Treating Cancer With Dogs

Treating Cancer With Dogs
Treating Cancer With Dogs

in post Treating Cancer With Dogs A man from Oklahoma, who has had lung cancer , has claimed he has been treated for taking anti-parasitic medicines that were related to his dog and bought for $ 5. Lung cancer was diagnosed in “Joe Tippens” in 2016, despite treatment, until January 2017, the cancer progressed to other organs, including the stomach, neck, pancreas and even bones. Physicians advised him to go home and Not hoping, because he would only be alive for another three months, and his chance of survival was one percent.It was strange. In the mail, tell me if you have cancer or someone you know who has cancer. Joe was treated under an experimental procedure, whereby the doctors said he would not be saved, however, decided that it could be interesting, so the publisher of that post was referred to. In fact, this person had an interesting story. To tell.

Scientists have accidentally discovered that an anesthetic drug can attack cancer cells in mice. One of the scientists who did the research, had brain cancer and gave the prognosis to Joe, he used parasite pills and disappeared within six weeks; in full The awesomeness was

Dog insecticide

Dogs treated her unconscious cancer 

Tippens remained in clinical practice, but the order of the proposed medicine from the veterinary pharmacy did not tell her doctor about this. Three months later, he received another scan on the incidence of cancer and found that there were no tumor signs in the body.

Three months later, the cancer had penetrated my head; this cancer was a dangerous metastasis that killed 100% of the victims in three months, but three months later, the scan did not show any cancer.

In September 2017, Joe took another scan that showed no cancer. This time he told the doctor about the parasite, but he was not proven to have cured her pill. He also consumed vitamins E, CBD and biota. Of the 1100 patients in clinical practice, only treated atmosphere Was.

Joe said: “I’m not sure that the person who suggested this method to me is a doctor, so I do not prescribe this medication and I’m not allowed to advise on medical treatment. But … I am eligible to tell my story as much as I can. “

Dog insecticide 

The story of the patient attracted the attention of the chairman of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Stephen Persecut, who said that he was working on a case study on the properties of the drug’s cancer. We plan to know if this drug is effective and if we can confirm it, these patients can survive the death. I always have doubts and I hope to make progress in this regard.

Tippens, which is still healthy, said that it has at least 40 successful stories, all of which include the use of this drug. Some studies have shown that some compounds have the kinetic properties of cancer cells.

Doctors are skeptical about this medication and recommend that the patient undergo classical treatment because there is no scientific confirmation in this regard.Treating Cancer With Dogs

The brigade is accused of giving cancer patients hope, and in response to the charge, he says: Oh, how can I answer this?


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