The correct 5 kg weight loss program in one week

The correct 5 kg weight loss program in one week
The correct 5 kg weight loss program in one week

In Post The correct 5 kg weight loss program in one week A weight loss of 5 kilos per week may be unbelievable, but you should know if this is good if you follow the principles of food and sports.

Weigh out 5 kg in just one week

Whether you have a special position or want to stay healthy, you may sometimes want to lose weight quickly. Losing 5 kg per week is a difficult goal, but you might be able to get it with a healthy diet and sports strategies. Do it and do it. However, weight loss will slowly make keeping your weight easier.Weight loss in one week

کاهش وزن در یک هفته

Steps Weight loss program 5 kg in 1 week

Change the diet:

Decrease Carbohydrates:

Studies have shown that one of the fastest ways to lose weight is to adhere to a low-carbohydrate diet. If you want to lose weight in 5 kg a week, limit carbohydrate-rich foods.

Some types of carbohydrates are found in foods. Just restrict things that are mostly carbohydrates, such as grain-based foods.

Bread, sweets, rice, pasta and other cereals are rich in carbohydrates and can be safely restricted, as many of their nutrients are present in other foods.

Dairy products, starchy vegetables and fruits also contain carbohydrates. Minimize these foods in your diet, but do not completely eliminate them. They provide valuable nutrients to your diet.

Instead, use low glycemic grains and non-starchy vegetables. For example, replace bread, grains and white rice with barley or brown rice . For vegetables, choose your plate with foods like cauliflower, cauliflower, asparagus, cucumber, mushrooms and asparagus.

Put low-fat protein in your meals:

In addition to pursuing a low-carbohydrate diet, focus on consuming sufficient amounts of protein. A high-protein diet combined with low carbohydrates is good for weight loss.

Focus on lean protein sources.  They have a lot of calories that can help support weight loss. Try it: Chicken without skin, eggs, lamb meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu.

Put a protein source in your meal.  A protein promise is about 3-4 ounces or the size of a book. It also helps support weight loss and makes you feel more comfortable, which can help you manage hunger and your eating habits.

Slimming food

The best way to lose weight in a week

Can we lose weight by 5 kg a week?

Fill half your plate with starchy vegetables:

To get rid of your meals, make half your plate, which is mostly vegetables and sometimes fruits.

Put at least one serving of vegetables per meal. One serving is generally about 1 or 2 cups of leafy vegetables. If you are looking for a fruit, you need a cup of 1/2 or a small piece of fruit. Both fruits and vegetables have very low calories.

Drink enough fluids:

Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight, it is important to drink enough fluids. However, drinking enough water to support weight loss.

Most health professionals recommend that you drink at least 2000 ml (about 64 ounces or eight glasses of water) per day; however, this is just a rule of thumb.

Recommendations include up to 13 glasses of water per day. Keep fluids free of calories such as water, no milk, and peppermint tea (no milk and sugar). When your body gets a little water, your body sends signals to your brain. It sends you feel like hunger .

This can cause you to eat something and consume more calories than you need. Also, try to drink a glass or two glasses of water before eating. It may help you feel satiety and eat low food. Be satisfied.

Restrict yourcaffeine usage to your body’s physical condition:

Eating low amounts of caffeine may help you lose weight as it can temporarily increase your metabolism and reduce your appetite. Caffeine can also cause stress and aging, which means it can make you feel unwell. In addition, many sources of caffeine such as coffee, tea and chocolate often contain more calories than things like milk and sugar.

When you drink tea and coffee, do not add other sugars and sweeteners. To help you lose weight, drink tea orgreen tea. Chacha and green tea are rich in antioxidants and may lead to weight gain .

Drinking tea or tea regularly can increase your metabolism hours after drinking tea. Do not add liver or anything to your tea, because it increases your calorie intake.

5 kg weight loss

Nutrition Principles Impressive weight loss in a week

Fast weight loss in a week with strict guidelines

Be sure to eat your own food at least three hours before bedtime:

Stopping eating at night can help you reduce calories, especially if you have a lot of snack at night.

While eating at the end of the day does not affect your metabolism or your body uses calories, it’s night to eat it without thought. For example, you may decide to stop eating at 7 o’clock.

As another benefit, stopping food early in the night may help you burn more fat if you do not eat at least 12 hours. For example, if you stop eating from 7 o’clock in the evening and do not eat breakfast until 7 o’clock in the morning. Your body may go to fat stores for energy. It can be helpful.

If you are more suitable, use alternative nutrients:

Most health professionals and nutritionists, as they say in the damp fitness and fitness section , will tell you that losing weight of 5 kg per week may not be safe or realistic; However, by replacing meals, you may be able to get closer to your weight loss goal.

For example, if you use a blender, you can choose your own smoothie as your alternative food. A piece of almonds , a carrot , a few pieces of spinach , a few pieces of green apples, half a banana, a teaspoon of coconut oil and Or pour almond milk into the mixer, then mix it until it becomes homogeneous.

If you are interested in replacing the meal, you can get different recipes online. Food changes are generally low in calories and high in protein.

They are acceptable as alternatives because they contain protein, carbohydrates, fiber and other essential vitamins and minerals similar to food.

There are several types of replacement programs. Some of them are provided by physicians and under the supervision of a doctor and a diet specialist. These programs are usually more expensive, but more secure.

You can also buy food at a grocery store . First, research the online products and choose a program that is appropriate for your budget and lifestyle. Food change is just a temporary diet plan. Do not follow this low calorie diet for more than one to two weeks.

Slimming Smoothie

What to eat for weight loss in a week ?

Do not need to lose weight in a week

Including regular exercise:

150 minutes aerobic exercise:

Cardio or aerobic exercises are activities that increase your body’s fuel levels. With a diet plan, the cardio can help you lose weight fast.

It is recommended that you have at least 150 minutes or about 21/2 hours of moderate physical activity each week, but if you want to burn even higher calories, target each week for 300 minutes.

Medium intensity activity will be different for everyone. You must reduce your goal of breathing and sweating, and you can maintain your activity for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Exercises such as:

Quickwalk , jogging / jogging,swimming ,kickboxing, or use of space skiing will be useful to you.

Practice two or three days. In addition to the cardio, if you recommend a humid sports and fitness section, you can do exercises involving higher or higher HIIT intervals. HIIT can help burn more calories per week.

HIIT is a newer form of sport:

Studies that have been done show that you can burn a significant amount of calories in a shorter amount of time. In addition, your body will receive more calories than fat.

HIIT is also great for boosting your body’s ability to burn calories for hours after exercise, and sometimes for up to 24 hours.

An example of a HIIT exercise can be this: 1 minute of running followed by a 1.5 minute running of the mild. These activities are repeated for about 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes of warming and a minute cooling the body.

Increase your lifestyle activities. To continue to increase your total calories a week, try to increase your movement throughout the day. The more active you are, the more calories you consume.

Lifestyle or basic activity are the things you do on an ordinary day – you walk or do your homework.

Increase your participation in this type of activity and increase your pace as much as possible. Try to walk up and down the stairs several times, travel a long way and get away from your destination, drive around the parking lot or take a break.

Fast weight loss in a month

Weight loss in one week with effective exercises

Technical Tips for Weight Loss in One Week

Jumping snacks:

Including a snack or two healthy snacks can be part of your weight loss program. But if you’re interested in losing a lot of weight, stop snacking and help control your overall calories.

If you feel hungry at meals, try eating a glass of water or coffee without milk and sugar. If you have to eat your meal, keep your food choices at 100-150 calories.

Also, make sure they have a protein to help you achieve your protein goal. Examples of good snacks include: a handful of almonds or other nuts, a glass of soy milk, a spoonful of soup (15 Ml) Homs, a boiled egg or lean yogurt.

Management of other lifestyle factors for weight loss of 5 kg per week:

Sleep 7-9 hours every night. Sleep is very important for your health. When you try to lose weight, it plays a more critical role in this field.

Even if you have a diet for one week, sleep is vital.

Manage stress . Excessive stress can cause your body to lose weight. Manage and reduce stress as much as possible.


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