Technology has killed our ability to communicate in person?

Technology has killed our ability to communicate in person?
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In Post Technology has killed our ability to communicate in person?

The advancement of technology in digital world applications and smart gadgets and online communication tools has reduced the amount of personal communication heat.

The digital world has changed the future of communications for individuals. Today, with the increasing development of communication platforms such as Skype  and  WhatsApp and FaceTime Communications is the presence of Kmtrvkmtr. In the digital world these days, various communication applications we see that people from different parts of the planet Earth , regardless of differences in time and distance when placed in a communication platform.

Draynbyn, in addition to various applications, effective digital tools such as Cortana  and  Siri, the voice assistant ranking with Afrvnhhay playing songs and  videos , and declaring a state of climate  available to users.

Today, digital communication platforms have shaped the form of communication in general and have reduced the need for face-to-face conversations. Looking at the world around us, we find that modern technology tools , verbal communications and face-to-face rates have dropped sharply. The influence of these tools in our everyday lives has made it difficult to communicate with the world around from seller to driver and … from the face to face to multi-screen layout.

These days, we often go out with people in a conversation that is not available to our beloved digital devices. For example, if you need specific guidance in the store, self-financing digital devices are not enough alone and we feel the presence of real salesperson.

Apps and digital platforms have made it possible to increase the speed and efficiency of communications, and unfortunately, the value of face-to-face conversations is not visible. It seems Pyamdadn by Gadget  Smart Drmqays·hba appointment is easier and more pleasant.

Signs of body language

effect of social media

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Studies show that words such as “from mouth to mouth” or “interact with me” that we use in daily conversation emphasize the importance of face-to-face communication.

In fact, it can be concluded that encountering face to face with neighbors and friends and colleagues in the communication network reinforces people and strengthens social relationships.

The fact is that the overall existence and the main dimensions of the character of individuals do not convey a few short text messages from the screen to another person’s platform. Face-to-face communication is an invaluable experience full of pleasant things, such as memorizing memories and mental imagery and rebuilding relationships, and in return, sending and receiving a few cartoon emoji with heart shapes, laughs, … is a complete and multidimensional connection with various benefits.

Even when the communication platform video with someone is  onlinetalking, therefore, only the image on the screen. However, in a personalized meeting, we will communicate more effectively with a direct look at the eyes of the person and the observation and interpretation of the body language. So, do not overlook the benefits of face-to-face contact with the physical presence and real warmth.

Shri Turkl, a scientist in the field of science and technology, says:

Human life is a combination of physical and digital presence in the present. In his research, Turklon came to the conclusion that digital communication can be complementary to face-to-face conversations, not alternatives. In some people, gadgets and gadgets are a better option because they are not easy to communicate and difficult to communicate with.

Take your look off the mobile screen

look up your phone

Gary Torck is a poet and poet who has written many poems in the critique of digital communication. In this context, he says:

Turk’s poetry emphasizes the importance of valuable aspects of physical presence, such as strengthening the foundations of friendship and intimacy. The central concept of his poems relates to the fact that digital tools divert people’s attention from the sense of valuable presence.

One can not replace face-to-face, touch, and use of five different senses in physical communication with a variety of digital tools. Face-to-face communication is valuable because you express yourself as you are, and you can not use the edit or delete option for your sentences. So, the next time you decided to communicate with the worker at the workplace or the store vendor, and hesitate between the unobtrusive digital instrumentation options and the real person, remember the poetry of the turquoise, and instead of sending your email and text message , take a look at your favorite screen and Enjoy a conversation in person.


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