There are four points in the world where death is prohibited

There are four points in the world where death is prohibited
There are four points in the world where death is prohibited

In Post There are four points in the world where death is prohibited The world is filled with odd places. Of course, the oddity has a lot of variety and the beginning of the creation of various branches of tourism. Strangers are scattered everywhere in the world, and tourists are their usual customer. The more bizarre the place is, the desire to see it is closer. This attribute can be related to geography and nature, or because of the existence of human handmade, or at all in unconventional laws that we do not see in the rest of the world. For example, there is a town in Switzerland that helps people who are suicidal, and a branch of tourism is called suicide tourism. But there are places where death is prohibited. Is it forbidden to die by the hand of Adam? Disregarding whether or not a person has the authority to die, there are four points in the world that do not allow people to die.

Mysterious island in japan

One of the places where death is prohibited is the Itaucoshima island in Japan, which has an ancient temple. The elementary building of the temple dates back to the sixth century AD, but since the twelfth century, the temple has not changed much. The temple is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to the Shinto doctrine, Itaucukhima is a sacred place. For more than a century, no one has died on this island, and those who have been killed have been transferred to the island. From the island, special care and monks of the temple work hard to make sure there is no death there.

Since 1878, no death or birth was allowed near the temple. Pregnant women near the temple do not have the right to travel there, as well as the elderly or people with acute or fatal illness. The only war that took place in Itaucu Shima was the battle of Gima in 1555, when the officers also ordered that they quickly move the bodies away. The island was cleared of the blood that was shed, and even the dirt that had penetrated the blood was removed from the island and the buildings were restored.

A small town in Italy

Italy’s next place. In Falasiano del Masico, a small town in the south of the country, people are not allowed to die, and this is not due to religious beliefs or environmental conditions, but because there is no longer a place to bury the dead. The fate that sooner or later takes Paradise Zahra. The mayor of the small town declared citizens to go to other cities to die. Since 1964, when cities were identified, the city and its adjoining city differed in ownership of the old cemetery.

Dirt that is not dead

The Arctic City of Langerignee on the island of Oswaldibe also complies with the Banning Act. This city is the northernmost city in the world. In the land, the temperature never exceeds six degrees Celsius, and in the winter there are three months of darkness. The landlord is a polar bears land, and so all the city’s residents always carry arms. Perhaps none of these would be strange in the death ban law. If anyone gets sick in this city, he will be transferred to the rest of Norway quickly by ship or aircraft to spend the last days of his life. If anyone accidentally died in the city, he will never be buried in this city. Launcher has a small cemetery that has been buried for almost 70 years. 70 years ago, scientists noticed that the bodies do not decompose due to the fact that the soil layer is predominant. In geomorphology, it is said to be earthy, whose temperature is always equal to or below the freezing point of water. Scientists even removed part of the body of the man who was buried there, and managed to find the intact influenza virus that was rampant at that time and killed him. The same conditions and special features of the Lengeriger have made the city one of the favorite destinations for tourists and scientists.

You are being sanctioned

The death ban was issued to the people of Sarapunx, a village in southwestern France, which was issued by his municipality. The mayor, in a decree addressed to 260 people in the village of Sarphonxes, said: “All those who do not have a part in the cemetery and want to be buried at Sarapunx, are forbidden to die in this part of the country, and the perpetrators are severely punished.

The mayor said that he had to make a strange thing after the court ruled in the adjoining city of Pao that it was not allowed to buy private property to expand the cemetery. Of course, he did not completely forbid death, but declared that those who allowed themselves to die will be severely sanctioned. How will sanctions affect the dead?


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