Shoes that are not suitable for the health of the body!

Shoes that are not suitable for the health of the body!
Shoes that are not suitable for the health of the body!

In Post Shoes that are not suitable for the health of the body! Choosing the right shoe is one of the most important parts of the purchase, which is directly related to the health of the human legs, the effects of bad shoes, such as arthritis , joint pains, bending of the fingers, and … are sometimes irreparable. Today, many people do not care about the health of their legs when choosing the right footwear, and they only pay attention to the beauty and fashion of the shoes.Suitable shoes

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But you need to know that the foot is your second heart, and the inappropriate selection of shoes can endanger your feet and your health and cause leg problems. So resist the temptation to buy fashionable shoes and choose shoes that have a good height and feel comfortable in the legs. In this part of the Moisture , we will tell you which of the various types of shoes may damage your legs.

Suitable shoes

Complications of shoes for the health of the legs

Dangerous effects wearing high heel shoes

Wearing high heel shoes affects the health of the legs and the use of these shoes has a lot of risks for women, which include:

1. Wearing shoes with heels higher than 7 cm on the knees will put a lot of pressure and increase the chance of developing arthritis .

2. Wearing high-heeled shoes causes ankle torsion to the outside and, as a result, causes severe vein contraction, resulting in increased risk of arthritis.

3. Wear high heel shoes on the thumb joint, which pushes the pressure from the metatarsal bone joint to the toe-shaped bone of the toe, and ultimately it causes the bone or nerves to inflammate it.

Other complications caused by the wearing of heels:

  • Deformity of toe
  • Corn
  • Blister fingers
  • Curvature of fingers
  • Chronic back pain
  • Joint pains
  • knee pain
  • Heel pain
  • Early fatigue

Heel pain

Heel foot pain from the heaviness of wearing high heels

If you can not skip high heels

  • If you feel pain while kneeling with high heels, but you can not miss the high heel shoes. This type of shoes is suitable for you and does not hurt even though your heel is tall.
  • Walking shoes that are slightly lying .
  • Polymerized shoes with thick heels and less than 3 cm
  • Choose high heel shoes that are more durable
  • And it’s not easy to balance your balance.

Advice when using heeled shoes

  • At some hours of the day, go to the comfort or sports shoes
  • Do not wear high-heeled shoes on the back, as it causes the foot to slip and disturb your balance.
  • Wear the short heels, as the leg is in a more normal position and the legs are tightened.
  • The use of short-heel shoes prevents damage to the metatarsal bone.
  • If your foot is screwed you should know that the ankle to the vessel should remain motionless.
  • The likelihood of repetitive torsion of the leg after the first few times will be higher, so be sure to refer to the physician to perform physiotherapy if necessary.

High heeled shoes

Tips to take when wearing high heels

The effects of wearing a negative footwear sports shoes

1. Lung foot sports have a strange shape and their heels are lower than the toes. This type of footwear is made easier to help with walking, helping to balance legs and hips.

2. Wearing shoes The negative heel causes a pressure down the front of the leg and leads to the stretching of Achilles tendon.

3. Wearing negative heel shoes causes the body to use a new muscle when walking, which was not used during normal walking. This abnormal walking pattern makes it difficult for the individual to walk, so that the person can not walk comfortably in normal shoes.

4. Wearing this shoe adds extra stress to various parts of the body and adds extra weight to the joints and causes arthritis.

5. Wearing these shoes can increase the risk of collapse of the balance.

Elimination of foot problems after using negative footwear sports shoes

1. If after wearing these shoes, knee pain , arthritis and severe arthritis go somewhere in the barefoot to increase the flexibility and strength of your muscles.

2. Use regular shoes to walk long and regular.

3. Avoid wearing these shoes to prevent knee pain and ankle.

knee pain

Knee pain by wearing a negative footwear sports shoes

Complications of wearing summer shoes at the foot

In the past, sandals were used on the beaches, but nowadays these shoes have a lot of fans and they are used in hot weather in the summer, but do you know that sandals are even more harmful than high heel shoes?

1. Wearing summer shoes will change the walking pattern.

2. The pressure on the sides of the leg in the sandal is more than the heel.

3. Long wear when wearing a sandal can cause pain in the arch and tendon of the leg.

4. Some people feel painful when wearing sandals on their fingers because they bend their fingers to prevent the collision with hard objects.

5. As we walk, the tissue on the foot of the feet, called Plater Fascia, pushes the heel, but walking with summer bubbles causes inflammation of the tissue and causes severe pain in the heel, which is called the thigh heel.

6. Swinging with a sandal causes cracks.

7. Wearing the sandal causes the foot to be exposed to contamination due to lack of protection.

Fix foot problems after using summer shoes

Wearing sandals during the summer makes it easy to feel feet, but not to fix foot problems after using summer shoes.

  • Do not wear summer shoes continuously.
  • If you have diabetes , do not use any sandals because you are at risk of foot ulcer and infection.
  • If you have to buy sandals, use a strap and a type that holds your ankle firmly.

Sandals detriment

Foot problems wearing summer sandals

Complications of wearing footwear shoes

When walking normally, the leg needs to bend, but the footwear does not prevent it from bending because it holds it firmly.

2. Wearing leash shoes can make you uncomfortable.

3. Wear heels above your fingers will cause a lot of pressure on the soles of the foot and pain in the leg.

Elimination of foot problems after using footwear

If you want to use footwear, wear a shoe that has a shorter heel and a lower pressure on the foot.

Footwear shoes

Stress on legs with lined shoes

The effects of wearing Al-Star shoes

These shoes are popular among young people because of their durability and lightness, but these types of selling shoes also have foot problems that include:

1. These types of shoes are too soft in the middle and lower legs of the heel, and their ventilation system is weak and worsen if the sports shoes are light weight and anti-slip, anti-torsion and anti-perspiration.

2. Wearing a long-lasting, long-lasting sports shoes, especially in wet environments, causes sweating and skin diseases such as eczema, skinworm and herpes.

3. Bottling of these shoes in children and teens causes flat feet .

Elimination of foot problems after using Al-Star shoes

  • Do not use Al-Star regularly and choose other shoes for practice and sports.
  • Replace them with other shoes that have better fitting and fitting hairs.
  • To prevent skin diseases, after using these shoes, wash your feet and dry your feet and dry the toes between the toes.

Keep your foot healthy

Creation of skin disease with Al-Star shoes

The effects of wearing teddy shoes

1. Puppet shoes are worn because there is no support for the arch, such as walking on the stack.

2. Wearing these shoes and walking with them causes problems for the knee and the pelvis and does not have a good performance.

3. Wearing a thin floor teddy shoes because of the lack of arch support in these shoes causes a painful condition called plantar fascia inflammation or hemorrhoids, causing pain on the sole of the leg.

Fix the foot problems after using teddy shoes

  • If you tend to use these thin shoes to find out the effects of these types of shoes, use a thin insoles to prevent them from using.
  • Use this heel pad on these types of shoes to prevent heel pain.

The most suitable shoe heel

What is the footprint of yourbride’s shoes ?

The effects of wearing sharp shoes

Today, the use of sharp shoes is very common among women, but these stylish shoes have many side effects, including:

1. The wearing of stretched shoes with a narrow toe in the long run causes nerve pain and blistering in the leg.

2. Wearing sharp sharp shoes causes bruises under the toenails.

3. One of the injuries of wearing a sharp sore shoe is to create a painful or abnormal buccal at the base of the thumb.

4. Wearing sharp pointed shoes causes a lot of pressure on the toes.

5. Wearing sharp-cut shoes in the long run causes the flexing of the fingers, which is sometimes required to remove that surgery.

6. The use of sharp-sided shoes causes excessive pressure on the legs and infestation of the cornea .

Fix foot problems after using sharp shoes

  • Use sharp-edged shoes to escape the damage of wearing sharp shoes.
  • If you like wearing sharp shoes, it’s best to leave out tight leather.


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