick to say, “Well, there’s another Swede”.

Curiosity about accessories and dowry of the bride

The fact that some family members accompany brides and grooms to their neighbors without harassing their neighbors to their home is not a bad thing and is not related to their privacy. From where the problem begins, relatives and acquaintances, on the pretext of accompaniment, enter the young couple’s house and curiosize the dowry of the woman’s bride and open their cabinets and closets without permission from the bride and groom even in the refrigerator and drawer of the freezer. They give the statistics of the number of service plates and spoons on the pretext of “Well, more!” They bring.

The involvement of others in wedding work

Curiosity and the involvement of others in the work of the bride and groom

Tips for not entering the bride and groom privacy

1. It is true that all guests are comfortable at the wedding party, but they should not allow themselves to enter the privacy of the host.

2. In some wedding cards, you are kindly requested to not be filmed and photographed during the ceremony, but if this is not already written in the card, we must obtain the permission of the bride and groom before we film or photograph. do.

3. Against the night of the goldsmith, we should also abandon this tradition and make it wrong. And if we feel close to the bride and groom and we really want to show our attention to them, it is better to have them married to a good clinic from the time of their marriage And authoritative, which provides the necessary explanations and training.

4. If we are invited to the bride and groom’s house, behave like a guest and do not allow ourselves to travel in their lives.


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