Treatment of Infertility and Infertility with Onion Therapy

Treatment of Infertility and Infertility with Onion Therapy
Treatment of Infertility and Infertility with Onion Therapy

In Post Treatment of Infertility and Infertility with Onion Therapy Onions have many therapeutic properties, one of which is the treatment of infertility in men, and onions also increase libido in individuals.

Infertility treatment for men and women withonion therapy

Onion has a strong and sharp taste that there are ways to absorb nutrients in onions: you can use them raw, or drink water or add them to your diet recipes. Onion, in addition to its culinary uses, also has medicinal and medicinal properties, which is very useful to humans, and phenolic acid and flavonoids are active onion onions.Onion Therapy

پیاز درمانی

Onions are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, such as: Vitamin B, Vitamin C , Calcium, Iron, and Sulfur. The onion has a lot of fiber, which makes digestion easier and has anticancer , analgesic, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

Onions are one of the fastest and fastest fast foods that can help increase libido , strengthen reproductive organs, and increase sexual stamina, and it will be very helpful for men to eat onions, because onion properties , mainly on the basis of sexual need and Their health problems are relevant.

In this section of Damp Health, we introduce the super- onion therapy that cures many kinds of discomfort and women’s problems, even infertility . Stop using the package of this therapist for women’s illnesses and discomforts; first, let’s see:

What are the benefits of a wonderful onion treatment for men?

In the health sector moistened some benefits for men are onions, which are:

1. Increase fertility of men:

The combination of an onion extract, with a tbsp of honey, can increase the number of sperm and can alsoincrease male libido . 

2- Increases testosterone levels .

The consumption of fresh onion extract can increase the level of testosterone , increase sex hormone-linked globulin (SHBG), and testosterone containing protein in the blood.

Onion Therapy for Infection

Onion therapy for men

Onion Therapy for Men’s Problems

3- Restricts nocturnal ejaculation .

The onion has acidic properties that balance the body’s natural water to help prevent premature ejaculation and overnight ejaculation . 

4. Regulates blood cholesterol level and reduces high blood pressure :

Obese men have a higher level of LDL, which may lead to poor bleeding, and obstruction in the arteries due to fat deposits (atherosclerosis). Feeding raw onions can stimulate flavonoids, which reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, and in The result will be improved circulation. 

5. Helps to prevent stroke :

Studies have shown that antioxidant enzymes such as catalase and glutathione peroxidase that are present on the intestine can help prevent stroke. It is also a blood fermenter to prevent blood clotting . It can act as a blood coagulant.

Blood clots can lead to high blood pressure high , heart-stopping stroke Shvd.msrf onions can keepblood pressure at normal levels help. 

6. Helps to prevent colon cancer.

According to studies, onions can help prevent colon cancer. They have a repulsive effect on cancers. The dose, like garlic, has an antiseptic effect, which will stop the chemical activity for carcinogenesis of the colon. Taking onions regularly can prevent the growth of cancer in the cells. 

7. Can help detoxify the body.

Onions help detoxify impurities in cells and tissues. They also contain tucson and flavonoids that help fight free radicals or cancer-causing elements. 

8. Prevents osteoporosis and other bone diseases:

Given men’s intense activity during the day, they are prone to bone fractures associated with osteoporosis .

Minerals in the onions, such as calcium and phosphorus, help to increase bone mass, thickness and bone density , so that the bone is stronger and resistant to many bone diseases. 

9. Helps to treat diabetes :

Onions can regulate the level of your blood glucose , especially for diabetic patients who have a chronic increase in blood glucose. Diabetes sulfide in the onions also controls the level of glucose and insulin functions in the bloodstream, leading to an increase in glucose concentration Normal blood

Onions for infertility

An excellent onion treatment for diabetes

Onion for a variety of diseases

10-strengthens the immune system:

The onion phytochemicals that contain the ergosulfur and flavonoids combine to increase blood antibodies to fight diseases. 

11-To prevent, loss of memory and increase brain function:

Some minerals in onions can enable the body to process brain stimuli and retrieve memory. 

12. Helps to prevent anxiety and reduce stress :

Men are more likely to be stressed and anxious . Spreading onions regularly helps with the help of probiotics to slowly and relax the brain. 

13. Helps prevent sleep disorders.

Previously, we also said in the section on the properties of onions in the dairy sector that eating raw onions or drinking onion water a few minutes before bed can help men sleep well. 

14. Helps to treat nosebleeds :

For nose bleeding , it is recommended to inhale the scent of chopped onion or onion leaves. A few drops of onion water in the nose can stop the bleeding, but it is recommended that when doing this procedure, to prevent proper infection, Observe. 

15. To help prevent baldness of the head:

To prevent baldness and excessive hair loss, you can apply onion to your hair, which will have a significant effect. 

16. Helps your skin health :

Eating onions can help keep and keep healthy and young skin.

Antioxidants, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial compounds protect the skin and can help reduce wrinkles caused by aging, reduce dark spots and treat acne , and improve the overall health of the skin .

Onion for skin

Onion Therapy for removing wrinkles

We knew the onion advantage for men so far, but not everything !!

Onions contain many nutrients that help cure many diseases. They also help prevent asthma-related inflammation, helping to maintain gut health.

Reduces the risk of developing cataracts and enhances calcium and magnesium absorption and reducessymptoms associated with osteoporosis due to antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. To be

Why is it important to eat onions for men?

Onions have extraordinary effects on the body of a man. Using them can cure many health problems especially for men.

Experts say that nutrients in onions like sulfur compounds, antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols are very useful for having a healthy body and will be more effective when used with honey or other foods:

– Onions and honey:

Taking two tablespoons of onion water and a spoon of honey will increase fertility in men and eliminate their weakness. 

Seeds and celery seeds :

Combine 100 g of celery powder with a glass of onion water in the fridge and take a spoon every day. This will help to cure stress and reduce the risk of stomach ulcers .

Pepper and black lentils:

Take 2 pounds of onions and one kilogram of black lentils to make a dough, then drink two tablespoons of this combination with a glass of hot milk every day, which controls the level of your blood glucose. It lowers cholesterol , and the heart Keeps you healthy.

Pepper with Ginger :

Eat a spoon of onion water and a teaspoon of ginger juice every night and in the morning. This drink will reduce your weakness and fatigue.

Garlic, potatoes and onions:

With the ingredients, take a soup and take it 2 or 3 times a week, which will help reduce inflammation and relieve the infection.

Onion infertility treatment

Onion treatment for the infection

How to put onions in your diet?

– raw:

The raw onion can give you the most benefits. Add a piece of red or green onion in your salad. This is a useful way to help increase your libido . 

-The onion parsnip:

Extract of onions, like many other types of vegetables, can be easily prepared with juicer. Adding a drop of ginger also will multiply its benefits.

Drink onion in the morning or evening, which will give you extra energy. Boil two or three onions in a glass anddrink it while you go to the bedroom or during the day to help you.


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