The French women’s regime is the shortcut to the flat stomach

The French women's regime is the shortcut to the flat stomach
The French women's regime is the shortcut to the flat stomach

In Post The French women’s regime is the shortcut to the flat stomach Having a good limb crave everyone, especially ladies, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror every day to see if the clothes you wear are coming to you, but you always try to hide your stomach and go to the club, but because of laziness or Do not worry about this decision. Both men and women like to have proper organs that can not be solely believed, but healthy diet is also important.  The French diet is a diet that is basically recommended for people who want a flat stomach.The french diet

رژیم فرانسوی

The french diet

Principles and rules of the French diet The most famous diet for having a flat stomach

Principles and Tips of the French Regiment for Abdominal Flatten

Choose organic foods

The stomach is in the kitchen. Almost all of us are familiar with this phrase, but it does not mean that you turn the kitchen into a club – eat healthy foods. When it comes to healthy foods, we wonder what to eat to control appetite at the same time. We need to focus on the quality of our food and avoid eating greasy foods, eat chicken and fish vegetables.

Sit down and eat your French  rule 

Many people are accustomed to eating when they move. People have been eating from the past and without any food conversation, but many people are not. When you start your own time with a little time, you’re eating a lot of bread. Your digestive system is damaged and the fat is stored in the abdomen.

Get a little dice for a flat stomach with a French diet

Most of us today because of the concern of many that we have the proper time to eat and not many of us when we eat staring at laptop screen are leading to stomach hiccups, upset stomach, but if the food is a bit small eat Burning calories and fats can help you drink water one or two hours after eating.

Protein-rich foods are better

Protein is a vital ingredient to the body that generates energy in the body, so you can use eggs from the brain to eat the diet. Proteins convert to amino acids and depression . For this reason, when you are depressed, you tend to eat more. And you sit down, so that fat is accumulated in the abdomen.

The french diet

Nutrition Tips Weight Loss In The French Diet

Be quiet

While watching a TV, you may have food and water that can accumulate in your stomach fat, which makes it possible to wear any duffel, so that you can have good nutrition for good digestion and have daily activities.

Exercise for 30 minutes each day

Exercise should be part of your program that targets fitness take a walk in the morning jump stretchingmetabolism increases and sweat and fats reduces most of the time after exercise tend to drink that promotes the excretion of toxins To be

Do not forget to use olive oil

Olive oil to replace cooking oil. Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiac arrest. Use olive oil to spice the salad.

Eating olive oil

Eating olive oil 

No-calorie drink is important

Eating cool beverages when you have a diet is forbidden, and you should avoid eating industrial jams that contain preservatives because they contain fat that is harmful to health and fresh fruit and water at home.

If you overeat, balance with low calories

When your friend has a party and delicious food is cooked with a pleasant smell of your mouth, in such a situation, your control is very hard. There is no way. You should try to eat a heavy meal and set some others to eat vegetables and foods. Use low calories to balance your daily fats.


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